(text/Liu Sijing)

pointed out: China electronic commerce research center monitoring data in 2013, China’s catering industry O2O market scale reached 62.3 billion yuan, is expected to 2015 Chinese restaurant O2O market scale will reach 120 billion yuan. Level in the face of billions of the size of the market, “Joe rice food and beverage management system” can be the excellent food industry transformation of the election?

Joe m catering management system is a set of food industry in the field of Internet solutions, vertical industry WeChat end as customers order, line entrance, through the background to help businesses realize customers, employees and the management of the industrial structure. Product features embodied in the following aspects:

member system: each end user B corresponds to the public has a unique ID number, C end customers through public consumption after upgraded to B end members.

sales system: is divided into takeaway, reservation and shopping mall and B end user can check received the order in the background.

store system: up sales units are available at each branch and each functional data, store and independent operating member management, order, delivery, queue, etc.

data system: automatic save the c-terminal behavior analysis of sales data, data, data.

the game system: C end customers waiting in line when waiting for a meal by WeChat public play all kinds of small game, the game scores can be uploaded to the data by the system to the member integral system.

queue order payment system: including the remote station to station, Pad order, a key of undelivered, micro letter to pay, etc.

li bo, said Joe m businesses catering management system with the customer, the six modules to solve the customer operation between merchants and the problems in the process of dining, forming a closed loop, expect to solve high labor costs, low efficiency in traditional food and beverage industry, customers queuing time is too long.

li bo convective cloud network, said: “the merchants do not need to worry about the problem of using, within 5 working days after the delivery company will use to store coaching related personnel, and provide businesses with products brochure with functional modules and operation guide.”

competing goods, hunting cloud network previously reported “” is a both B and C side free meal management system, for the customer, the front desk order, kitchen reaction, managers have the APP and online editions of terminal, the product is relatively simple to operate. Another product “big mouth” is a created businesses catering management system, to provide one-stop solution from order to pay, and the customer the operation must be completed on the App.

li bo, said Joe m catering management system with the membership card as the core in all types of services, real-time tracking WeChat open interface, update better experience for consumers. Since online membership points of consumption, accounting for 30% of the total save roughly a quarter of the human cost, a day long pink number 150-200.

now, Joe meters is to earn profits by selling system, and develop the advanced payment module, open advertising function, game modules paid in also in the profit pattern of the future plan.

the next stage, li said it will develop the advanced module, and participate in the offline salon catering industry, mining potential cooperation customers; In guangzhou and the surrounding areas, after radiation and other areas have a certain user groups to develop their own B2C products.

it is understood that Joe being online has won 4 million angel rounds of investment, A round of funding in the works.