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online travel platform, most of them in pursuit of overseas market, and the domestic market share is relatively small. Most projects focus online platform layout, and offline demand is short.

hunting cloud network reported today, a scenic spot in January 2014, online visitors is a scenic area map based sharing service platform. it is reported that the scenic area treasure at the end of last month. 30 million Pre – A financing, the financing will be used in regional expansion, perfecting the offline team and operation of product and promotion.

Zhang Wenwei tell hunting cloud network founder

, JingBao nationwide more than 60 scenic spots at present, with the city such as Beijing, anhui, shandong, hainan. Scenic treasure the existing 300000 users, for has already reached the scenic area tourist scenic spot for tourists in depth of services, mainly to solve the three common requirement in the three kinds of users:

1. The tourist map service system : help bad sense of direction of the user to find the position such as toilet, attractions, services site, offer scenic area map positioning and navigation services. Among them, the scenic area treasure their own maps and navigation engine bottom completely, do not need to rely on third-party map bottom, make navigation experience good scenic spot.

2. The voice guide machine : scenic treasure to highlight the core is its voice guide service. After users download the App to the tourism scenic spots system automatically push voice services. For rent guides and guides machine but still want to visit the scenic spot in depth the user, provide the guide type voice services. It is worth mentioning that voice from within the scenic area treasure team recorded within the mining area of professional guides, than the traditional mechanical voice explain more human.

3. Social picture: image sharing based on map of scenic spots, travel in typing too troublesome, support pictures released photos + voice. Can see the other tourists in the square to share images, from a photo to people, have stranger social scene. Tourism products use frequency is low, the scenic area treasure’s social function is to increase its users use sticky one way.

core scenic area, scenic treasure through pilot heavy operation with the core scenic area small and medium-sized scenic area as the center to the surrounding radiation, reduce operating costs, improve the conversion efficiency by the user. Zhang Wenwei tell hunting cloud network, large core scenic tourists can reach more than 1 million/year, this scenic area is the main channel to get the user. About user access within the scenic area, scenic area treasure to set up the qr code within the scenic spot, has arrived at the scenic spot of tourists sweep rate, reduce the cost of access to the user. (below for scenic spot qr code)

and plan about future earnings, now in the scenic area of personalized voice is free to provide to the user, after a profit by selling personalized voice service. At the same time with the aid of WeChat, alipay, unionpay third-party online payment platform support functions. Zhang Wenwei tell cloud network, hunting for tourists in area treasure can row middle data and for the national scenic area marketing demand, marketing for the scenic area to provide professional visitors and value-added services, this is also one of scenic area treasure plans for future earnings.

the user downloads of mobile phone App is still a beta version, full version at the end of the month, function will be compressed into three core functions mentioned above. Founder Zhang Wenwei is a serial entrepreneur, the team has more than 30 members of the team.