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what network founder Lin Donghong told cloud network exclusive hunting, acting on the network have purple glow Pre series A 10 million yuan investment, money will be used to build an effective management of upstream and downstream height scattered resources platform for the standardization and exit to play..

what network is a B2B platform for the outbound tourism product distribution, target audience is overseas travel products suppliers and distributors. Since foreign officially launched in July 2014, acting on the network product doubled in a year, monthly sales now has nearly 7 million.

what network short-term destination products for Japan and South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and the long-term in machine + wine, zero inclusive-fee many days tour, bet many days regiment tour price war areas, make no self pick up resources of upstream peer real-time hit real purchasing cost. The current short-term sales accounted for about 70% of the total amount of sales. Long term aspects, destination sales in Europe is the first of a long name.

what network currently has been working with nearly hundred new App. Mobile App is not only suitable for the needs of people walk while playing, and, more importantly, the future of the App will be targeted on the different segments of intensification of operation and service, so as to achieve small and beautiful state of the market economy.

what network in early this year began in the service of the upstream businesses T + site construction services, supporting the net or not have the capability of meshing upstream suppliers, and services. Acting on the network straight to the destination, explore the destination product production cost, and suppliers to discuss the production and service ability. Acting on the network at the same time for the upstream suppliers need technical support technical solutions, the first trial of merchants were directly provide registered domain name.

mature markets in Europe and the supply chain management performance is very excellent and frequent access to capital, such as the GTA, BEDSONLINE, etc. China’s tourism Internet pattern is subtle and profound changes, the flow of this change have to focus on products, content and technical service of supply chain management.

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