cloud network hunting note: during the senior year, I worked in a only 20 employees took the vc business company internship, left, and eventually became a formal employee. Through the internship, I got some valuable experience. So, I want to talk about why I think before the formal into the workplace, students go to startup internship is to learn things. In a nutshell, start-ups is a low risk, high return employment environment.

1. you are very important

a person go all out or others, you can even affect the success or failure of the company. On startup, the advice you carry more weight than in a big company. Cannot be too emphasized: the following point in start-up, for is right, wrong is wrong, as long as the good idea, don’t ask, don’t born heroes. This is the place of entrepreneurial companies attract talent, they can have their rich imagination, outstanding product emerge in endlessly.

sure you also hope I can become the core of the project team, rather than the humble small characters in a big project. Core staff can directly affect the project, the first responsibility, it will make your work seem more important, not just in order to finish the work. One day you look back at this time, will be because they have not squandering time and self-congratulation at heart, for those who want to start their own businesses in the future, it is a valuable experience.

many companies offer internships to fill vacancies, find a substitute. This is good, but it also means that you have not so much work to do, it would be easy to do nothing. In a startup, you don’t need to silly wait for someone else to assign you a task, your work is so intertwined with the company’s objectives, you will never get bored. Good stem bottom go to, even if it’s just a intern, worry also qualified for the company, to choose their own projects, to assume greater responsibility.

2. You can put the company all the departments are scampering through

at startup, you can always request to participate in inter-departmental project, this will help to increase your knowledge in the field of product and business. You know, each department has its existence. If you want to know the product of all functions, can go to attend video meeting, the sales presentation. If you are 21, you can drink, so might as well buy marketing director bottles of beer after work, in the long run, he will show you.

scampering several departments, this will help you find jobs, like in the future will be able to make more substantial career decision-making. On the contrary, if you start working as an engineer in a big company, you can’t again asked to product department, because big companies position change far not as flexible start-up companies. Officially enter the workplace or in you sure before making a career, startup position of liquidity will provide you with a rare opportunity to exercise.

3. You can acquire the real

just graduated from university, what speaking skills you anyway, so why not start to learn new tools, new software work environment? As BYOA (bring application) and BYOT (bring your own tools) concept gradually spread in the startup, if you don’t need or don’t want to learn what software, literally you, OK? You can always change tools to use, or stick to you use familiar tools. If you can use the language, used to the Node. Js (hunting cloud network note: a platform which is based on the Chrome JavaScript runtime, used to easily build fast response speed, easy to expand the network applications.) , why entanglements in c + + or Java?

4 you do not have what can lose

if the company entrepreneurial success, you work very well, you will get:

1) has become a part of the success

(2) have a formal job

(3) may grow with company

you are likely to be chosen, to launch their own project, to manage the staff. If you are alone, you of the autonomy will be recognised by the company, can be solely responsible for their own projects.

if startups fail

1. Learned a lot of people learn valuable lessons

2. You will not less meat

internship also gives you the opportunity, to insight into the company’s long-term development potential, so you can decide whether to go on, or find another job. If the situation really is not so good, you always have time to apply for a more stable job.

all in all, in life, there are very few low risk and high return. In the practice of startups is all students should be consideration.


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