Google’s map of Waze application in Israel launched its new application, this new application will Waze user and need to train workers matching , as Google’s traffic application Waze is home to a tel aviv about train concept of beta testing.

with the test RideWith hand is on the new transportation application, the application will need to train workers and matching with their drop Waze users, to meet the needs of both sides, and drive cost can also should be pay through it.

Uber saw don’t panic, it is not to take business. In fact, in terms of supervision mechanism, the application will be the driver’s daily passenger number for two times, and only the peak of commuting. From the application of the Hebrew propaganda materials, RideWith hopes to use Waze surveying and mapping technology to users and their neighbours or colleagues and matching route to the same population. At present, this service is limited to tel aviv extremely surrounding suburbs.

to Fast Company Waze revealed: “we are around tel aviv ‘carpooling concept for a small-scale beta testing. The project is still in implementation, we periodically to try new ideas, but the specific related content is not public.” The project since July 6, it is predicted that eventually the turnout is expected to reach thousands of people. It remains unclear whether the project testing scope will be extended to other countries.

Waze acquired by Google in 2013, priced at more than $1 billion.

at present, RideWith applied only for the use of Android users, there is no iOS version of the program.


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