(text/Zhao Zixiao)

enjoy a view is based on the movement of the UGC + PGC short video platform, USES the jokes the crowdsourcing model, continuous production of high quality content to attract audiences, and through exceptional, task, grade, guilds and other game mechanics, promote mutual inductance audience.

reward depending on the biggest characteristic is created the new SOP model, namely the Separation of Originality and Production, separate the creation and Production of short video – written by jokes hand copy, produced by red video again.

entrepreneurship is in continuous trial and error and optimize

if you open the App Store now search to admire the view, can be found depending on the App. “This is a project before us,” to admire the view, founder and CEO early-morning in an interview with hunting cloud network is introduced, to admire the view before the business model is to set up the sales team to get the order, in accordance with the advertisers demand production of implantable advertising. This mode has certain video communication effect, but the traditional early-morning think this pattern, there is no Internet project scale and growth speed of space. “Entrepreneurship is in continuous trial and error and optimization,” Chen xiao said, so they want to launch a new platform.

new product name is called the reward, still slogan is “appreciate creative, change the horizon,” project as the starting point of “mobile video version of Chinese”. Enjoy cooperation with red or atelier, within five minutes to make a short video on the platform, users can watch for free. Its function has three characteristics:

1. Cooperate with studio, is signed to the series of video, do some continuity, guarantee the frequency, so that the audience can continue to get involved, strengthen interaction.

2. Users think that a good show or like a red man, but to show support. In addition to watch as a market-oriented jokes all the package, if you are on a section of a fan, or do you have any funny jokes hope to add to the show, so you can submit written story idea or jokes, to influence the development of the plot.

3. App main interface is different from general short video platform, to admire the view in a way that is gaming App module function. Main interface is divided into video, creativity, guild, charts and other section, users can and like to chat, sometimes can do tasks for points, can submit ideas and so on.


the graph is the founder of visual & amp; CEO: early-morning

don’t do social, winning by content

throughout short video field, second, beauty shoot short video platform takes the UGC course, such as the threshold is very low, but with significant traffic to expand social properties, making it a good short video social platform, profit model is given priority to with advertising. The route of the video content is in the home of a pet or child, more are homemade, content is very limited. Watch as the is a platform for the reds and studio services, early-morning think valuable video production threshold is relatively high, can only go PGC route; And PGC is easy to become a traditional video production company, so join the UGC part, let the user to participate in the form of production of creative, guide the drama.

according to data shows, in November 2014, online video mobile end users to scale up to 310 million people, including variety show on TV, movies, etc to the traditional video web site to see, and admire the view for twenty to thirty years old between college students and white-collar workers, a relaxed and humorous, fragmentation skits, or talk show to impress them, in line with the market demand for video.

see Beijing micro view belongs to the young vines technology co., LTD., founded in 2013 at the end of the year. Team, the existing more than 30 people, Chen xiao, CEO of worked at tudou and in the love, is mainly responsible for the needs of the resources and strategic. The rest of the team members in terms of technology, product and operation respectively.

at present, the appreciation has small media company with more than one hundred home or studio to achieve cooperation, will expand the reds and film and television studios, and dig the high quality video content, more multi-channel output, get attention.

to admire the view was awarded the seed round of financing, the investor for horizon consulting research group chairman. Yuan yue asked New to admire the view will be in early September, will start the Pre – A round of funding.