on June 11, Scott map with 58 home to achieve all-round cooperation, support covered with 58 home cleaning, moving, nail art, such as door-to-door service category, and Scott will open position data and technology related to the travel services support O2O vertical application innovation.

Scott LBS Wei Kaiming open platform general manager, said: “O2O is a typical mobile Internet increment business, is currently the largest concentration of technology innovation in the field, and a large number of products and services are related to the ‘position’, ‘LBS. Scott would never own O2O business, and will support in the form of open druids LBS technology, the data in the field of O2O partners in service, product innovation, better service to users.”

in the all-round cooperation, Scott LBS open platform will provide free maps for 58 all the business in the home, location based services, such as and can also provide senior LBS functions such as “multi-point path planning”. , for example, if a nail salon workers received multiple scattered locations in a day of service demand, in the embedded gold 58 LBS + solutions to the home can realize intelligent route planning, optimizing travel route significantly, improve service efficiency. At present, 58 home workers end APP has switch to gold with open platform solutions, in the next few months are switching to complete all products.

in April this year, Scott issued a new “LBS +” open platform strategy, introduced for O2O, intelligent hardware industry integration “tool + data + service” integration of LBS solutions. And the cooperation with 58 home behind the LBS technology input, are provided by the program completely free support.

it is understood that in view of the O2O industry, Scott LBS open platform can provide such as maps, surrounding the search maps and location-based services. Wei Kaiming also promised again, Scott LBS open platform will focus on the future of LBS technology research and development, focusing on the vertical support developers application service innovation, not directly involved in application service, also won’t with developers and partners.

according to introducing, Scott “LBS +” can provide cover a full range of “tool + data + service” LBS. In terms of mapping tools, Scott can provide Internet map service and mobile LBS development tools; In terms of position of cloud services, de-yun gao data platform, cloud to user has its own data storage, management and analysis show that merchants, developers do not need to code development, only need to import their own store address data to the cloud, can be a key to “release” to generate their own “national”, “near” stores online website, quickly and efficiently to the user’s online promotion.