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the world is full of curiosity is the nature of children, everything is touch, see is their way of learning about the world. Believe that we’ve all seen or felt before children “hundred thousand whys” mad bombardment. In fact, in the face of all this, we do not need to explain too much, just to give them guidance and tools, they will get in practice their own answers. Today, cloud network introduction mirror, hunting is the tool that helps children to observe the microscopic world. The raise is jingdong. After the raise of price is in 259 yuan to 259 yuan between.

is the microscope, but pay more attention to the microscopic world

mirror is a can take a picture of a portable microscope. The core function is convenient to observe the microscopic world. For this emphasis, mirror team did a portable, high accuracy of microscope. In addition, they also do the common things in daily life in the form of microscopic slides, can see through glass the microscopic world of daily life.

glass is a key part of the microscopic world. To this end, the magic mirror team selected the insect wings, legs, insects, insect mouth of nine kinds of a total of 45 pieces of glass are part of the microscopic world. Selected standard is common, interesting, special and representative. In order to make slides more delicate, team also on each piece of glass on the edge of the eight sides chamfering processing, even for glass glue inside how much were conducted. In addition, in order to make the lens of more clear, the team is customized design and processing to label, use transparent label paper reverse printing, stick on the opposite side of the glass, at the same time, in order to make tags more children, the label paper of different categories of slides with obvious distinguish colors.

of the lens, set strict requirements, do small and exquisite

mirror the magnification of around 200 times, 90 times thinner than a human hair can be found objects. Such precision every detail of the lens have very high demand, optical lens, fixed lens fixed steel and the distance between the fixed glass sheet steel, the error must be ensure the plus or minus 10 microns, within the scope of the error is not more than one over ten of a human hair. Mirror of the production process requirement is very high, therefore, in order to ensure the quality, the core component of the mirror is produced by partners in Taiwan.

in addition, the design of the microscope stage is very exquisite, put on the slides, using magnetic steel clamp fixed slides, the microscope stage lighting Lantern Festival lights up automatically, provide the light microscope. Thus saving the power, let 2 button battery can use half a year to a year.

is simple, easy to carry, let the children play outdoors overweight no longer afraid of bag

people have some curiosity, the microscopic world, however, for glass table, objective and eyepiece fine adjustment to the use of the microscope slightly trouble. For the convenience of use, the magic mirror to the above steps to do a lot of simplified. Use mirror, just put the camera on the mobile phone lens, then put the glass in on the carrier glass table, used with magnetic clamp holder, can use the phone’s camera to observe slides. It is worth mentioning that the mirror also can like enlarge images, zoom in to any part of the glass, and can record the contents of the observed.

the mirror of their positioning are gifts for children, so more on detail design consider the feelings of the children. For example, children can hold in one hand and lenses clip; To facilitate the children to play outside, the team also designed a beautiful and strong and box, receive the microscope and 45 piece of glass inside, let the children can watch anytime and anywhere interesting small world.

plans for the future development of

reference to the future development, the founder of the magic mirror Peng Rencheng said, will be around the core of the microscopic world, one is the need to make microscopic world more enrichment, making different kinds of glass, let the children can see a new microscopic world constantly. Second, when the magic mirror to sell a certain amount, will gradually operating online microscopic world community, but form, may be a knowledge platform, may also be a children toy electric business platform.

team introduction

mirror group was founded in 2013, including the zhuhai team and the team in Taiwan, at present a total of 10 people. Founding team including Peng Rencheng founder and book SAN Lin, and the other three strengths, co-founder of in different fields. Peng Rencheng worked in cheetah move as technical director.