June 11 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

blue pavilion set potential strategic investment of $77 million, investors in China Shanghai listed company of zhejiang aokang shoes co., LTD. (aokang international), the deal by huaxing capital as the sole financial advisor. Lanting collection of potential (Lightinthebox) is China’s integrated supply chain services online B2C, the company has a series of suppliers, and have their own data warehouse and long term logistics partner.

piano teaching O2O star shop for C $20 million round of funding, led by jia royal fund, suitable for capital and blue ventures with pitch. This round of funding will be mainly used for off-line experience store development, supply chain optimization and transformation from chain training institutions to education for all-around development platform. Star shop through online booking, offline experiences and come to 1 to 1 teaching piano teaching service for the users, and the door for children 1 to 1 teaching and small class piano course for adults.

tutor O2O crazy teacher $20 million B round of funding, the wheel by tencent alone. Crazy teacher is a vertical K12 extracurricular counselling O2O platform, through C2C model docking teachers and students, disintermediation.

city freight and logistics speed fast dog shipment grade tens of millions of dollars for B + round of funding. This round of funding including MFund magic amount of fund before 91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin, PPS, founder and worked at Google China serial entrepreneurs, as well as the current shareholders renren Chen, etc. With pitch. Dogs quickly speed shipment from Hong Kong, is also called car software, fast dog speed is called the “truck”. Its model for docking on both ends of the driver and user, aimed at resolving the user special handling, pet furniture, business users cargo transport demand, the delivery of the goods.

red dragon ii> grade tens of millions of yuan for financing, the investor of shenzhen and the eastern investment co., LTD. The red Dragon the diffuse (Black Dragon) is an independent production start-up comic content.

social security net for A $4 million round of funding, led by the broadband capital, xuan, jiuhe venture capital and, 51 social security network dedicated to entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises to provide industrial and commercial registration, employment, social security management, business management, salary management, welfare management, and other services, effectively help enterprises to realize the employment risk prevention and control, artificial cost optimization and employee benefits.

office computer leasing is easy to point the deposit rent free 6 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor for HongTai funds, account for 15% of the shares. This round of funding will be mainly used for market development and asset management platform.

Chinese massage O2O to e palm angel round was 5 million yuan, from jiangsu WuJiu nine large investment institutions and Sue tiangong investment institutions joint investment, the financing funds will be mainly used for market development. E palm is a Chinese massage O2O door service platform, the platform in the massage teacher are professional certified and has many years of experience technicians.

focus on the office of the head and neck and shoulder massage nine brother millions angel financing, the investor is very serious funds and 3 w. Money will further improve the team and the technician supply chain structure of the building, Beijing, Shanghai and declared entering the market. Nine brother O2O based on micro letter to make an appointment the door massage service, located in office scene segment of head and neck and shoulder massage services.

foreign article:

language learning application Duolingo $45 million for a new round of funding, by Google Capital led, after investors are involved in the investment. Duolingo global users have more than 100 million. Many neighbors user interface and the design of the gaming can arouse the students’ interest in active learning, so as to keep active. Every step of the process of learning and users can be analyzed, based on the number of users can make the analysis of the huge amount of data to make highly intelligent and adaptability of the curriculum, tailored to each student education content.

tapping $24 million C round of financing, the Steamboat Ventures and Marker LLC. Tapping is a collection good advertising short video e-commerce sites, led by former Google executives Sukhinder Singh Cassidy founded, mainly sales beauty, fashion, and household articles for daily use.

Jott seed round of funding for $1.7 million, Lerer – Hippeau Ventures, Maveron Ventures, 500 Startups, Monashees Capital, Alta Ventures and angel investor Chris Michel are cast. Jott will the money used to do marketing, in the form of red net promotion target users or teenagers. Jott is a need to network can also chat instant messaging applications, through the point-to-point wi-fi and bluetooth personal LAN based mesh network, connecting users of 30 meters.

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