cloud network hunting note: Imagine Easy is an education technology company founded in 2001 in New York, its goal is to help students during the period of school, and establish career writing, reading ability and critical thinking. Imagine Easy focus areas for reference, research tools, writing tools, advertising, online education, career development and information literacy, etc.

if in the past ten years you wrote in the study to the small paper, you could use the free online Imagine Easy reference tool is responsible for the operation.

Imagine Easy is an education technology company, the founder of two high school students Neal Taparia and Somashekar. In the past 14 years have the considerable breakthrough, has 100 million users, in the case of does not accept any risk investment incomes over $12 million a year.

now, the company announced a new product called Scholar, this is the online reference tools, further education students to see the best research practice, and allow them to collaborate in real-time communication with the teacher.

Taparia said: “today’s students only by a great number of information covered, they don’t know how to correctly organize and integration. And so far teacher also just check the final report, we want the teacher to see the whole thinking process of students.”

Scholar has a similar to the expansion of the company application, allows students to focus on different sites or PDF file, and then organize integration on digital notebook. This tool combined with Google Docs, so students can use this information to write the article, the software will automatically references. With the convenient resources and records, the teacher can better understand the students’ thinking process and workflow.

writing reference number to provide tools for the organization management information and is only the first step, because Imagine Easy really want to solve the problem is to teach students how to correctly do research.

Somashekar said: “we begin to notice the reference data to find the children’s reference is very enthusiastic. Wikipedia is the most common reference, YouTube, also in the top five.”

and the second part of the new product called Imagine Easy Academy, this part of the professor teaching about the research and writing skills. Social learning, for example, students can learn how to read a map and charts with Academy, so as to put forward the source of the main parameters.

Imagine Easy over the past six months, has been testing Academy by 200 teachers. Somashekar said they have been able to prove that if students use a semester Academy, they study skills will be increased by 30% on average.

next month, the company will be based on the current use of Imagine Easy other products extensibility 2000 schools that offer this service.

Taparia said: “the way we consume information is changed, but the current students is problematic. Although we hope they can get good grades, but anyway, all need to know how to correctly when they graduate.”


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