if you have tried to in San Francisco, New York, this kind of popular cities looking for a house to live, then you probably and mediation of this magic dealt. They took a line, almost didn’t do something, take a cut from the rent. It is time to get rid of them. What left? With Oliver.

Oliver is get rid of the mediation’s latest film. The application to the landlord and tenant for linear contact. The concept sounds simple, can use up is very difficult. Need to find the landlord directly, then integrating the housing information they provide. Actually, thus forming a barrier-free market tenants can contact the landlord directly, without having to mediation by a third party.

about how to think of creation of Oliver, Oliver, co-founder of Yossi Shemesh says is very simple: “one day I and real estate developers Amir Shriki ate meal. That’s all.”

Shemesh said: “I found that housing inventory and statistics are available, so we just threw the money on this project, then I with developers team churning out a machine, it can direct statistical data provided by the landlord. In August 2014, we first verification, hired a group of interns to contact the landlord and tenant, also made a simple web page version of Oliver. We can pick up a few single business every day, almost can clinch a deal. So we stopped the proof of concept, and began the seed round.”

this app will definitely meet all your expectations. You only need to choose a house, and then the landlord to make an appointment. But intermediary will tell you, they can provide the service, help you eliminate the wonky, coincided with the landlord. If under the sharing type of economic system, the landlord is not responsible, such services market. But most homeowners in the provision of housing, Oliver need to apply for and receive credit check, this greatly reduces the intermediary value of existence.

Shemesh said: “other similar applications, such as median, Trulia, StreetEasy, RentHop NakeApartments, their profit model is the intermediary fees. We are going to be in the field of house renting Uber, abandon the third party intermediary, let the tenant and the landlord seamless docking.”

Oliver is founded by Shemesh and Shriki cooperation, in the first few months they self-raised funds, but now it has gained New York real estate dealers $1 million in angel investment. Shemesh or a photo sharing application Mobli co-founder, the application in a few years ago caused a stir. A month ago, Oliver log in Manhattan, it has been about 2000 people visit the web site, a day to clinch a deal amount about 200. This week, Oliver in brooklyn, the market has become too crowded, but Oliver looks likely become an interesting in this lucrative market new players.

Shemesh said: “there is no doubt that the mediation will be no place.” I hope so.


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