July 17 (word/yan-mei wu)

a lively, overseas online shopping market size players piling, electricity nearest money, is in effect, the concept of commodity business. At present, the overseas online shopping market players has ChengGongHai, but in terms of market education also need a long time, and the pattern is unknown.

hi overseas online shopping new players a purchase at present although reputation by, but it did two things: build the supply chain and social marketing.

hi a purchase is a B2C model for standard category drugstore to sell south Korean beauty makeup and Japan, to edit and operations team buying content, platform on 60% of products from domestic, 40% of the selected product shopping from overseas branch team, foreign branch and cooperation trading company for product delivery hoarding to domestic warehouse, this part of the proprietary products to avoid mail, and in order to supplement SKU platform also helps users in the United States and the generation of orders and platform to help complete the transfer. Low cost relative to traditional international logistics.

hi currently purchase has already set up warehouse in Japan and South Korea, with foreign logistics cooperation, to create your own custom clearance team and docking domestic transport company. Self-built supply chain need to capital investment and the cultivation of the supply chain, as a start-up company why think about supply chain? Hi purchase co-founder jie jing hua told hunting cloud network: hi purchase is wanted in the case of positive policies and capital to do standardized services. Because tao industry affected by the policy particularly big, although supply chain is very difficult, but well after every scene and links of the supply chain are controlled and beautiful.

the competitiveness of hai tao lies in logistics. Electricity business, is in fact the core location is the buying and selling of new pattern, the goods finally to the user’s hands, is the end of the link of the whole service. Hi a purchase is understood to have complete 5 mark layout in domestic.

on social marketing, hi a bought many times on social media, from the four douban community of uncle do hai tao post on weibo in pettish payment function, to now big star endorsements function: the user introduced platform do usage share for goods, to capture single qualification for product endorsements, each product sold spokesperson will receive an income.

will share on the social media products at the same time, the corresponding will also get a discount. So young users may not its solution of the first shipment. This can also be seen as a derivative of a model. Jie jing hua, points out that scene to make use of the purchase and user bask in single form, realize the users’ transmission, the future user generated content to build a community ecology, have long tail.

hi a purchasing team is the combination of logistics person + Internet. Founder Yu En source is an expert in field of domestic express information system. Co-founder JiaoWeiGuo, is a former legend holdings company deputy general manager, supply chain, co-founder of jie jing hua, a former sohu news director of client products, co-founder jen-yie Chen, former deputy head of the 360. Such a ‘uncle team is to experience the “dream team” entrepreneurship.

in addition, jie jing hua, points out that the current overseas online shopping market fragmentation, the industry has no company can control more than half of the traffic and secondly in terms of products spread to do more comprehensive utilization of social media, make sure the user support + professional service brand. Hai tao players are more, but no size large companies in particular, in so doing can still dig big ways.

when it comes to competing goods problems, jie jing hua said, get the optimal product may be in the future they want to catch up with the object, get the growing in size, impact current B2C electrical contractor in the field of no. 1 in the champions league, hi a purchase and ambitious.
At present hi purchase has got the Pre – A round of funding, lenders did not disclose. Also team to the next step will rely on Japan’s low credit loans for goods shop and expand, use financial instruments to reduce the cost of supply chain risk.