the company, a company recommended local discount products to consumers, has acquired a room service startup “Orderup”, financial details were not disclosed.

Orderup was founded in 2009, has developed a 26 cities, mainly occupied in small and medium-sized cities. The company says it has more than 100 million orders processing.

“distribution and delivery potential is obvious, especially as the growth of the mobile phone users. Orderup business skills combined with its consumers and businesses, will produce a great development space “, the company’s CEO Eric Lefkofsky statement said. He also mentioned, room service is the company a natural extension of existing products and services.

room service explosive growth in recent years. Startups, such as: Munchery, Caviar, Fastbite (acquired by Caviar), Spoonrocket and Sprig with their room service to win a lot of attention (and money). Room service is currently popular is unusual, even a taxi software Uber join distribution of food.

for efforts to increase the performance of the company in recent years, room service is an option provides allure extremely.

in the first quarter this year, the company to give up daily specials strategic small productive: its profit growth far above analysts’ estimates. However, the company’s share price over the past three months on downward trend. Some analysts believe that this is because the stock valuation is low. It may also be because the company has draw the pie, to achieve a surge in the next few months, but investors are sceptical.

all in all, room service is an excellent way to expand its business, especially under the condition of distribution market competition has not yet entered the white-hot.

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