cloud network hunting note: as early employees of baidu, Internet routine business model for the influence of the bi sheng is deep. However, feelings idea to let him in “tao” pay full tuition. Starting out right forty entrepreneurship, bi sheng C2M platform, or feelings, then to cheap also can buy high quality goods. Le tao failed to bi sheng bang, “necessary” once again, bi sheng is ready.

after sell le tao bi sheng had the idea of retirement.

“vertical electrical business is a scam” comments let him become the enemy, also make people sad, even if the bi sheng publicly admitted “I was a failure,” or scattered resistance. In music, selling only the second day of the delivery of bi sheng alone fly to sanya.

bi sheng is a temperament middleman, early in the Internet industry out early employees (baidu), good to make friends, and walk where will pull on a pile of brothers to drink wine. Friends know for sale, through different channels to pull him out to recover and were bi sheng declined. They said: old bi how become so silent.

just let it be. Bi sheng open one trip to a daze, the dead of night, everything clear.

later, Vipshop, gather beauty is superior to become dark horse killed out, someone said, you see, bi sheng said is wrong, is he doing is not good. Of course, there are a large number of vertical electricity go away or sold, such as good buy, such as cosette blue diamond.

at least bi sheng relieved. Le tao more do more pain, loss without end.

more let he was afraid that the footwear electricity moat is not high, under the condition of no provide users with unique value, at any time will be a bunch of the same company.

the unique value of tao in where? From toys, vertical electric business platform to own brand women’s shoes, bi sheng couldn’t give the answer.

now, most of B2C, including jingdong, though, glamorous but still a profit in large-scale road struggling to explore, who all know electric business prospects, but who know that make money is not easy, long and hard.

when doing music tao bi sheng on vertical electrical business dreams often added, “I’m not bad money, really.”

as the main baidu early employees, bi sheng witnessed countless ways on the Internet business model. At least in the baidu, electricity much more easily than to make money, he has not experienced liu type startup – push the hardships of tricycle delivery in zhongguancun.

there are lots of people like bi sheng experience, they participate in the innovation and subversion, so choosing entrepreneurship, it is easy to produce q.are hero complex: do one thing, to change the world.

but it is difficult, le tao let him to pay the full tuition.

left le tao, bi sheng factory bosses often with guangzhou together, once he followed PRADA Chinese manufacturers boss to go to the material, the man grabbed a leather casually, closed his eyes with his hand to touch, can say producers and prices. “The fear of” the four words suddenly jumped into the chest bi sheng, goose bumps.

“Internet person is too smart, but a lot of wisdom.” Bi sheng said. Vertical electrical contractor of fall, because a lot of people think that “I can”, but later found that “I can’t”. Of people “on the Internet or the Internet to do things.” Bi sheng.

natural labor life bi sheng when I do, will entire vacations more than one month. He began to quit smoking, running, and also to 20 years working in li ning zhang zhiyong investment together to build Beijing’s chaoyang park, 5 km plastic runway.

but as a pure Internet background, dry electric business for five years, 40, also made a few hundred million tuition middle-aged, it’s a good age for a startup “flower”. “Senior boring workaholic” bi sheng sit not to live.

after all, who pay tuition fees for hubris and arrogance, bi sheng summarized to myself: good at Internet, must do what you are good at. Can’t spell with after 8090 young men, because would not have a high IQ to friend to spell strength, odds.

so he set for himself judging conditions: to create unique value, leading, trillions of level of the market, based on these conditions, he found that the direction can be done more and more narrow. Only on one direction – manufacturing electrical contractor.

come to the conclusion that moment bi sheng is startled, because the electricity business fraud theory is out of his mouth. This conclusion is surprising and exciting.

and then, the bi sheng disappeared, stop write weibo, and seldom contact circle friends, don’t even know have always a personal good lei jun bi sheng in what to do. Two years later, bi sheng with C2M electric business platform “necessary” back to the public, this is “fraud”?

why do necessary?

because vertical electrical business is a scam.

bi sheng that is at the core, electrical business is a scam is to point to the high cost of long circulation chain. Tao time, he also try to do their own brands, hope to improve profit margins. But in retrospect is “take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure”, because in the retail system, inventory is still not in the past.

bi sheng think only inventory, can break block partition of profit, the best way is direct manufacturers, from the user from the manufacturer to the user. Bi sheng call this model C2M, also is the need to do.

it is necessary when he’s doing music for angel investment projects. At the end of the holiday, he chat with retailers and manufacturers in cooperation before the C2M this matter, supported by surprise, at least from a logical point of view, we all think this is the future of the business.

so bi sheng investment projects of the stake buy up, began to company management.

simple speaking, C2M is made directly to the user, according to the requirements of production. This model no library pin than with order reproduction, no flow will not start. Even if manufacturers have inventory, that is also a raw material inventory, the value is much bigger than the finished product.

raw materials is a piece of cloth, for example, to the next year or a piece of cloth, is likely to increase in the price of cotton production in xinjiang, but to make shirts after 3 months will be discounted. So manufacturers take the value of the inventory, at the same time, because the user prepaid, manufacturers didn’t do anything, had to cash.

bi sheng to do, is to the platform in the C2M. He USES the investment system, each category only recruit the best global brand suppliers. Users through the platform 3 d view, select the style, prepaid manufacturers for production after order, and delivery to customers, after the completion of the required length varies between objects, such as glasses need to ten days.

according to the single category to build critical thinking, bi sheng settled Burberry, Prada, hypoallergenic, Nike, in accordance with the road and Cartier China suppliers, women’s shoes, sports shoes, glasses and accessories and so on four categories.

this time did a very light, bi sheng team only 50 people, 80% of technology, people don’t even need to add. It and before tao is far more than 2000 people in the big team, but bi sheng is very strong, only do the most good at things.

bi sheng recently with these suppliers to the boss to go to shenzhen, to visit the big xinjiang ze-xiang li, chairman of the subordinate the lie groups of automation, the recently raised $75 million of the company, have been implemented robot production, is in the true sense no lamp factory, factory using robots, only 1% of the original unit goods processing costs.

a lot of the boss on the spot, decided to order automatic production lines. Bi sheng and bosses at the scene said: C2M + automatic production line, will be the future of manufacturing.

business model on the logic is very perfect, but the actual operation is not easy. Bi sheng must face two problems, the first is with what a top supplier do with yourself? Second is C2M manufacturer if you want to do, you need to transform the production line, this is at least spend years tens of millions of investment.

what do you do in this two years?


C2M is an ideal state of manufacturing, electricity field also has a lot of people try to before, but didn’t make it. After all, the platform is a light, heavy resources, traditional manufacturers with what for you now?

bi sheng in the Internet a minor celebrity, even in a small area can be recognized, but in the manufacturing industry, he more than 10 times by security guards when factory cheats out. A once and hong kong-invested, ask how many users, bi sheng platform after hearing “no” three words, the phone only “beep” sound.

bi sheng in theory is the most familiar category of women’s shoes, but le tao let him hurt too deep, so hold on to, from the perspective of the other category. After several hit a wall, in the process of a large wine, he put the dream and misery tell fruit chan years old friend.

fruit chan for 20 years, luxury shoes, Burberry, Prada maker, he is very seriously said to bi sheng, China’s manufacturing days is too bitter, C2M mode is the future. “I can top Chinese footwear manufacturing resources integration, to invest in a flexible manufacturing line of luxury goods.”

so bi sheng side started investment set up technical platform, and continue to sell dreams.

the second key is Mr. Zhang, after working in li ning for more than 20 years, he depth cooperation with NIKE, hypoallergenic manufacturers, have been planning to build the flexible production chain, large-scale hopes that by acme products + electric business practices, the quality of NIKE products achieve 200 yuan price.

happens to be a domestic retail brands invited bi sheng when the director, and Mr. Zhang is director of the company, the pair hit it off, like the anti-japanese large classic lens, they will both hands tightly together.

recall, bi sheng feels it’s manufacturers do persuade myself: export orders in the fall, and do not have line inn conditions, online sales will into flow and inventory fast knot, they don’t have many options.

but this is just the beginning of an exciting, when bi sheng began to integrate, only to find that difficult bigger than one might think too much, especially the construction of the flexible manufacturing line need at least two years, the bi sheng and the manufacturer countless times in the process of collapse, wandering on the edge of the give up.

flexible manufacturing line is? Traditional customization production is A and B two choices, two simple fixed lines. C2M give opportunities for users to select colors, style. Shoes, for example, 3 kinds of color only 3 kinds of style, can appear nine different commodities, traditional manufacturers need to change according to this, to build a flexible manufacturing line.

in particular, is before the original traditional production line, plus a “super houses”, effect is similar to the Chinese medicine prescriptions, cubes medicinal materials with good according to their order, then to semi-finished products to the production line, production line in accordance with the original process manufacturing.

investment such a production line requires a great deal of energy, but also there is no way that cooperation with bi sheng manufacturers have spent tens of millions of yuan. One of the most haunting is not money, is time. Fixed a Bug on the Internet could soon, a mold on the flexible production chain is broken, need two months to start all over again.

this process not only manufacturers, bi sheng also urgent. There was a time when he is down to the producers, partners there. Over time, bi sheng realized that is not so easy to want to change the traditional industry, and the longer the more first-mover advantage, straight-tempered secretly.

based on this idea, bi sheng bear wanted to show off in an ostentatious manner to foreign mood. Now, if necessary, who want to copy on the flexible manufacturing line transformation also need at least two years. Threshold is established, as long as the climbing period, then can be very fast. Bi sheng feel, no longer do what everyone can do.

cheap really can have a good quality?

you try to know.

do C2M this matter before most people’s idea, think on-demand production cost must be higher than traditional production costs a lot. Bi sheng found that this is a myth, in footwear production line in the process of actual operation, a pair of shoes that cost 300 yuan, through flexible manufacturing line production costs only 305 yuan.

is full of drama, as a man of baidu was born, bi sheng doesn’t even buy baidu advertising now. Necessary traffic from word of mouth, even haven’t set up communications. When necessary, bi sheng wrote a number of public articles, after various friends forwarded some 890 thousand reading quantity, he was startled.

don’t buy traffic is the key to provide users with unique value. Necessary online commodity prices very populist, sneakers, 239 yuan, 169 yuan, 299 yuan for women’s shoes, glasses, using daily limited sales model.

so low price, same quality can really achieve luxuries? In the face of such question, bi sheng shrugs, “user used to know, that would be a company by the roll up products and word-of-mouth.”

after the necessary online, there have been 25 top suppliers to negotiate and cooperate. The necessary business model is simple – commissions trading. Supplier is willing to sell goods to civilians, millet played the role of education, they are now recognized by scale for profit.

there are suppliers boss told bi sheng, wholesale dealers will need to replenish onr’s stock, because even if the price by 20%, the quality of the commodity market.

necessary since, bi sheng is more and more firmly their own judgment, data also continued to give him confidence, ordinary users of electricity conversion rate is three over one thousand, but need to do it by seven percent. If it has been steady development, not for half a year, a year, you can try to internationalization to make reverse hai tao.

bi sheng still not lack of money, also not to consider introducing investment. Because no investors can stand project set up two years, not financing means that the steering wheel firmly in their hands.