on July 31 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

the apple released on September the new apple TV set-top boxes

it is understood that the new apple TV set-top boxes will be equipped with A8, slimmer than current models, and also to match with a new type of remote control touch panel. Software, the device’s user interface will be updated, and to support the App Store App Store.

in addition, the report says the new Apple TV set-top box will also support the Music service of Apple Apple Music. Expect apple TV set-top box will also upgrade in the summer, to support Siri voice search function.

360 tencent computer butler suspension upgrades

Windows 10 officially launched the first day, that is, poking fun at upgrade continual failure by user. Yesterday, with Microsoft 360 security guards of the cooperation is the escort Win10 upgrade and tencent computer butler are issued to suspend the service announcements.

Microsoft itself in a situation that the official response, said: “we are very glad to see the Chinese user feedback on the Windows 10 and enthusiasm. We have noticed that individual users through our partners tencent and qihoo 360 upgrade when met with delay. We are working closely with tencent and qihoo 360, ensure that our common users have qualified equipment to upgrade to the Windows 10 as soon as possible.” For optimization schedule of launch, Microsoft has not given.

Russia operators and retailers to stop buying the samsung smartphone

Russia’s two biggest mobile operator and two mobile phone retailer said on Thursday, for fear of not qualified rate, and on the maintenance guarantee problem can’t agree with samsung, they have stopped purchasing samsung’s smartphones.

including PJSC MegaFon and VimpelCom two mobile operators, as well as Euroset Holding and Svyaznoy two mobile phone retailer, has stopped purchasing samsung smartphone. VimpelCom said in a statement that in samsung electronics equipment repair rate reached 7%, far more than other brands after the repair rate of the company chose to stop purchasing samsung electronics products.

Facebook to provide Internet access service began to build the plane

technology guru Facebook has built a real plane – this is a about 140 feet long, the use of solar energy of unmanned aircraft. Facebook purport to using the plane into the “flying” Internet center, to provide global Internet connection parts of the lack of wi-fi connection services.

this plane is not only a creative or false model, but a real plane. The aircraft production in the UK, but according to Facebook, director of the engineering business vice President jay, rick said the company plans to somewhere by the end of may take the lead in the United States for testing.

huawei released tat 4: high and low configuration location two thousand

to China telecom, huawei released in qinghai lake’s young mobile phone brand new “battles”.

the release of tat 4 there are high and the standard two versions, among them, the high-end version support 4 g all netcom, priced at 2499 yuan, is configured to 3 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM; Standard of empty champagne silver and titanium gray two colors, price 2099 yuan, is configured to 2 gb of RAM + 16 gb ROM. , huawei tat 4 full version netcom will open on July 31 at 10:08 huawei Vmall mall, jingdong mall, 189. The cn synchronous appointments, August 7, the first pin listed at 10:08.

France ordered Google to implement “right to be forgotten” Google refused to

data protection regulators in France, the French national information and free commission (CNIL) “order, once the” right “is forgotten by the user, the requirements of the relevant provisions Google must be for all versions of search sites around the world for cleaning and filtering, rather than merely to filter the company each version of the site in the European market. Said Thursday, however, Google company will refuse to enforce the national information and free commission this instruction, which may make Google face penalties.

Google and Facebook rule the global mobile advertising market half

the Facebook social networking site provides the latest evidence that hold huge cash big brands, such as it and Google, have gradually formed on the rapid growth of mobile advertising market monopoly of power.

Facebook’s latest results show that the second quarter of the company’s revenue rose 39% year-on-year, with nearly three-quarters of revenue from mobile advertising business. Although Facebook spending growth at a faster rate than revenue growth in the quarter, but the company’s executives in the subsequent earnings call, said Facebook’s overall spending this year will remain lower than expected, it will also further enhance the profitability of the company.

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