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in recent years, the national haze of the weather, the original has been tepid steeply increasing air purifier market. After 2013 years of explosive growth, 2014 empty net market growth slowed, but still keep steady expansion trend, the overall market growth is over 30%, retail sales, retail sales of 5.1 million units and 11.5 billion yuan respectively. Market of hot not only attracted including big companies such as haier, midea, also attract small and medium enterprises. Such as cloud network hunting today introduce SENTU intelligent air purifier manufacturer ningbo meters di electronics co., LTD.

SENTU is a fusion of electric fan, PM2.5 detection, heater, humidifier, mobile phone App can remote control and other functions in one positive wind air purifier, sells for 1999 yuan. As an air purifier, SENTU using anion group technology, photocatalytic technology such as air purification technology. And has high density mesh filter, 3 m high efficient HPEA screen pack, coconut shell activated carbon filter, photocatalytic UP – titanium filter, UV lamp, anion essence filter six heavy purification system.

SENTU intelligent air purifier can also be used in the phone App for remote control, real-time display of indoor air quality, air quality warning, smart set purifier, display screen life remind replacement, and other functions. In addition, a key intelligent function after the start, SENTU can automatically identify air quality, according to air quality initiative to purify air. And can SENTU intelligent identification, day and night, night light will automatically become weak, gear to silent. In terms of air quality show, SENTU design of circular ring around the outlet, can be intuitive show that air quality color, at the same time the phone APP can also be clear to check the air quality.

is different from other intelligent air purifier, SENTU adopted the design of the annular outlet, no hakaze fan, compared to the side of the wind and the wind wind intelligent purifier can be positive, this design not only use the wind speed faster, also not afraid to touch, more secure.

SENTU intelligent air purifier project was established in February 2014, the engineering machine test in November and small batch trial-produce, in taobao launched in June 2015, the raise, currently the raise has already been completed.

SENTU intelligent air purifier is ningbo meters di electronics co., LTD., one of the production of products, its products have a timer, intelligent toilet cover, home oxygen generator, etc. M di electric appliance was registered in 2011, its predecessor is a cape electrical appliance factory in cixi city. After its transformation, the main focus on research and development of intelligent household.