Talent. IO, a new engineer recruiting company. Talent. IO not ordinary headhunting firms, which tend to shape a more extensibility model, can simultaneously for engineers and technical service company. Releases its beta coefficient in France after three months, the company raised $2.2 million (2 million euros), one from each Alven Capital, Elaia Partners, Ventech and investors: the Fotolia Oleg Tscheltzoff and Olivier Sirven Leetchi Celine Lazorthes and Showroomprive Thierry Petit.

“every two weeks, we will hold a meeting,” co-founder and chief executive Jonathan Azoulay told me. “We gave pre-selected candidates will possess the following qualifications and displayed two standard – they are all experienced engineers and have the idea of job-hopping. During the meeting, our customers can go to our website to view and communicate with our candidate.”

after, the company will offer potential candidates a job and salary range. If there is one engineer interested in, the company can to interview the candidate.

Talent. IO interesting reasons mainly from the following aspects: first, the company does not need to do some tedious search process. Once human commissioner of the French startup work registration, they will when every other week to received an email, so they can see Talent. Update the candidates on the IO. It only takes a few minutes and radically reduce conflict.

in the second place, the candidates have been Talent. IO screening. These days, every two weeks otherwise it will have 300 people registered on the platform, and the emerging company keep only 40 of them are going to attend a meeting. Talent. IO employees will be for each individual call an engineer for about 20 minutes. In this way, the company can know that they should have a general can be found in the platform to be able to do the job.

third, Talent. IO are lower than those of traditional French recruiting company expenses. Azoulay recently established Urban would like such institutions often take new hire 20% or 30% of the annual salary. Because Talent. IO once are looking for engineers for many companies, it largely reduce the cost of the company. When people are hired, it charge for a period of 18 months salary by 1%. If the engineer 18 months ago was fired, or left the company, so Talent. IO will no longer hire fee to the company.

now, the enterprise and change the traditional recruitment. Unlike traditional recruitment advertising directly, the company will first take a look at the candidates and then contact him. And that is why companies sometimes haven’t started hiring a new employee, was hired to a company especially qualified for engineer position.

400 French companies now are being Talent. IO email every two weeks, every one talks have close to twenty percent of the staff employed. “We are very pleased to see the recruitment efficiency so high,” said Azoulay, “in just 20 minutes, our customers can find everything they want.”

with today’s round of financing, the company hopes to expand into other European cities, to expand the market share as soon as possible, such as London’s start-up companies can hire engineers, France. Talent. IO can in a very short period of time become a to engineers and technology companies at the same time provides an important platform of jobs.


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