note: hunting cloud capital of hot money, science and technology to build rich is changing the way of life, such as the San Francisco are engineers and entrepreneurial employees gentrification in the city, many people recreation place of science and technology has changed to a strip club, where they enjoy the cheapest tickets, alcohol and lap dancing.

the following content from tencent technology:

on July 26, is located in the San Francisco nanshi district (South of Market) gold club is a strip club, here now has become a technology company, employees and business people will go to lunch. Only need to spend less than $10, they can enjoy the buffet lunch here, and enjoy the sweet colourful strip.

the canary in the coal mine

a warm Friday afternoon in April, eight men of a similar to the basement of the building in San Francisco nanshi district in line, waiting to enter inside for lunch. They wear t-shirts and hoodies, its eyes to avoid passing pedestrians, dragged to a kind guard in a suit, the latter side quiet chat with them freely, and to check their credentials.

after taking the door, the man is a famous singer, nicky mina, assorted (Nicki Minaj) the first warmly welcomed the truffle butter electronic music, at the same time to the cashier to pay $5 entrance fee. They simply to dim hall, but in front of the meat Fried rice and Fried chicken, they stopped to watch the performance on the stage, the above a wearing fluorescent yellow thong semi-nude women are round steel pipe dance, green money almost drown it.

this is the golden Club (Gold Club), a strip Club, a San Francisco many scientific and technological enterprise employees and business people will go to lunch. Gold club’s position to high-rise buildings, there are many famous technology company. About gold club was founded in 1995, but its have benefited a lot from recent influx of venture capital. That Friday afternoon, gold club has more than 300 people for lunch, most new guests from nanshi district and financial district technology companies. One day during the day, their income is $15000.

gold club a combination of all people, through its BSC management company to operate the club’s Joe carol (Joe Carouba) said: “we like the canary in the coal mine. I think the whole city is like gold club, is benefit from technology is doing.” BSC management company also operates other strip club in San Francisco, but gold is the only club located in the neighborhood of science and technology enterprise with similar place, also is the top one.

technology industry heavy taste

in this is by engineers and entrepreneurial employees gentrification city, gold club may be San Francisco in the near future the epitome of luxury deviating from the routine of life, curious to cheap tickets, alcohol and other “additional activity” and came here. At the same time, it is also a male dominated by living example of the technology industry has become so heavy taste. Critics called for science and technology in recent years, the company employees’ gender imbalance problem, some people think that the gender imbalance has given rise to the “boys’ club” culture and gender discrimination.

at healing technology gender gap of women’s rights organization she++ co-founder ina, Mr Agarwal (Ayna Agarwal) said: “I think, this is the embodiment of men’s club, a strip club is specially designed for men.” But gold club and its customers do not seem to accept this condemnation. The club has to pursue science and technology trend, they claim to be in advertising “tech community gathering place”, and promotional activities to attract local science and technology staff and traveled to San Francisco for all kinds of meeting people.

buffet lunch is the most successful promotions gold club, its history can be traced back to at least one Friday afternoon ten years ago. The event attracted all kinds of people, from the construction workers to wear a suit with tie, older men, but a significant number of customers from the numerous local start-ups and technology companies. Yelp, Optimizely and Salesforce’s headquarters are in the vicinity, simply walk can be reached.

according to the BLS, according to the data published in the past four years, San Francisco and SAN mateo area “(refer to technology jobs) computer system design” industry practitioners have increased by 76.1%, to 64800. And at the same time, these areas other jobs growth was only 22.6%. Gold club executives said that since 2011, the club’s annual sales as a whole and attendance growth rate up to 20%.

gold club is responsible for the management of the day for personality Glenn plame (Glenn Prime) said: “the tech community likes to come here, and the best part is that we often can see the same group of people. Now, we began to accept the reservation, and there has been a lot of reservation service. The difficult part is, for us, to the Friday before 11 o ‘clock in the morning 45 points, we don’t have any available seat.

buffet lunch and girl

in San Francisco in the adult entertainment industry, provide free lunch is not a fresh idea. In the gold rush, brothels has attract potential customers to provide free lunch. In San Francisco’s north beach other strip club, also provide buffet lunch, have been for many years.

but gold club and other adult entertainment institutions of San Francisco is completely different. San Francisco most naked places concentrated in the north Yellow River under the blinding flash of Broadway, and the gold club is only a strip club nanshi district. In early 2000, gold club’s founders from the owner of the building before there is quite difficult to get permission. Here has a very important geographical advantage, help them to earn about $10 million in 2014.

gold club made such a success is partly due to its provide buffet lunch, a marketing gimmick by white-collar workers in the downtown office building to word of mouth and reputation, and won high praise on the review site Yelp. Although gold club on the local enterprise portal website’s rating was only samsung half, but in the Yelp Elites users (that is, the most active users Yelp), the score is quite high.

gave five gold club points praise Lisa N (Lisa N) wrote: “only for less than $10, you can eat a good meal, also can enjoy the wonderful performance… Don’t forget, here is San Francisco! First of all, I have to admit that, here, let me a little embarrassed, but then you will realize that… It is very different from those lewd strip club in the movie!”

many critics and customer agree that may be hard to refuse to gold club value proposition. Nanshi district a music startup staff said: “if someone told me, you just need to spend five dollars you can eat to lunch in a strip club, I may balk. But I saw the comments, see many people go there specially dinner.”

in order to avoid and employers feel embarrassed, the worker refused to disclose their identity. In June this year, he and his two friends, first came to the gold club dinner. And he was a few months ago, with a dozen male colleagues plan to gold club lunch, some even through online work schedule for this activity make arrangement. However, due to the new office has increased a female colleague, they didn’t know she would have a passion for, and eventually can only cancel the plan.

2012 began to gold club a tech company staff said: “now people stay in the office all day, intensely staring at a computer screen. Why not go out for a buffet lunch, and by the way, look at the girl with no clothes on?”

at times, science and technology company staff to gold club, it is not just to eat lunch. At startup Yelp former employee said, that a few years, the interviewer will likely future employees here, even specify a symbol for gold club – “G” meeting room. Another source said, heard a Yelp management staff in a strip club, has banned this kind of behavior, and suggests that employees don’t travel to here during work time. Yelp spokesman said in a statement to this, “Yelp never acceptance or approval of any club because of official business in and out of gold, even in training new managers, we also makes this an example of inappropriate behavior.”

but plame said a commercial agreement is signed in the gold club every day. He found that there are often CEO discrepancy gold club, even to rent the entire field events here. Plame said: “some technology companies now have said publicly that no longer allow employees to here.” But for these technologies and their CEO’s name, ms plame but would not say. He said: “in our industry, it is best to remain cautious.”

sales director turns into a stripper

those who work in the gold club women said that they earn income in the gold club is much more than other counterparts in a strip club in San Francisco. A stripper named Olivia (Olivia) has been performed in the gold club for two years, she said she worked for three or four days a week, every day work from 11 PM to 7 PM, can earn $1000. She said very like “Salesforce conference”, namely in the moss, conference Center (Moscone Convention Center) Dreamforce conference, held attracted 135000 people attended, and just a few steps away from gold club. Olivia said: “sometimes the tech community called a nerd, they don’t know how to chat with women… But in Salesforce meeting, everyone is friendly, humorous, also willing to spend money.”

but, most of the strippers will not work in the gold club for too long. Some previous strippers said on average they work there time less than one year. Stripper are independent contractors, gold club need every day to the club to 20% as commission income, except, of course, a tip. Tiffany (Tiffany) a claim to the former stripper declined to give his real name, because she could return to gold club work. Tiffany said, every day income difference can be quite large.

tiffany was a famous bay area technology company’s media, head of the sales department, but she give up the stability of the nine to five life turns into a stripper, she said the latter seems to be more interesting, and less pressure. Before he became a gold club strippers, tiffany led sales customers to hold business meeting here. Tiffany said: “I can jump a few dance more often, it is not because of my dancing is great, but because I can talk about technical problems. I often surprise people, because I know the difference between multi-tenant SAAS and cloud computing. Someone said strip years can earn $1000 a night, it is a kind of crazy speculation. Many girl working at a strip club life are much tougher than technology staff, they all have their own secrets and difficulties.”

another former stripper, said she chose to work in gold club, because it will be this as an adventure. Of course, making money is one of the motives, because striptease can help them to pay the rent after graduation from the university. Near her self-study programming, now in a start-up company engineer. The woman said: “since worked as a stripper in the gold club, I have worked every company, can hear people talking about it, but I haven’t been there together with my colleagues.”

boy club

the former stripper explained that she had decided not to go to the gold club with my colleagues, because she did not know that in the “subject environment”, whether I will be able to maintain harmonious working relationship between colleagues. Although many customers say they often visit together with your colleagues and even the boss gold club, but the professional networking site LinkedIn personnel department of former vice President Steve Kaldi root (Steve Cadigan) said that working time for gold club this place is not appropriate, could easily lead to divergence in the office.

Kaldi said: “as long as there is a person don’t feel well, everything will become very bad. If I were a hr director, I will ask: have you ever thought of such a fact? You are the activities of the organization may exclude someone?”

for a is trying to get rid of the industry “disregard for women” reputation, strip clubs may not be the employer mind staff to the ideal place for lunch or drink. Kaldi said root, an accident can lead to someone feel discriminated against. He cites the BaoKang start-up companies such as prosecution venture capital firm kleiner perkins caufield & byers and making was accused of discrimination case as an example.

in the early 1960 s, there have already been modernized strip club in San Francisco, here today become one of the most prosperous city in the United States. Gold club seems to have become the past, however, the persistence of the era. After founded more than 20 years, gold club business seems to be better than ever before. And as long as the city’s workers also want to sneak out for a taboo lunch or a thigh dance, then it will likely continue to thrive.

the Friday afternoon in April, come to gold club people trying to find an empty table. And even some women in the population, but obviously men accounted for an absolute majority, even some people hand petting your pile of money and budweiser beer. DJ encourage people as “a colleague or friend buy dance”.

in the corner, two men and a woman in just clear the table and sat down. One man about 20 years old or so, wearing eyes, he incredibly look at others. With this experience, “he said, after back to office, everything is so strange.”