introduction: in the cradle of “innovation” in silicon valley, one of the best feelings in two words: of course, is optimistic, nothing happened; And the worst experience summed up three words: I’m looking forward to – self pressure is overweight, can bring adverse psychological impact. Let the author expounds his in silicon valley, it is concluded that the reason of these two points.

the writer is Facebook product design director Julie Zhuo

many times my mother asked me a question: “why don’t want to be a doctor when you grow up?” For her to the doctor’s cure, the patient, the patient recover is very noble. Her father because cancer death, that is why she will choose to be a doctor, is why she will let me choose to be a doctor.

my dad said: “you should consider achievement a career on Wall Street.” For growth in the Chinese cultural revolution great pressure, there is nothing in highly appropriate people more representative in high-rise office buildings completed capital and free.

so, when I was a child living in fear of needles in my mother. And my father tried to explain to me the stock, but in the end we both physically and mentally exhausted.

I wanted to create things.

at the end of the day, so I went to silicon valley.

oh by the way, there are a lot of people think it’s too strange, this is also a mixed reviews. I living in this land for more than a decade, and then begin to understand that a person by his name first, and then by several communication and experience to understand a famous stingy neighbors. Until you are very familiar with the story and realized that you are part of the story, too.

nowadays, the mainstream media is keen on this so called “the cradle of innovation”, always write the inspiration of the crazy here, experts and leaders of abnormal. But for me, the valley has never been a prototype or a situation, it only contains the feelings in my heart, very good and very poor.

when I was on the first day to the science and technology company work, I have been told to record the diff command before the end of the day (note: the diff command used for comparing the difference between the two files, it can be made into a patch file, use the patch commands to the corresponding patch file.

this to just spend the whole morning to solve a number of files is not practical. This is a joke? I am a newcomer, haven’t you like to introduce myself, explain product, read files or books of this kind of new task?

I looked around. Everyone wearing headphones work, immersed in the code or the world of music. Sitting opposite me thick eyebrows, with him forever angular and bushy eyebrows.

my mentor to push me. He sat in front of my computer, check the copy of the repository, roaring, fingers on the keyboard to keep quickly organized file tree to share some information. Then he stood up and said he has other things to do.

the rest of the time the blink of an eye. I don’t remember what my first diff command file — something trivial like find and replace the string. But I am more remember how nervous I was, and for me, this task to find a clear no qualification to make big changes of product’s little crazy. After finish. Someone gave my email to others of the engineering team, they reply me a congratulations to join. My partner, that is, angular bushy eyebrows, put down his work to see my one eye, and then he nodded, he USES the universal agreed symbols to meet the arrival of the I.

I returned home that day, confused and dizzy. I’m not sure what I own, but I feel like a mig fighter suddenly stopped by my side, invited me to the boarding – although I do not know anything about the aircraft, although there is no let me to recognize aircraft tradition, and although I am thinking of the aircraft in the brain may not be simple, but I work in silicon valley, to some extent on the first day of the feeling is like this, inevitably, jump jets to attempt to fly.

this is the best feeling in silicon valley.

there is nothing better than silicon valley type conceal optimistic, like a bottle of drink, bubbling, forcibly shake, the release of a bubble. You can try in a company meeting, when standing on the stage describes the CEO everyone is hard work for a bright future, the future is so attractive that you want to have a magical remote control fast forward time. In the job fairs, you will feel, as the conversation continued, when two people’s thought and they can do something together, will be alone, than they can create a kind of magnifying power is better. You can see colleagues to look in the eyes, the closer you say that sentence: “hey, I have a new idea… “

when you feel the best feeling in silicon valley, nothing seems impossible, seemingly impossible in your breaking it down into smaller and better solve the problem before suddenly be rearranged. As long as you take a step more than others, and soon you will measure the length of earth, it looks almost perfectly logical.

the best place in silicon valley can be summed up two words: of course.

the best idea, of course, can be achieved.

this problem could be solved, of course.

of course, you can do it.

the path of change our feet. In this country, we are full of curious, eager to learn, willing to debate, a thriving.

announced a person in this world is a very big change.

the best silicon valley which part is the concept – you line, you can.

but also, in the worst feeling is the same as in silicon valley, is easy to be upside down into darkness.

listen, can you hear? This is some other shows “hockey stick effect” (note: the hockey stick effect is also called the hockey stick phenomenon, is refers to in a fixed period (month, quarter or year), the early stage of the sales is very low, to the final sales there will be a sudden growth, and in a continuous cycle, this kind of phenomenon will cycle, its demand curve is similar to the shape of hockey stick, so called the hockey stick phenomenon in supply chain management) company. This is a group of diligent dreamer rags-to-riches story. This is a barrage, from creative ranking to the number of billionaires account zero ranking list of elite.

we have such culture in silicon valley, we will jump into one after another golden myth, create a legend, larger than life hero, praise all good, has the potential and worth emulating. When we tell the story, this is a what we learned, how can we become a better story. When we speak, our voice filled with success and sincere.

these things are possible, of course, we told each other, we can tell ourselves this is possible. Of course, we also can do it.

except when we can’t.

and then, at that time the feeling how? You let everyone down, more is to let yourself down, crushing the beautiful chorus. Do you think you have no value. When you feel others in front of the fire, you get stuck, some invisible wall on your head; The worst of all, you will be very very lonely, because it shouldn’t be so, you can do these things.

in silicon valley, the worst experience can be summed up three words: I’m looking forward to.

I’m looking forward to success.

I’m looking forward to solve the problem.

I’m looking forward to be very good.

these self-imposed expectations make up the pressure, and the pressure will be extended, fill the blank of our lives. This pressure is embodied in tension, anxiety and paralysis of self-doubt.

every month I will have this kind of experience. I have just been through last week. But, where is this title? Is established by one legend in silicon valley, which tend to ignore the pressure of silent failure – the other side of the story, prefer to highlight the vision and the potential of tomorrow instead of the current problems and defects.

I stay in this technology in the silvery light of the longer, the more I want to be familiar with the following contents: embrace fragile, seek support, keep curiosity.

may be the next ten years, I will know how to step out of silicon valley boundless optimism and heavy hope that fragile boundaries between secret.


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