cloud network hunting note: in your eyes, your pen is what? Is the tool that can only write? Of course, more than that. Under the background of new era of science and technology, also will be the new technical meaning. For users, it can be writing, painting, can even and high-tech information technology perfect fusion, act as the role of intelligent. T will in the near future, high-tech and computer work together, to bring you unexpected freedom and control.

“you have to try this one.”

Steven Bathiche, Microsoft application and pass me a pen, director of the research team said. This is a new sample of a pen, but he actually excited for it. In Redmond, Washington, Microsoft headquarters campus, he carefully runs a lab, he formed a nearly zero delay computer, that is to say when you operate the computer, it will respond immediately. In general, when we use pen to write on the screen or painting, ink always want delay condition, Bathiche solved the problems of this annoying delay. To minimize the delay condition, the feeling is amazing, just like we really writing on glass. Alongside a glass sample, you can directly write on the screen, the feeling is very good.

the whole laboratory dedicated to the similar research. There were various kinds of samples: there is a switch with a ridiculous, Bathiche takes about 15 seconds to open it, then we can see a joke, “how many have many patents, talented scientists, will replace the small light bulb?”. Here most of the studies related to pen and electronic screens. Microsoft has a vision, to tell around the company and the technology industry: the era of high-tech pen.

when it comes to why to do so, “when it comes to the keyboard. Imagine, a character “a” on the keyboard input, soon, right? Only need a button. “It is very fast,” said Bathiche, “assuming that the position of the letters’ a ‘is your destination, the font is the way of get to the destination, the size of the’ a ‘is the style you imagine.” All of these decisions are set before you knock on the keyboard is dead, you tend to have more choices. “But if the ink, you can decide when writing above almost everything. I can write an “a” in any place, any size, I want any.”

in most cases, the font size of these doesn’t matter, does not need to be like the font in the Google search engine or weibo as standard. No one, including Bathiche oneself, will think the keyboard or touch screen use value will be lost. But Bathiche firmly believe that your pen in the pocket should also be a powerful calculation tool. Also, he thinks, have to like a pocket pen. Look from the time, we took hundreds of years to perfect these pens, it is in our hands should be comfortable, natural, and is very convenient to use. From cars to thermostat, technology has greatly changed the shape and size of the things around us, but the form of the pen has not changed, we should do everything we can to change it.

Look to the future

study, or you will forget good – rather than just knock keyboard case, almost the same when we write, storage functions of the brain is better, let a person have a better memory. When typing, we will think about the word of trivial things such as the shape and color, hinder our good thinking. “Think about it, how many great things graffito of the scribble from the start,” says Bathiche. “For the most part, right? Most of the clothes you wear is also starting from the painting.”

are you using a computer keyboard dozen don’t fold the clothes, also could not draw the curve of the skyscraper. On a touch screen, you clumsy fingers also could not draw anything. Human beings are good at using the tools of biological: if rely on a pen, a brush or a scalpel, our fingers can create many miracles, but we do not only use the mouse or hand out. Computer is deprived of our this kind of subtle control ability. On the contrary, the pen can let us have more expression, to achieve better communication, and to achieve perfect combination of science and technology.

in the past few years, the computer has been strong enough, it can understand what we want to write or draw. They can also understand more and more complex input. And with such as version and Phree pen, we can more natural will be written input into electronic output. As usual, you can use the version in the Moleskine notebook writing, and all of your handwriting will become a digital input. You can use the Phree written anywhere, such as the edge of the table, sofa and even the ceiling, can also be written on the screen. Over the years, the samsung Galaxy Note series are working to improve its electronic text recognizable, and applications such as the company can provide very good identification.

draw something

in fact, it can draw something is unbelievable. For example, Microsoft team has been trying to make a allows people to sketching to search search engine. Bathiche drew a the Eiffel Tower, the Bing search engine success identified it. So how to show in the evening? He painted a dark sky, and quickly open the pen electronic ink for yellow, search results immediately changed. In another demonstration, he painted some arrows, shapes and symbols. He didn’t have a scrolling list to choose, also have no choice if he wanted to “medium size left arrow” or “medium big head left arrow”, he is to draw the effect we want. This application can efficiently identify, and can smooth the lines and edges, to draw the arrow looks like very real. The

this invention is very great, means that the function of the pen than any other existing input functions are more diversified. Now, it almost achieved, handwriting recognition, and even electronic output are common. But there are still another key issue: rely on our current technology, the writing on the screen of the situation is very bad. Its response is slow, extremely easy to skid, also can appear deinking, and so on and so forth. It is too difficult, and to implement the pen transistors and pixels in the feeling of writing is harder on the paper.

“we will put these powerful computers in our pockets, and made them the way we write more and more natural,” Gilles Bouchard, electronic pen manufacturer version of CEO said. “We are now in the era, is a stage to satisfy the needs of the human science and technology, to implement technology fundamental shift.”

for electronic pen how this works, different companies have different ideas. Version using a special type of paper, to help digitizing writing system. And Phree is to separate the input and output, as we move the mouse in the hand, and then see the cursor on the screen, you are seeing anything in writing, but the handwriting will be displayed on the screen. Wacom made two products, one is the writing on the screen (Cintiq), another kind is with pressure sensitive should be input pen tablet (offers).

however, Microsoft’s researchers think that the only way to improve the development of the stylus is: written directly on the screen. For Bathiche, touch screen is just an interface, and “your tablet can replace your laptop”, as a result, he and his teammates tried to put the pen on the paper writing feeling into the digital age. Screen width is according to the paper pattern, and the pen should also want to let a person feel: well, this is really a pen.

“good the thickness of the stylus is in commonly 7 to 10 mm or so,” Ralf Groene, the bespectacled, said Microsoft design director with a German accent. Stylus development goal is to make pen looks and feels have Bic or Mont Blanc’s feeling, but its function is more powerful. “You can have one both can write, and to sketch the equipment.”

Groene said, “there is, if you have a good idea, and you have a Moleskine notebook and a pen, it can be implemented immediately.” So touch screen pen design team with Microsoft One Note team issued a function, is a click on the surface of the pen, you could create a blank page, even though the screen is locked, so you can immediately open a laptop to take notes. (One Note designed for brainstorming, free thinking, you can click on any page, and then start painting, or writing.)

as he says, Groene touched his Moleskine, this old yellow notebook with color label. Almost every page has a sketches and notes, you will find that it is not his One Note library, but it is his most precious notebook.” Now there are a lot of PDA and stylus, “says Groene. In most of the tablet computer, mobile phone and other accessories. “We looked around, and then start to create something, it’s like a Moleskine.” Then he talked about the paper coating, it sounds like you really in writing. When I asked him if it is possible to build a screen, is it feeling will be better, “said with a smile,” yes, it was a great feeling.”

drawing on the screen

only one state in Oregon, a secret lab, Microsoft’s screen center team also are trying to solve this problem. This pen is used to click on the 84 – inch screen equipment meeting room, now, it’s price in the market around $7000 – $20000. The team’s pen are slightly larger, more like a whiteboard pen. Chad Roberts – the project design team, in their three sides of the screen small conference room showed me their whiteboard pen. “You had been used to the size of the brush pen to drawing”, he said, “but with this kind of standard stylus, you will feel a bit strange”. On the big screen with a special membrane, makes it feel not too like glass, but more like a painting in a common whiteboard. This is the experience of high science and technology.

if without the support of this wonderful pen, big screen will not work. Both collaboration each other, simple, intuitive, and even don’t need too much keyboard operation. The center team hope, when you are walking in the room, you want to take this pen. No matter what you want to meet or do, you can directly on the blank screen operation. They want, and you never notice, so you are in a huge Windows computer, until you experience the Skype dual cameras and omni-directional stereo speakers and a microphone. “I love this pen pen,” said Peter Oehler,, head of hardware technology center team, Perceptive Pixel former technical director (a takeover by Microsoft, the company is now center team’s technical core) said, “I love this feeling, you totally forgot you are working in electronic devices, and then you began to tell the story of you.” This is the development of science and technology in 2015 goal? Break tradition, for it, try to be smart and strong, and then do the interesting and useful? We know how to use the pen, we are also constantly adapt to them. Now it’s time to make it digital. Just don’t think the pen to take notes or draw the Eiffel Tower, the pen input information ability is far stronger than you think.

imagine, in a whole new virtual world, you need to learn how to navigate and communication.” If you have some sort of the cursor in the virtual reality space, “Kinrot said,” and you have such items on your hand, you can play a good hand-eye coordination effect. Your brain is such a connection work.”

the best demonstration of virtual reality is I have ever seen on the Vive of HTC, it gave me a huge controller, to be free to let me in front of air painting. After I finish, I will write down my name, and then the worst tree was born, but I will still walk around it, enjoying my freedom creation from any Angle.

imagine, in the real world, you can accurately control everything, you can start your virtual Dali stone chisel out a statue, or create a watercolor Numbers, as long as this painting, the real painting can be achieved in real life. Use the pen, all this is possible. You already know how to use it, just as famous as Steve Jobs said. nullnullnullnullnullnull