Snow White fairy tale, there is a mirror, can tell you who is the most beautiful woman in the world; Now, there are also such a “mirror”, to tell you what is the most worth you buy.

now online shopping to thrive, but there is also the product mass scattered, online shopping platform, quality service, the good and bad are intermingled, make it easier for consumers to pick goods like looking for a needle in a haystack. Targeting a mirror online, too busy to shopping or selective phobia people shopping consulting App. Magic mirror magic mirror online, by tianjin development electronic commerce co., LTD, in May 2015, the first launch of micro letter, public on June 19, officially launched the App. At present, the magic mirror online is still in the testing phase, the number of users for more than 4000 people.

this year in March, the start-up project Magic led by sequoia capital of $12 million A round of funding, won wide attention. Magic mirror online, in fact is the “Magic” mode in application in the field of shopping. Users can WeChat public platform or App, in the form of text, images, voice upload their own shopping requirements or questions. Mirror online customer service will be quick lock user requirements (size, color, price, brand, etc), to help find the most suitable for the user’s goods, direct links to push, providing personalized and professional services. Then the user can jump to Tmall, taobao, Vipshop website to buy, and “mirror” online itself does not provide payment. At present, the mirror is still mainly rely on artificial customer service online to recommend a one-on-one service, the customer service team 9:00-24:00 online every day, number has reached one hundred people and growing.

in addition to personal recommendation service, mirror online App also set up a “find good” section. Mirror online shopping experts will be based on user shopping question, to summarize the content of the will use shopping tips to share to the user.

the magic mirror, co-founder of online Wang Yang tell hunting cloud network, through the one-to-one communication, data modeling, cloud computing, the magic mirror online records and analyzes the shopping behavior of users, and finally even than users themselves to learn more about the user. In accumulated a certain commodity content library and user database, after the late mirror may according to the online user attributes and active for the user to push a commodity; Users will be part of the VIP for high-end exclusive service; Will also cooperate with brand building, to provide users with more discount service.

for mirror online profit pattern, Wang Yang tell hunting cloud network, it is similar to taobao guest, charge a certain amount of recommendation commission; Second, cooperate with well-known brands, through brand advertisement or activities push realize part of profit; In addition, there are exclusive service fee, etc. “But this is not important to mirror online, we would prefer to mirror online is a neutral party, simply for users to recommend, do not only meet user expectations, can exceed user expectations of more personal assistant”, Wang Yang has a clear understanding on the value of the user. Therefore, in terms of promotion, the magic mirror part mainly through online training seed users, to spread word of mouth.

the Magic fire, more and more domestic “personal assistant” products, such as god. Wang Yang said the pig god want to do is broad life service class’s personal assistant, and mirror based on online shopping areas. And in the field of shopping, buy now and have not platform, the Wang Yang tell cloud network, hunting “is different from B2C mode, such as beautiful said, mushroom street magic mirror online is, in fact, the direction of the C2B, according to user’s personal property, to the user push links, traffic guide to other platforms. Therefore, we in interests and guiding direction is different.”

“samantha” in the movie, “jarvis,” let’s assistant for AI is full of fantasy, and apple’s Siri had made a breakthrough in the direction of the artificial intelligence, but have to admit, artificial intelligence, so far failed to do the role of “personal assistant”. Increase in the number of mirror online users, rely on artificial customer clearly not reality. Hunting cloud network that mirror one of online development bottleneck lies in the improvement of technology, to solve the problem of part of the user base by machines. Among them, a piece of speech recognition technology is very important.

when it comes to the future development goals, Wang Yang told hunting cloud network, “recently we mainly for data accumulation and service system for the implementation of the, the next step is to further improve their level of fluency in beautiful degree of the product and use, improve the user experience, enhance the user’s holding degrees. In the future, as a platform into the mouth, we hope the mirror online can achieve the goal of daily average of 100000 single, and grow into an ecological platform.”

mirror online at the core of the founding team has five people, from the electric business, service, sales and other fields, in addition to more than 30 customer service team, technical team and nearly 20 people. Mirror online has recently won the jade angel fund angel investment, complete the initial project financing.