note: hunting cloud Google in recent years as the world’s most cutting-edge technology to explore, are outside the search base on many layout, in the past for a long time recruited a large number of outstanding talents, while these talents with Google the platform to carry out a lot of crazy, even many project seems to be beyond the scope of business.

let’s simple look at outside the company is known to all the mysterious and departments of the project: reported by business insider, tencent technology translation:

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

1. Google X

Google X is the most famous Google company this two mysterious department, the department is located in a secret location in San Francisco, classified as than the cia, only a few Google senior master its specific situation. And the people who work in them is Google from other high-tech companies, universities and research institutes to top experts. Google said the department of research and development project is a long-term project, which involves the technology leading current levels even ten years.

media had earlier revealed that Google X has a lists 100 future high-tech creative listing, including the space elevator. At present, the laboratory by the astor – Taylor (Astro Teller) solely responsible for.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

2. Google ATAP (advanced) with the planning department of science and technology

Google advanced by former U.S. defense department DARPA with the planning department of science and technology research institute, executives, Google vice President of engineering reggina – Dugan, Regina Dugan) leader, is mainly engaged in many of the “black” of science and technology research projects. It is understood that the current ATAP produce a total of 11 projects, including a Spotlight may change the rules of animation Stories project. And Google ATAP department has very strict principles, namely, the researchers a total of only two years engaged in the study of their own, then it will be assigned to work on other projects, it is very similar and DARPA ways of doing things.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

3. Google glasses (Google Glass)

Google glasses there is no doubt that a product is best known by the department of Google X, the product hope to People’s Daily lives become more relaxed, comfortable, but the resulting privacy issues but let Google delays in vigorously promoting the product to the public. In January, Google announced the suspension of Google glasses project and order. But according to Google has disclosed the advertisement (Google, according to official recruitment page for Google glasses project team recruiting senior technical engineers) content shows that the Google glasses may soon return to people’s horizons, and even have entered the production stage.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

4. Self-driving cars

Google self-driving cars from their formal way I’m afraid there is a long way to go, but Google X sector in recent years has been in the spare no effort to promote the products to the world, and this project also received great attention from the outside.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

5. Google Internet balloon

Google’s Internet balloon project made significant progress in the past two years, the main purpose of this project is through the way of flying balloons to global remoter, temporarily unable to connect to the Internet Internet service area. And Google since 2013 began in New Zealand through the field test of the company’s ultimate goal is to make enough of the Internet is full of stratospheric balloon, thus to provide common cheap Internet access services in the world.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

6. Google contact lenses

Google X team members, said the department is always looking for new ways to detect the human body blood sugar levels so that instead of a blood test, the development team has experimented with a variety of body fluid to find more simple blood glucose detection method, the final decision in the eyes. Based on the introduction of Google, said this was still in the stage of research and development of smart contact lenses on integrated chips, sensors, and the antenna, it can detect glucose to analyze blood sugar level in tears.

although the lens is still in development stage, all sorts of function are not stereotypes, but for people with diabetes can be more than a convenient blood glucose detection method is very worth waiting for.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

7. Project delivery is Wing uavs

according to the British media, according to BBC news, Google X has been doing this mysterious department called Project Wing uavs express Project. Google has revealed that his conduct Project Wing the purpose of the Project is not only for ordinary users to send express, but hope to be able to be used to support the disaster areas, and in the case of a human and not a disaster area to send goods.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

8. Lift Labs

Google in 2014 announced acquisition of health technology companies to Lift Labs, Lift Labs will join Google X department in order to find the new methods to solve the neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. According to statistics, about 400 to 6 million Parkinson’s patients, the disease can cause et, leading to patient hands shaking, and Lift Labs developed product is designed in order to improve the quality of life of patients.

at present, the department launched flagship product for Liftware, this is a keyholder with a fork, spoon, stability handheld devices such as accessories. Liftware built-in sensors to detect the user tremor of the arm, and then to stable the handheld object, to help people with tremor disease diet and open the door.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

9. Makani Power

Google X sector in 2013 acquired a specially developed automatic Makani Power Wind turbine is installed on the company, and hope to be able to further research and development of the former star products – high kite generator (fizzy Wind Turbines).

10. Sidewalk Labs

Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) has said in the Google +, Google today set up a company called Sidewalk Labs in the new company, the company will focus on improving all aspects of city life. , according to a statement from the new company homepage Sidewalk hatch Labs will be dedicated to science and technology, and create innovative products. Moreover, the new company will be headquartered in New York, by bloomberg former CEO Dan doc rove (Dan Doctoroff) solely responsible for.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

11. The Calico

13 years in mid-september, Google announced the formation of a single anti-aging research company the Calico, and by apple’s board chairman and former Genentech CEO Art – Levinson (Art Levinson) at the helm. News is known, the Calico is a medical and health care company, mainly do research in human aging and related disease, its final purpose is to try to extend human life. Moreover, in order to maintain the Calico functioning in began to count the years, Google will continue to invest millions of dollars.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

12. Project Tango

Google unveiled for the first time in February last year Project Tango Project, the Project has developed an equipped with series of cameras, sensors, and smartphones prototype chip. Reported that the prototype function according to the user’s movement to create the environment of 3 d map. Such three dimensional modeling function can be the foundation of a variety of applications, such as in a large shopping center and other indoor space navigation provide direction or to help users find a shop or an object, etc.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

13. Project Ara

Project Ara is Google ATAP sector a key Project, its purpose is to hope that through open source hardware to develop a can highly modularization smartphone. It is understood that the project allow consumers to choose, replace, or remove any components, including processor, screen, keyboard, battery and other common components. Consumers in the future, for example, can easily replace single fault or outdated parts to reduce electronic waste, and to prolong the cycle of mobile phone.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

14. Google Fi

Google Fi is a virtual mobile phone network service, the service will rent the existing wireless infrastructure network operators, and then as a service for resale. Moreover, users only need to flow to pay for their own use, no use of traffic fee will be refunded.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

15 Jacquiard

Google Jacquiard ATAP department project’s main idea is to help the fabric manufacturers to produce intelligent fabric material can control the smartphone. Currently, Google has some fabric manufacturers reached a cooperation agreement.

Google all its mysterious products division up the bottom

16. Project Vault

due to the recent hacker attacks have become more and more fierce, so Google hopes the Project Vault this Project to further protect user data. It is understood that the Project Vault is simply a piece of running independent security system 64 gb microSD memory card, the memory card is based on a custom real-time operating system (RTOS) run, and match with a set of perfect encryption scheme, Google hopes to let the user does not need to set extra steps can easily use the encryption solution.