(text/Yang Sihui)

today, intelligent temperature measurement into the Baby health management “Baby Hero” golden bean sprouts to hunt cloud network founder exclusive, according to was completed in June 10 million, the Pre – A financing, the investor for HuaRui investment.

happy golden bean sprouts is a typical after 80 of dad, software services accenture have 9 years working experience in the United States, to participate in a number of foreign medical IT project, in the field of mobile medical and intelligent hardware has a wealth of experience. “The United States on the intelligent medical and health development has very mature, and even have a basic domestic thermometer is still very backward, and it made me had a home business ideas.” Golden bean sprouts tell hunting cloud network.

Baby Hero USES the infrared sensor, the use of thermal radiation through the thermopile output voltage signal analysis to calculate the surface temperature. On this basis, the team, the core algorithm and the structure optimization and testing, so that when the product surface temperature measurement of brow can in 1 seconds or so accurately show the human body temperature, the error is only 0.2 ℃, and other goods and environment temperature measurement error is 0.5 ℃.

look from the exterior, Hero is the size of a bottle cap white Baby thermometer, no switch button, a user a “light” can boot, let stand for the automatic shutdown. After startup, there will be one end of the infrared sensor to anywhere, such as human, bottles, bath water, can measure the temperature.

compared with the traditional thermometer, Baby Hero temperature faster; Compared with the ear temperature gun and electronic thermometer, its use more convenient, do not need to be under his arm, containing an entrance or tied to the arm. Magnetic suction at the same time, the Baby Hero to wear, it can be adsorbed on the quilt, pillow case and Baby clothes, thereby reducing the Baby body sensation and alienation.

in addition, the Baby Hero also has the following functions:

1, intelligence prevent lost. Baby Hero using bluetooth from the perimeter fence system, monitoring 5 ~ 20 m children throwing distance, beyond the safe distance to immediately report to the police, let parents control children whereabouts at any time.

2, sleep monitoring. Baby Hero can record Baby daily sleep depth, intelligent analysis of sleep quality and health advice is given.

3, to be reminded. When Baby sleeping popped quilts, Baby Hero will send a remind parents via the phone, to avoid the Baby catch cold.

4, motion analysis. Baby Baby sports Hero to intelligent analysis, to help parents understand the Baby health, found that adhd/autism in advance.

5, posture correction. This function is suitable for older children, when children sitting crooked Baby Hero will remind, learn to correct posture.

actually, in order to measure temperature is cut into the project of intelligent hardware market in children are not a few: the arm or ring shaped like a hand “iFever”, “shields” boa, “iCcur XiaoKe”; Director of clamps in the armpit of the thermometer “fever” (iThermonitor); Intelligent temperature stick “test”, etc. Some main App to remind, some emphasize 24-hour temperature detection, mostly function is relatively single, price from 100 to 100 yuan. Baby, in contrast, Hero more feature-rich, and price for an ordinary temperature only the price of the gun.

gold bean sprouts convective cloud network, said: “the maternal and infant intelligent hardware ‘happy mommy’ financing after 50 million, the market is gradually opened. Under the huge market share and just need to, Baby Hero there’s plenty of opportunity.”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, Baby Hero charge need 2 hours at a time, life can be up to 90 days, future plans to add more sensors, realize the body such as breathing, heart rate index measurement. Product is now in the jingdong the raise, the lowest price is 128 yuan, has been raised to 450000 yuan.

it is understood that in the A round of funding is also preparing Baby Hero.