editor’s note: speaking of internship opportunities will always be the pain of college students, the threshold is too high or run errands odd jobs, proper internships is I can meet but not forever. If you are anxious for internship problem, might as well take a look at this article, you know that a college student in startup of seasoning in the road.

Luke used now is the 6 th Man Apps, a help sports team to do a detailed analysis of startup) and founder of core developers. Looking back over the past four years, however, he is just blend into Detroit (mainly UpTo) between the startup of an intern. Currently, he is still at the university of Michigan students.

how to enter the startup

when I was 19, a start-up company completely changed my life, I’ve just finished reading a freshman at that time, the mistake is to obtain the startup UpTo internships to software engineering, is also a lucky. This is located in downtown Detroit company, almost time to accompany me to go through college.

it is well known that the startup of an internship is not seeking to meet. I to create UpTo the vc company had offered four times before and after the application, finally get this internship opportunity. My first two application is ignored, the third time was refused, until the fourth time success. In retrospect, rather than individual ability, I believe that move more UpTo is my cheek.

the first day of the internship let me unforgettable, especially that rose from the hall to the office on the third floor of the elevator. When the elevator with two other interns, so we started to chat each other in the school. Reality is to crack down on people, I to the left of the girls from harvard, the right of the male students from Stanford.

the lift to the three layers, for the first time in his life UpTo asked me to do the “dress”. If you have ever worked in a startup, then you must know. In short, I have to judge his post according to someone’s dress.

I don’t pass any details, because in my mind: developers often wear zuckerberg hoodie, designers love to wear bright colors of shoes, the salesman collared shirt, and the vc is generally outside the shirt suite sweater.

can be proved, I didn’t use these inherent impression, the situation is quite awkward. This is what I need for the first time.

startups that changed my life

when I got my first task, I completely meng, simply do not know how to start. My task is to draw a rectangle, and there are N scissors cut it right in. I almost no programming experience, let alone the iOS experience, but I didn’t give up.

that day, I learned a programmer required course, that is using Google. I took the picture good rectangular sent to all the friends, after all, I think only by themselves and the iPhone is unlikely.

on the first day of the UpTo even so bumpy, but also can yet be regarded as a wonderful experience. My working conditions than expected, the desk is only two feet from a senior iOS developer, so I can ask any questions at any time. I sat behind a foot forward the CTO, CEO of answering questions and a core designer. After every day, my knowledge is growing exponentially.

until the second Friday, I truly understand the essence of the startup.

present everyone believes in himself to topple industry, change the world of work and dedication.

the thing is, in 2012, held at Madison theater Detroit Venture Partners, a Pitch Day, start-up companies and investors from all over the world gathered in financing. The theatre was jammed, atmosphere is very warm. Sitting in a bad seat I was thrilled, because at the moment he is morphing into a singular man.

sell startup is an art. Marketers must persuade the investors, let them take out millions of dollars to his own company (most of them are at a loss). If sales process correctly, plus some buzzwords and slides, company can get the money. If action is not appropriate, the company will be notorious. This is a real test.

six pusher after his speech, it was time for lunch. In the meantime we and Mudgie Deli (Detroit) celebrities talk. When I sat down to eat lockwood sandwich, to review this interesting and strange scene: about 100 people gathered in here, in about 15 kinds of your company name and logo printed t-shirts.

ceos in T-shirt coat a sport jacket. This is one of the t-shirts rules between startup. In addition, other people will not easily give you his company’s T-shirt. Stop here, I swore not reveal the details.

at the end of the lunch time, I met a familiar face, but can’t remember where is seen. I looked at his T-shirt on the name of the company to think, finally I met him on the Shark Tank.

he nodded slightly, to me is like a passing friend. It made me recall high school PROM, I admire in the heart the girl waved to me. Well, a bit exaggerated.

is different, this time I understand his position – he can’t recognize me. Then I looked around, but found no other people, he is walking towards me.

he said: “UpTo, sounds pretty cool, what are you doing here?” I nervously stammer said he just intern, but not our conversation so far, but also exchange the email. This is my first interpersonal!

the market day is the first time I saw these people, their attitude towards their work can not be simply described as like or love, they are obsessed with it. Yes, obsession! Even if can not get a penny, they also will continue her work.

maybe you will feel that these people are crazy, but isn’t. They are enthusiastic, all of them believe in themselves as to topple industry, change the world of work and dedication. In addition, I have been infected this kind of idea and thinking.

in the weeks to come, my enthusiasm is still unabated. In the meantime, what impressed me most is a man who will not use UpTo. I was on a flight to Chicago, ms UpTo you are setting up next to me on her iPhone. Although I am not a drug addict, but I believe I see the way she use UpTo as psychedelic feeling absolutely with the drugs. Looked at her according to my button design, I design screen operation, that feeling… Words can’t describe it.

startup is worth a place you into the

objectively speaking, startup work is not always so romantic. Depression period is inevitable, such as after you have just issued an update, will receive email at 3 am, entitled “whole crash!” , the body for the application of “new version update let all users fell apart… “. Needless to say, the next second is set on HipChat open team, programmers scrambling to cope with own phones ringing and followed by the collapse of the report.

all in all, practice memory is unforgettable wealth in my life, although there are many embarrassing details, such as what I delete all the Dropbox UpTo the document.

about the startup work life, spend hours I could not say, if you’re not involved, must be your loss. Because startups is worth deeply among them, if luck is not bad, will not leave the place.


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