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there is a kind of clothes, and in the workplace, it may not be formally; In the dating world, it may not be elegant; In life, it may be common, but it is essential for everyone in the closet that one, that’s right, it is a T-shirt. Rarely has a clothes like T-shirt is accepted by the public, it has formed a personality culture. A blank T-shirt, you can be powerful and unconstrained style of above use your imagination, it is not only the carrier of your ideas, and will let you have a sense of TuTengShi. At the same time, the T-shirt also represents a kind of the elite culture, there is a crowd, filled with the identity of the culture, that is entrepreneurs. Most of them are doing extremely disruptive, it coincides with a T-shirt of elite culture. if you saw a scene of entrepreneurial teams do activity, so you won’t feel strange about all kinds of t-shirts. As a member of numerous entrepreneurs liu chao to starting a T-shirt, become entrepreneurs in the service of entrepreneurs, hence the optimal T.

liu chao, the first contact with him, he’ll tell hunting cloud network call him “Lao liu”. Lao liu is optimal T CEO, mainly responsible for BD, after hanging out in the two domestic well-known foreign trade B2B platform for seven years, ever visited more than 1000 small businesses in the home. “In addition to BD this matter, I also do something else,” liu said of himself. When it comes to do the cause of the optimal T, liu told hunting cloud network, before making a optimal T is a technology outsourcing company in your team, but with the technological process, feel yourself every products like children of their own, once the mature product, basic can leave, so the product has nothing to do with himself, hard to avoid can feel lost in the heart, then there was the idea of doing a product itself. Just when the company want to do your own t-shirts, choose to do in a shopping website, the T-shirt quality has a problem, however, t-shirts are part of the custom to return process is very cumbersome, liu found this mode, the T-shirt quality is difficult to guarantee. Based on these two aspects of reasons, liu thought about doing T. Because the company itself is the technical team, so I decided to use “Internet +” to enter the T-shirt customization industry.

best T is an online DIY T-shirt customization platform, liu’s team had the last September and optimize T idea, October do T. About entrepreneurship, liu is actually a small white, in addition to the field of technology outsourcing, to other aspects of entrepreneurship liu know nothing. Initially, the optimal T is through online the raise pattern custom t-shirts, groping to come all the way, liu found DIY threshold are still a little high for the average person, basically can be defined as small behavior. At the same time the c-terminal against doing the raise of this model, the early guest cost is quite high. The reality is that custom need T-shirt, mostly the user group. And entrepreneurs is a group of thoughtful, and are happy to express their ideas, so T find custom t-shirts for entrepreneurial team is a good direction, so liu decided to product positioning, shevchenko, from before.

in March, the optimal T team deleted all product code. Overturn the pattern again, before the move need to how much determination is unclear, the but liu said these words, let cloud network hunting was impressed: “not to create, not to rebel, not to overthrow, why are you business?” is since then, the optimal T began to focus on as entrepreneurial teams T-shirt customization service platform. Now has experienced four months, T platform UV at around 3000, monthly sales counter in thousands of development from the past to the present more than 10000 pieces.

“you don’t walk into the market, you don’t docking the needs of users, you never know what they need.” Liu said. Mention user requirements, the best T in order to optimize the user experience, developed a set of data collection system, help to custom t-shirts team to solve the problem of social sharing and data collection. in addition, with the development of the market to expand, the optimal T find another pain points, design the user. Aiming at this problem, the optimal T will be launched at the end of 8 a solution to the foundation design requirements of users pay plate.

at present, the optimal T team a total of six people, besides liu is in charge of BD, others are responsible for supply chain, product development and design. Liu told cloud network hunting, T-shirt customization is a seemingly simple but difficult industry. Design, online platform and a supply chain can’t be little. Due to the undervalued Chinese custom for T-shirt, caused the industry gross margin is low but high service cost, T want to change this situation.

“entrepreneurship is a kind of practice” , this is T a word from the homepage, hope every entrepreneur has their own spiritual totem. At present, the optimal T angel round has been completed, temporarily no financing needs.