note: hunting cloud American venture capital boom of science and technology not only attracted a movie star, and sports bowl, NBA star shaquille o ‘neal has recently invested in Internet start-ups Loyal3 to financial services, into investment. In addition, he has 10 million followers on Twitter, will help the development of the latter. The following content from tencent technology:

and according to the financial media, “CNBC reported retired the Los Angeles lakers, o ‘neal, have recently started to become a silicon valley investor, involving financial and mobile video services such as Internet, o ‘neal with the new technology is very understanding, also claim to be the world’s highest geek (technology enthusiast).

after the shaquille o ‘neal once in the mobile video companies Tout as a consultant, the company’s main challenger is Twitter’s short video services Vine. In the American south by southwest conference in 2013, shaquille o ‘neal was openly flaunt oneself is “the highest geek in the world”.

recently, o ‘neill once again out of the new dynamic in the technology industry. On June 12, o ‘neill revealed that he had become the Internet start-ups Loyal3 investors to financial services, and become the panel members.

Loyal3 online financial service provided by the independent, can give the general public to reduce the threshold of the stock investment (including IPO). For example, if Google company sometime the share price of $535, that is beyond the public investment capacity of investors. Loyal3 company will Google stock split into a number of copies of ordinary investors can invest $10, to buy a shares of Google stock “a”.

in addition to lower the difficulty of investing in the stock market, the company also to the general public to waive the expensive stock trading fees.

o ‘neill told reporters, for the general public through Loyal3 company’s service is very appropriate, “(you know) sharks (shaq) concern for ordinary people.” This means that even if is not very rich can invest in the stock market.

as to how much investment in the company, o ‘neal were not disclosed. He said that in New York during the NBA all-star weekend “, he heard from a friend about Loyal3 company, the friends of the company’s chief executive, snyder (Barry – Schneider).

o ‘neal for the business of the company is very interested in, then held talks and snyder, and decided to investment, as an adviser.

it is said that when they met for the first time and snyder, o ‘neill has on the company’s service is very understand, he in front of the snyder, mobile phone client “half shares” apple bought shares in the company.

due to master a lot of retail investors, Loyal3 company also can act as other listed companies of the underwriters. They cooperate with some investment Banks that can be assigned to the 5% to 10% of the IPO shares, and selling shares to investors, companies can get 7% of the underwriting. For example if a firm raised $one hundred million, the company can be assigned to about $5 million in stock, the underwriting for $350000.

so far, Loyal3 company has participated in the IPO shares of 13 companies underwriting and subsequent issuance, including sports camera makers GoPro, inc., America’s second cinema “AMC entertainment company”.

snyder said, after contact with the former basketball star, her for o ‘neill to understand science and technology in the field of industry was very surprised.

get o ‘neill’s support for the Internet financial services company, is also a great good. In a social network Twitter, o ‘neill has 10 million fans, is almost a kind. In addition, music, entertainment and sports industry in the United States o ‘neal also has a lot of supporters. This will no doubt help Loyal3 the development of the company.

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