on July 27 (text/Song Xu ran)

no principal can also receive annual interest rate, at first glance to listen to good magic, think carefully actually reasonable.

purchase and give the user shopping platform, at the same time calculation amount as a principal at an annual rate, improve after buying rate increase business flow at the same time, also bring additional benefits for the user. In fact rebate net, net is in this direction, just different form, but most of the rebate tool to hold down prices, namely buy the rebate form, not only will fold kill brand price and unable to stretch time.

purchase to benefit in the form of tenants, ensure goods variety. Adopt the day the cat taobao shopping process, ensure that the user shopping experience and after-sales service. Each system automatic recording, consumption amount included in the principal after the completion of the shopping process. Consumption is limited to one year, namely today, next year income does not freeze support daily extraction at the same time, to go pay treasure. An annual daily change regularly. Income is not included in the principal.

purchase to benefit without principal nearly 20% annual interest rate to hit a lot of people. How to ensure that similar products profit is a lot of people wonder, purchase to benefit. “Purchase and bring for the merchants reliable source of traffic to ensure the commission, and the annual interest rate in the form of the long money precipitation periods, guarantee the stability of the company to invest time and interest, provide safeguard for the extraction of user interests.”

purchase to the current foreign or beta, 40 places open tenants, all is Tmall taobao merchants, has been offering full in three days. Merchants a sign for a year, a year service charge ten thousand, including technical service and advance commissions, multiple pre-existing rebate. For future recruitment standards, the purchase to the respect and welcome the high service quality, user experience good businesses, regardless of size.

purchase to launched in May at the same time for merchants, ios version launched in July has not yet been approved. Now products, live is less, a day of a few single. Purchase to still in beta, and also in the assessment of product purpose, user experience and stability. Has yet to promote have profit. Will in the future and it is makeup network joint do activities, such as promotion products.

purchase to the founder li wei, who study abroad, after returning in Tmall design, is a serial entrepreneur after 80. Li Weitong co-founder established purchase for, at present there are more than ten employees, some on taobao Tmall worked, the future is expected to reach 20. Purchase to before, and li wei founded 13 years is makeup, the normal profit.

it is makeup net to buy to also have a certain origin, in fact, it is makeup net rebate tool within the beautiful treasure is bought to the predecessor. “Beautiful treasure who bring is makeup network within half a year after nearly 40% of the purchase rate, conversion rate was 7%, and the mobile end which is the main reason for the purchase to the we do.” Li wei told hunting cloud network. Now purchase to benefit they hatch inside the net is makeup.

now purchase to cut into the crowd mainly for 18 to 25 years old young man. “We want to change the existing mode of shopping, would allow young people to shopping at the same time also can enjoy the pleasure of conduct financial transactions.” Purchase to tell hunting cloud network. Don’t need to save money and get profit, money earn interest, subversive idea, consumption is no longer just from now on.

the purchase to the financing, is expected to push A wheel within this year.