more than eight years ago, when Amir Salihefendic development Todoist, don’t want to set up a network for the widespread use of employees.

Salihefendic grew up in Bosnia, when he was in the development of the task management tool is still in the Danish study of college students, the main purpose is for their own use. A few years later, he decided to devote in the vehicle, he found himself need to hire a few employees, and economic conditions don’t allow him to work manner.

now, the official name is called Doist, company has been in more than 20 countries have more than 40 employees, throughout belarus, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, South Korea and Spain, and so on, in the United States and five part-time employees. The team to provide services for more than 100 users. Not rely on any venture, the company only by subscribing to the content, from the beginning maintained a stable profitability, new registered users, about 10000 people a day.

this experience Salihefendic into the preacher work remotely. He is not a person in a fight, developed a WordPress surprise and Buffer has been preached for years distributed labor benefits, but what’s interesting is Doist for its own interests do far more than other companies. It provides the tools for remote workers, and this process can be secondary to make full use of it.

away from the city of science and technology

Salihefendic is via Skype from Porto, Portugal, and I chat, he and his future wife decided to move to the city a few years ago. Doist nine employees to make their homes in Portugal, Salihefendic also fell in love with this country in a play, so they ought to build an office here. But they don’t need!

Salihefendic Doist adopts distributed labor force is mainly out of necessity. When he worked in Taiwan for social networking Plurk, he applied for a whim Chile start-up incubator, approved a pack to leave he, since 2008, he is not attach importance to Todoist to get his attention. In developing the first mobile version of the application, Salihefendic start remote employees.

the first employee from Salihefendic Doist colleague recommended in the incubator. In order to better expand team, Doist adopted “guerrilla tactics”, from the BBS of Hacker News, such as making and Reddit to recruit, at least before the company develop enough to attract candidates do.

“in San Diego is not I can hire out on a business trip to the great android developers,” said Salihefendic, “may be there are some, but I can’t find it.”

Salihefendic soon found work remotely and other benefits. Not office and management cost, employment cost and such technology in San Francisco alone is half as long as compared to the city to a third, but also do not have to worry about such as Facebook and Google technology giant dig my corner.

“it isn’t just a matter of overhead, and talent.” Salihefendic said, “if you go to San Francisco, you are competing with millions of investment of a large company.”

however, is perhaps the biggest benefit of Doist can develop at their own pace, and the little study on how to establish a remote company. Compared with those of other entrepreneurs Salihefendic investment in silicon valley and the pressure it brings to the company is very cautious.

he said: “this kind of investment will force the company develops very quickly, but not really to build an excellent team or to the development of the enterprise culture and experience necessary.”

perfect and promote the remote tool

The development of the

Doist compared to other companies that telecommuting is not very different, as well as it in attracting new employees, including one can see how job seekers in the case of independent work will show the test. Employee benefits are included in the employee’s office expenses and cost team occasionally meet. Salihefendic also emphasized the necessity of written communication, and every once in a while must achieve a particular goal. That is to say, the employer must be fully in this remote work mode, otherwise this way of working is doomed to fail.

but in the process of establishing remote company over the years, Salihefendic also found that the tools are not complete, and with the development of Doist, it can make better tools. Todoist itself had already started on this attempt, because the company must first to meet the demand of their employees.

, for example, to support different language problems, Doist just because in China there is a financial manager to make the problem simple a lot, helping to solve the complex problem of date stated. Salihefendic said: “in general, I think they may not need to spend a lot of time to improve Chinese date, testing, but for us it is very normal.”

Salihefendic believe that if a product is made by the people around the world, and it is more likely to resonate with users around the world. He said Doist in Taiwan have a designer, offer opinions and European designers. He added: “now this time, we make the product must be oriented to the whole world rather than just wealthy white.”

in addition to the to-do list software, Doist influenced by his own experience of distributed labor, is developing a new product. Salihefendic think it is a bit like Slack, companies are already using Slack, but pay more attention to the new software thread communication.

“we are developing the communication software, we also use it in, and to optimize it, make it more in line with our structure.” Salihefendic said, “on Todoist is the same, we optimize our products to make them conform to our requirements, is likely to eventually they can meet the requirements of other remote company.”

although there are some successful examples of work remotely, but the relatively small size. And don’t have enough facts to prove that large company also can use the remote work. But Salihefendic want to give it a try.

“I don’t think it is impossible to expand to the thousands of people.” Salihefendic said, “one of the things we want to do is create a support tool working remotely. You will see many innovations we on these tools, they can help us to communicate, share, and arranged in a big team.”


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