according to Analysys Analysys, a think-tank, analysis of China’s second-hand electric dealer market is now in the exploration phase, predicts 2016 used car online trading account will be more than 10% of second-hand car trading, second-hand electric dealer market will enter a rapid development of the start-up stage. And how to stabilize quest, a place in the used-car market is very important.

is committed to providing a used car online assessment of C2C auction trading platform “for Shared”, to realize win-win between buyer and seller of a used car online trading patterns of exploration for a long time. As early as in 2008, the founder of the “estimated Shared” znsoft work in the United States, based on the study of local used car evaluation system, combined with its number of “high price” buy second-hand experiences, hoping to set up a platform of disintermediation, in order to circumvent the second-hand vehicle transaction information asymmetry problems in, to provide users with a professional third party online assessment.

“pure assessment one is no way to profit, secondly, the user’s demand to existing assessment after buying a car, ‘estimated Shared based on the evaluation system platform to achieve the transformation.” “Estimated Shared” marketing director Yao Weilong said. In 2014, “estimated Shared” formally transformed into building used car information, evaluation, comprehensive trading platform. Now “estimated Shared platform number of users has reached 500000, site daily assessment ten thousand times.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, “estimated Shared” used car online accurate evaluation system based on the market clinch a deal the real data, using the method of “replacement cost method and the current market price of” combination of evaluation methods and the real-time data set +/non real-time parallel combination “mode of data processing, and real-time dynamic correction coefficient correction, introduced according to the market changes, in order to realize the precise assessment of the value of used cars, at present this system has applied for a patent for invention.

by “estimated Shared,” selling cars simply login web site or telephone to make an appointment to apply for, “estimated Shared” staff will arrange vehicles real-time detection. Shared by then, appraise the joint city, the China quality inspection association launched all electronic testing services in perfect condition, and provide test report, “estimated Shared” will be set according to the evaluation results after negotiating with the seller a reasonable bid price and bidding, and release the information to estimate “Shared” platform.

and for the buyer, “everyone can be a clap guest”, users can directly transfer after auction clinchs a deal. In order to ensure that used car auction go smoothly, “the buyer must pay a certain amount of deposit before bidding to avoid accident case such as bidding up the price or auction invalid.” Yao Weilong said, “for Shared” for each auction used to do quality guarantee, and provide quality assurance services.

competing goods, every car, all car used-car C2C trading platform with the major pricing way of selling, and optimal letter such as between a big platform for auto dealers live auctions is given priority to, this kind of platform are done more mature, the market share is bigger. Yao Weilong said, “for Shared” the still focus on guangdong region of C2C auction type second-hand car trading patterns, to gain a foothold and then to other considerations.

Yao Weilong admitted that money and quality options to develop is estimate “Shared” at present the development of the two big difficult problem, at the present stage formally launched A round of funding, will be mainly used for the next step of platform of business development and promotion.