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do you believe? Went into a barber shop now, no one hour is absolutely to you big things such as “head”. Wash hair what kind of shampoo do you want to ask you to choose, give you a massage massage, conveniently promote promote membership card, and a half hours roared. Assuming that the store is not busy, remove the waiting time, the barber on after you wash your hair directly “cut”, say something about your hometown, talk about your hair, then time in barber and your passion be rapid passage.

if you are a busy office worker or sate of enterprise boss, barber shop provided and greatly increases the service actually cut no relation to the cost cutting time and cost of money. “barbershop let customers waiting and took a very long time, this is what we want to solve market pain points.” Cut Cheng Xiangsheng tell hunting cloud network founder: “10 minutes, 15 yuan.” Element to service such as shampoo, massage, modelling, the “haircut” this link independence, for quick cutting service introduction, explore the door with a new hair O2O mode.

the hairdressing industry O2O existing product mostly C side as the service object, and cut from the end user B cuts, power. Cut through the cooperation with enterprises, create enterprise code in the App, the enterprise staff can be binding on the plain cut App company registration, at the same time cutting platform enterprise barber shop around, you can send free barber to sign up for a haircut the enterprise employees provide services. Generally at 12 noon to 4 PM, the barber will provide door-to-door service for creating a single enterprise, make an appointment to the employees can enjoy fast in the period of hair to experience. Satisfied, if the enterprise can establish long-term relations of cooperation. “For the enterprise, each employee for 10 minutes, 15 yuan, can be a haircut as employee welfare, reflect the image of enterprises care staff, why not?” Founder Cheng Xiangsheng said.

element for the most part cutting platform barber from cooperation and barber shop, and the barber is managed by store owner. Boss can according to the store business is busy, send a barber for leisure time with the needs of enterprises to provide door-to-door shampoo, to increase the store profits, while element cut through and haircut store into the way to gain profit. Of course, for haircut store cooperation, cut a set its own standards. Cheng Xiangsheng tell hunting cloud network, this paper adopts a cut on the platform of the barber must want to have more than 3 years of working life and has rich experience and a single service. If the user feedback a barber technology does not pass, then the barber and the barber shop will be “out”, to ensure that the quality of service provided by cutting platform.

in addition to the cooperation with barber shop, cut also opened his own offline shops, mainly distributed in the subway and business super, provided by the element of shear full-time barber 12 hours of service. Offline shops Cheng Xiangsheng tell hunting cloud network, there are two main purposes, one is to cut the brand image promotion, 2 it is to cultivate the consumption habit of the user, for part of the need to quickly cut individual users to provide services. Full-time, of course, the barber can also use leisure time for the enterprise to provide door-to-door service.

according to hunt cloud network, there have been no and domestic temporarily shear model of the same products, element and cut the most similar should be Japanese QB House, with the fast cutting service, QB House annual income reached 4 billion yen. “QB House or concentrate on offline shops, and cut using O2O mode, the barber to online resources integration, make element shear model is lighter.” Cheng Xiangsheng tell hunting cloud network. From the perspective of a hairdressing O2O business pain points, cut, from the perspective of the enterprise and fast cutting, solved the problem of the platform beauty originated the barber shortage; Will cut this link independence, “don’t sell, don’t do card”, to avoid the contradiction between the hairdressing industry trust and discount card – between customers and the stylist for the hair and hair products cost-effective; The “light” mode makes it very easy to copy, able to quickly in each city, broke the limitations of the localization. But at the same time mode can be high replication also brings some disadvantages, when asked about how to deal with problems of the shear mode is easy to be copied, Cheng Xiangsheng smiled and said: “it is to see who runs fast bai, who can monopoly an industry?” at present, the grain cutting is mainly a problem and cooperation haircut store viscosity is not very high.

team currently USES flating management, not the CEO, not called the general manager, “kung fu” is the priority. element shear App launched in April, and my grandma’s, home inns, aunt came, drops a taxi, and other enterprises have cooperation, have been covered in zhejiang province hangzhou, jinhua, yiwu, wenzhou, taizhou, in Shanghai and have settled in Beijing. , cut the development direction of the future or the expansion of cities, the open to C end users are given the platform the barber reserves.