apple, samsung, along with several other telecom companies, may be ready to get rid of dependence on traditional users can exchange the SIM card.

according to the financial times reported that the two companies are currently with the GSMA (namely global system for Mobile communications association, the association AT&amp support by t-mobile, the United States; T run by most international operators such as GSM phone system) cooperation, hope to be able to realize the idea of electronic SIM card.

traditional SIM card can only be “lock” a particular network, but the SIM card can support flexible equipment switching network operators. This card is called E – SIM, just as its name implies, the user can’t touch the entity, but don’t have to see the entity.

electronic SIM card is not expected to immediately replace traditional SIM card, which is now widely used. But there have been many supporters, AT& T, Deutsche supporting, Etisalat, focused, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone will support this new technology, if more operators and manufacturers, feel traditional SIM CARDS in the consumer devices like dodo extinction.

apple’s support for the technology is not a surprise, apple last year for the Air 2 configuration on special SIM card, use it you don’t need to change other card can freely switch operators.


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