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in traditional electric business platform, users play the role of consumers. Floor “in the” go to Iraq, the consumer in as well as the shoppers, is also an investor.

) floor of founding team has three people, founder zhen-dong yu is a serial entrepreneur, at school had started to focus on college students’ life and learning platform “eu fruit net”, also had to open a gift shop; A partner has experience as a electricity; Another partner who is advertising company’s shareholders, is responsible for promoting U.S. floor of propaganda and planning.

why is there such a financial nature of the electric business platform? Zhen-dong yu told cloud network hunting, “is actually very simple, every time we go to the store to buy things, then think about whether it would spend the money back, also can have some other income?” Under the idea, zhen-dong yu decided to start a can let consumer spending to finance platform at the same time.

in order to achieve the financial management function,) building from two cuts:

Floor there is a

first, go to Iraq 20 into 1 queuing up money mode, consumer spending one hundred yuan per, will get a cash right, as long as in the twentieth consumers spend 100 yuan, the first one consumer can cash back 100 yuan.

second,) floor of the user is able to obtain the integral after consumption. In consumer spending and businesses between delivery and confirm the delivery of the final, debt collection has a cycle. ) floor of the stock of money this time and financial companies, according to the financial company’s earnings to the user’s score for financial returns.

at present, the U.S. has open to businesses, in nearly hundreds of businesses, products mainly daily necessities. In September, U.S. floor will officially open to the consumer. In addition, the U.S. building’s Internet phone software “hui qian” has 500000 consumer groups, after the floor is open to the consumer, when go to Iraq for database qso, realize the docking.

competing goods, large electric business platform taobao, jingdong, let consumers have a rebate network platform, has been developing very poor. Under such attack, zhen-dong yu said, “compared with the big electric business platform, we still have a lot of shortcomings. But our greater benefits consumers and let them not to spend money to buy the same to the same products, and to participate in the financial management of joy; Second, we do not all platform of e-commerce, but for daily necessities and FMCG field, more vertical.”

talking about the future of business model, zhen-dong yu told hunting cloud network, “our profit there are four: first, the merchant’s commission fees; Second, the platform advertising costs; Third, the portion of financial services commission; Fourth, provide value-added services.”

the author thinks that as a finance class electric business platform, the next floor founding team’s financial background is a bit weak, hope in the future they will be able to find the right method to compensate for the loss of this piece; At the same time, how many Internet environment in electric business platform with your own brand, strive for more market share, also need to strive to Iraq floor.

it is reported that U.S. floor is in talks to angel round.

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