(text/Zheng Dian)

after 8090, become a new generation of parents, parenting concept also began to upgrade. The parents of the younger generation paid more attention to the parent-child relationship, more the pursuit of give the child a relaxed, happy, fulfilling his childhood.

pinwheel as a focus on S2C parent-child lifestyle innovation service platform, the city family as the core, to content recommendations, a combination of offline experience, recommend city parent-child parents place and to provide the user experience, let users have more nearly in the side of the parents to choose, rich parent-child activities over the weekend.

on content recommendation, day pinwheel wonderful special parent-child information, local parent-child for localizing and city parent-child strategy; On the offline experiences, pinwheel around parent-child theme, service diversification and intensification. Pinwheel can have their own children to play the quality control activities, more instantaneous capture all the way, record the children happy every moment.

on the analysis of the future prospect of parent-child education as well as the development trend of the O2O electrical contractor, founder Huang Zepei think, if you would be a perfect fusion of the two products will be full of vitality and imagination.

pinwheel co-founder Sun Si tell hunting cloud network: “we hope the pinwheel conveys a kind of idea, should be relaxed and happy childhood, and have a parent company. Pinwheel hope can bring young parents a new inspiration. In such a fast paced, high pressure rhythm of life, under the pinwheel do subtraction on family life, to help parents make parent-child activity plan. The city is a new concept put forward by the pinwheel. Work already very tired, weekend family life should be low cost, light to perform the icing on the cake, not tired of travelling.”

said to rival, parent-child market in the last year or two began to fire, and into the vc field of vision. And most of the “parent-child swimming”, “swimming around,” pinwheel give to the user’s program and activities can be immediate implementation of the low cost of money and time cost of parent-child experience. Pinwheel on education and play two roles, whatever the role, however, emphasis is the purest, most natural parent-child sentiment. Pinwheel, hope to be able to transfer and close such emotions let users really use the company to restore parent-child every detail of life, not just a business model.

when it comes to financing needs, Huang Zepei told hunting cloud network, will at the appropriate time to consider financing pinwheel. As a start-up, pinwheel hope to focus more on the product polishing the elaborating management and operation. Brings more valuable services only to the user, to realize their own value from the user’s sure.