“I stood in the dusk of Prague square, in the wishing well cast a hope, the doves facing the sunset, that picture is so beautiful I can’t see… “Yes, Nubian after independence from some brand operations, and the up, meet the city of romance and love to go to art” Prague “, released My Prague new series of mobile phone. Full of artistic breath, “designed for the women take the left side of the keyboard shortcuts”, thin design and the back of three color, 1799 yuan, shells or imitation, let’s one by one look.

1. The main picture, for our style, let more artistic

phone for the first time in the name of the city name, the Czech ambassador reference idiom “suitable” to describe the multinational, cross-border marriage. My main photo Prague, this also conforms to the people always presenting methods of literature and art, from the point of view of the scene display photos, video, both also bring out the best in each other. In addition, Nubian also corresponds to the efforts and Prague in detail place, from the UI design to ringtones, wallpaper are under some kind of kung fu.

2. Designed for the women take the left side of the keyboard shortcuts, beautiful?

Nubian NiFei, general manager of special said people left face will look better than the right, is it true? Pick up the mirror yourself, is psychological, hunting cloud network should agree with the survey results. Then, conveniently said My Nubian Prague specially set up on the left side of the keyboard shortcuts, convenient women use left hand to the left side of the mobile phone to shoot myself. Then, hunting cloud network instantly thought of the beautiful mobile phone on the right side of the keyboard shortcuts, and sure enough, the human not lenovo is a most terrible thing. Hunting cloud network and thought about the Nubian Z9 photograph on the right side of the keyboard shortcuts, is found on the right side “however there is no use”, moved to the left, with “the left face look better” to cater for female consumers.

3. Thin design and the back of three color matching, vivo?

is different from the Nubian Z9 thick design, My Prague thin light, weight 144 g, the thickness of 5.5 mm. The word “thin light” is the familiar, plus, see the color design of three back, believe that many people will the vivo illusion, trance someone poking fun at vivo has even cry blind.

4.1799 yuan price, meizu?

Nubian My Prague classic version (2 g + 16 g + double 4 g) mobile unicom costs 1799 yuan. Do you think of the 1799 yuan, that’s right, hunting cloud network conjecture is 1999 yuan for the millet, unexpectedly, emulate the meizu directly on the price of 1799 yuan. Just MX5 with fingerprint identification, Nubian can to die is the continuation of My Prague Nubian Z9 “border interaction”, holding the unlock, holding two screenshots, bilateral slide to adjust brightness or sound, on the right side of the slide open the music, fell open, continuous sliding clear background, on the left side of the slide switch tasks are reserved. No continuation of “design without borders”, may be the price with it too.

the interesting thing is that before the dispute about “dot”, meizu chose concessions, from spirit’s blue note2 start using circular “waist” design, Nubian is back.

5. Nubian since shaft, mobile power supply, millet?

this time Nubian reference millet go the way of accessories “value-added”, since the shaft and mobile power 2 series, since the shaft is 79 yuan, mobile power supply of 129 yuan, thick OEM taste. And has missed accessories period of explosive growth, but not like meizu mobile power continuously jump ticket of two-way eyeball pen quick charge and so on, these two products are likely to become a few years ago headphones double, named “gift”. Nubian had brought the camera and filming stand before actually suit, is added, upgrade, also in line with the brand positioning. Since the shaft, mobile power supply has the, blindly follow suit, and no value. Cloud network think hunting a specially designed for women, full of artistic breath phone package (install) of cosmetics can be more in line with their own instead of tonality.

the place on put together is narrated, Nubian on the basis of continuation of their own advantages, as the fed can also, but also reflects the phones appearance is nothing more than “such a” helpless, if really seriously, it doesn’t seem that mobile launch oval or triangle, imitate the shadow will never exist. Need to point out is, of course, the introduction on the shaft and mobile power supply, using “imitation” too much, bead jade in the former, or subversion, or stop.

Nubian My phones parameters:

screen: 5.2 -inch 1080 p resolution screen

processor: qualcomm Xiao dragon 615

extension: maximum support 128 gb memory card

battery: 2130 mah capacity

system: based on the Android 5.0.2 system Nubia UI 3.1

camera: 13 million pixels (after)/8 million pixels (former)

support double card double stay, support fast charging function, 10 minutes to charge twenty-five percent of the battery.

classic version has been introduced above, price 1799 yuan. Elite (3 g + 32 gb + 4 g full netcom) $2499. This open global booking, booking channels including Nubian website, Nubian jingdong flagship store and Nubian experience shops across the country. Its world debut on July 23, 10 o ‘clock in the morning.

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