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millet take Uber in Singapore and Malaysia to sell mobile phone

millet and Uber reached cooperation, in Singapore and Malaysia Note smartphones, consumers will be able to reserve millet after booking, millet will jointly Uber mobile delivery to the customer.

millet the Courier fees to saved?

Google cloud challenge amazon: free gift 100 million GB space

Google launched a Cloud Storage service Cloud Storage Nearline, to attract business from amazon Web Services to Google’s Cloud Services, before Google promised to use other Cloud service enterprise provide 100 pb free Storage space.

the local tyrants, rich capricious

cisco sold for $600 million set-top box business

the paris-based Technicolor SA agreed to pay about????? $600 million acquisition of cisco’s set-top box business. ? Cisco has been spending heavily to buy the set-top box company, the deal marks the cisco will bid farewell to the set-top box market.

alibaba into business super: pushing Tmall supermarket first Beijing

alibaba group announced a full into the business field, nationwide in stages cat supermarket pushing its day, the first station selected Beijing, the first to Beijing area consumer subsidies of 1 billion yuan.

to paraphrase one of zhou: entrepreneurship is not free but had now

Microsoft two Win10 high-end flagship exposure machine configuration

is known to all, Microsoft will be launched this year a number of high-end flagship Windows 10 mobile phones, recently the science and technology media quoted Microsoft internal documents, all the configuration two flagship phone exposure.

the nikkei announced a $1.29 billion bid for the financial times

nikkei inc. for $1.29 billion for the financial times, the financial times, the owner of the Pearson group issued a statement, confirmed the deal.

YC funds through overseas investment channel

angel exchange announced, has set up branches in the United States, by the angel link management of the domestic first focus on investment opportunity to YC Y Combinator to accelerate project Chinese direct investment fund has got the Y Combinator Demo Day invite investors qualifications, and completed the first phase of the six projects investment.

36 times China Internet network development state statistic report

China Internet network information center (CNNIC) issued the 36 times China Internet network development state statistic report, according to the report, China’s 668 million Internet users, mobile Internet population accounted for 88.9%. China’s weibo use half a year fell 17.9%.

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