if the from all walks of life gathered together, form a big team, so willing to at the front desk coupled to a lot of “publicity”. Regardless of those glamorous little princess, the leading role of this article is testing certification industry practitioners and explorer “Internet +” – is there a test network.

“certification testing is a high margin of industry, the certification testing industry still has a lot of inefficient point. We must stand in the future time when layout now, rather than to be done now from the point of view of the future.” Have measurement network, the founder of Zhang Qiaozhong told hunting cloud network.

as the world’s first online trading certification industry detection of the electric business platform. Observation network to form a team last October, December began to web development, Chinese version website officially launched in April 10. : according to data released by the state inspection certification industry in China in 2014 deals reached 210.5 billion yuan, is expected to more than $257.4 billion in 2015, is expected in the next few years, the certification testing industry market will be showed a trend of rapid growth.

“in Tmall platform, 60% to 70% of the taobao clothes are inspection report,” Zhang Qiaozhong said: “we in online transactions, electric business platform as the breakthrough point, the future will also provide certification testing cloud services platform and data services.” Certification testing industry like many traditional industries, there is information asymmetry, channel closed status of industry: opaque; Service, satisfaction is low; Decision cycle is long, time is very difficult to guarantee; The high cost of mediation, the low degree of Internet information. So how to do Internet + through certification testing industry? This is a survey of problems have been groping for the.

a survey of the whole process of online trading is: online consultation, online comparison, online order, online payment, sending samples or on-site sampling, testing and report, online payment. All orders of tracking and monitoring to the certification process is highly transparent. Based on certification testing services, has a test network will also provide professional testing certification advisory services, the future is entirely possible involvement in enterprise product development, improve enterprise performance and product quality and safety.

Zhang Qiaozhong said: “now the production structure is 50% of the national laboratory, 30% of the private laboratory, 20% of the foreign laboratories. From the beginning of 2014, the original state-owned certification testing industry will gradually from the original mechanism, participate in market competition, industry competition will gradually increase. In addition, the recent national CCC certification has been gradually let go of, part of the test certification service prices are set by the institutions themselves. Trade openness and transparency is higher and higher, with observation network and the industry practitioners are good opportunity.

at present, the certification testing industry web site can be roughly classified into three categories: one is the web portal, to provide the most timely industry news information platform, such as in the network. BBS is industry, mainly is the release of the information and data communication, some industry certification testing network, for example, three are yellow pages class electric business platform, show information, do not step in and provide depth of services, such as I want to test network. With the net in online transactions, electric business platform certification testing industry, perhaps as ali’s journey, the whole trend of the development of the electricity, or specialized low-cost service team to build online transactions.

new rectification opinions have a survey of the future will notify the library and online FAQ consulting sector. Recent Chinese version 2.0 upgrade. Online English version in early July. In September, certification testing industry of cloud service platform is built.

co-founder Zhang Qiaozhong previously in the online travel business, intelligent hardware had three times the field, is in more than one technology website to open a column from the media. Core team members have 30 years experience in testing certification industry industry veteran, operations management, rich experience in the industry for decades. Currently has 11 survey of team members, this year will be expanded to more than 20 people. The team has won millions of angel investment forming stage.