note: Planet Labs established the field of satellite startups is less than 5 years, in addition to the financing have accumulated nearly $200 million in gains, the rapid development in technology, in addition to reasonable management strategy, its talent training system are inseparable, which is the trainee system. The concept of Planet Labs, perhaps, for the general startup recruiting experienced reference:

this beautiful – it is a day to send telephone satellite launch one day. Look, a big balloon with smartphones are slowly fly to the sky. That day, the Planet Labs (remote sensing satellite data start-ups) co-founder and chief technology officer Chris Boshuizen staring at the lift-off balloon slowly infinite joy in the heart, and he Shared the joy of success and flying device design consultant Ben Howard and improve the efficiency of mobile radio Mike Safyan. The three successfully proved that the mobile phone can also act as a small satellite, then on this basis, NASA has carried on the thorough research.

you could guess, however, the pioneers of the three space experiment two people at the time or interns. As the days went past, and now everything is great changes have taken place. Howard led a systems engineering team, manages all Safyan and monitor the transaction and send phones satellite launch complex spectrum licenses required. And Boshuizen, are looking for the next batch, as well as their outstanding intern to help them realize the value of life.

in the recently held the first round of the chief technology officer at the summit, he explained the Planet to everybody how Labs in internship programs help inexperienced interns growth for the company’s elite. During the meeting, he also share some related to search, training and retaining good internship experience, as well as a let things in a different key lessons trajectory.


in the first place, the number of full-time employees and interns must exist a certain proportion between the idea away don’t. If you have some very interesting work, and have the time and ability to guide newly hired employees at the grass-roots level, must not be stingy your experience and wisdom.

“for a time, half of the employees in our company is an intern, sometimes twice the intern is the number of full-time staff,” explained Boshuizen, “intern is very suitable for short-term projects, such as starting and running a project or a project to prepare – and, of course, in the process can also dig the potential talent and then they become the company’s core staff.”

after deciding how much hiring interns, you need to think carefully about how you for these positions to create a corporate culture. The Planet Labs interns don’t need coffee. They don’t need to spend all day all the time on the extra work it doesn’t matter, running errands or to staff a whim. If they decide to master satellite manufacturing and become the FCC (federal communications commission) policy experts, don’t force them to waste time on such useless trivia.

Boshuizen leadership internship programme is always abnormal high production and efficiency, which he has his own secret: it is very important to try to encourage intern tasks, and then give them enough trust, freedom and effective information to help them to get the final success.

“internship or full-time staff, when you tell them, ‘we believe that you can complete important tasks’ -, they will always do our best.” Boshuizen said. On the Planet in the Labs, even the interns, is also an indispensable member of the team, so they can always create amazing results.

if must I come to the conclusion that a key information, the – “ let your interns to participate in the depth of your core work in ” — – .

in the story of Alex Wen, for example. When the Planet Labs are manufacturing the first batch of products, the whole team is faced with a difficult task, need to be in very urgent time of endogenous output 30 satellites. When some key hardware delay time limit, the whole schedule pressure more it’s hard to imagine. “Production schedule have been delayed delayed again! We realize that we need a can help us to expand the size of the team.” Boshuizen recalls.

at the moment, he suddenly thought of the channels of cooperation is very pleasant intern before. “Our technical adviser completely can’t understand this behavior, he insisted that we (satellite manufacturing must be done by experts in design,” Boshuizen continued, “but our mind is made up. In this way, we find the Alex and several other interns to help us build satellites. We have prepared some software to guide them how to build a satellite, and then to Alex.” As a result, 30 satellites, Alex and his team to the ultra high efficiency production of 26 – also let those who questioned the interns take orally.

one of the keys to this model is to accept interns become internal team members, other team members can learn information, interns can freely access. Whether company plenary meetings or outside the company, where is the team members, the Planet where Labs interns will follow; When they are involved in a job, they also know all the information and other members.

“there will be risk.” Boshuizen also confessed. But as long as you are willing to pay a trust, there will be richly rewarded, from a long-term point of view every adventure is very valuable, especially when you want to intern developed into the company for a long time, you will find all the efforts were not in vain. “When you unreservedly share these interns will naturally feel your respect to them, trust and esteem, even if they just intern work has only just begun. My personal experience told me that they will come up with their own faith, is willing to pay extra effort, and constantly create extraordinary performance, in order to return the company.”

the secret of a wide net

hiring the same, intern hiring process costs more time is pressing. There is no any possibility of better late than never. If you plan to recruit interns, also hope that your project is a success, then you will have a good think about possible risks. Last year, the Planet of Labs a major engineer is responsible for the interns, then Boshuizen estimate the work cost her about two thirds of the work time, and lasted for about three months. This year, they brought in two special person responsible for hiring interns.

in at the beginning of interns, Boshuizen recommended design diversified important priorities. In the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, Planet Labs source of interns are mainly concentrated in Stanford and Berkeley two universities but they can also consciously nationwide search for a good interns to enrich their talent. Recruitment is a very good chance. Boshuizen probably calculated under each job fairs down he can receive 300 to 400 copy of resume.

but before you ready to go to universities’ tour ‘recruitment before, take the idea to elaborate description of your value proposition, make it more attractive. Do you want to make your recruitment fair is unique extraordinary, trying to attract potential intern to join your product development team. For example, Plant Labs is a company on their recruitment ‘Dove’ model of the satellite.

“put a real hardware products more effective than what kind of publicity are there,” said Boshuizen. But the change rules of the game, such as solution you must be aware – success attracted attention, and then to persuade the couple believe that they can also participate in this interesting and meaningful work. Then you take out a large number of cases and gripping story, told them what did intern in the past, what great achievement. These are your ultimate weapon. If you show them some project during the daily work of the photo or video – let them see the interns work live – that is the icing on the cake!

another of professional advice:

don’t accept paper resume directly in the fair. Not only looks the threshold is too low, but are you sure you don’t want to at the end of the job fair with a thick pile of resumes to go home to work overtime late into the night.

at this time, you also need to add a filter threshold. Ask your applicant in after passing the interview for the job fairs to submit a resume online. The advantage is that you receive these resume, while decreased significantly, but the quality has been greatly increased, the applicant will usually are clearly delineated in the resume their interest and purpose. In addition, through layers of screening, the rest of the applicants have a strong desire to join your team, at the same time you also narrowed the scope of the choice of many.

in the end, if you have interns by unexpected channels to find you, please accept, think carefully about their resumes. Remember this article at first Ben? He is the Planet of Labs project supervisor, when Boshuizen met Ben, he is just a video of the singularity university in silicon valley interns, various lecture recording processing school every day. But he majored in mechanical engineering, he is also very want to in this respect. Now has 75 satellites launched in his name, his record over most of the people in the world – Ben is arguably the Planet Labs incomparably successful talent mining. Ben’s deeds have confirmed a very valuable lesson: as far as possible much interaction with others, communicate meaningful dialogue, even if their position at first does not meet your requirements.

effective management is the key – if only for the summer internship

before you have been in the recruitment phase to interns depicts a exciting future – now it’s your turn to deliver on the promises of the original. If you have the resources and a stable project, then hire a internship coordinator is reasonable. If not so ideal, no coordinator will be better.

keep in mind that your intern is active and productive, is closely related to whether they have positive and mature experience – and the accumulation of this experience to a large extent depends on whether there is an influential and organizational skills in guiding them. After this can have a further discussion.

success to positive and handle all of a sudden influx of talent in almost every summer internship. The Boshuizen there are some Suggestions:

don’t take them as free labor. “Especially in California, you must pay the minimum wage. We always pay interns work reward, so you don’t mean they earned income, “said Boshuizen. In fact, the Planet Labs to intern pay much higher than the lowest level, usually around $27 per hour. “Compared to full-time employees, however, their salary is less. But you can have higher expectations for them, make sure they have better performance.”

for interns to formulate appropriate rules and regulations. Again, you need to manage each team new member no matter how long they will work with your team. It is thought that they also need a, at least, a new computer and a clean spacious space to get the job done, little also not all, of course, in complete their daily task in the process of the required tools and software.

generously accept unexpected cultural shift. If you hired a group of interns, summer interns from the same class, your office culture is likely to be affected by their common experiences. You can’t save for a rainy day, but when such cultural changes take root, enterprise culture of this collective friendship affect you will be more than one summer so simple. The Planet Labs, interns stay special culture is the public display of every Tuesday – the so-called “Tutu Tuesday”, which is a product last summer intern of mental work. Now most of the interns have left the company, but all the people in the company still remember their ‘turning, and still use these tutu!

“in the formation of a team and promote office culture this point, we found that the acceptance of interns and see them as a member of the family is very important.”

don’t let your efforts fall short. Paid the time and effort, your internship program is very likely to be a secret weapon, used for rapid expansion or solve product development problem, etc. In exchange, you should give them proper guidance, these was also you promised to give them.

before your internship has not officially began to practice, you should make sure that you have a clear guidance framework, and full-time employees of the team is also very understanding your expectations.

I know it’s a common failure mode is that when the intern teacher or supervisor left unattended intern no matter when, internship program will suffer eventually failed.

even if you are not aware of the danger signal in time, you can also keep communication between interns and unimpeded. “Regular inspection to ensure their project smoothly is very necessary, it is also a kind of attention and recognition for interns, makes them feel being value.”

for your company is looking for a future reserve talent

either directly verbally or with other ways of euphemism, “after the internship, can become a formal staff?” Is a lingering over every trainee heart problems.