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software market particularly busy recently, Uber China plans to raise $1 billion m, drops announced a $2 billion, shenzhou car also announced $250 million in financing. The domestic market a war about the future of the urban traffic is in full swing. Some such as clicks carpooling, 51 cars, mainly in more niche areas as a supplement, occupy the market. Hunting cloud network found in application market has just launched a software – down to the car.

is suitable to by Beijing to software technology co., LTD launched a lift. Suitable to the Slogan is “free riders, swap miles”, the Slogan of free not public thinks to use free of charge, although need not pay cash, but you need to own mileage swapped out.

what is the mileage? Is suitable to the application of a unit of measurement, 1 mile is equal to the economical in real life (1.4 1.6 T) displacement car road 0.5 kilometers. According to difference of car types, suitable to set a budget, comfort and luxury, business type, the same way, models, the better, the exchange of the more mileage.

the users of the range is from where? Users can register, real-name authentication way so as to obtain suitable to give a certain amount of mileage, in addition to this, can only be achieved through carrying other passengers. This is equivalent to the user side can carry other users to get mileage, and also can use your own mileage to free riders.

in addition, the mileage can exchange gifts and mutual authentication between the user. It is not as good as traffic flow in the bank? Yes, there is a driver if the user’s home, and all he can get mileage family Shared.

drops off and Uber is rely on most of the subsidies to attract the owner, after the subsidies end whether there will be so many car owners to continue using the software is hard to say. Grab a single tick is a full-time driver, ordinary owners is very difficult to get order is common. And suitable to use the mileage exchange, does not involve cash, both contain malicious brush single behavior, and avoid the full-time driver take single common owners without embarrassment. Of course, as for to can imagine accepted by users have yet to be given time to work.

suitable to the founder and CEO wu haitao, yili and nestle senior marketing manager, ten years after the serial entrepreneur, eight years in February crossover founded shun to; Co-founder road long all was the founder of the cutting marketing theory; The CTO zhu has ten years of computer technology and electronic business related experience. From February to plan for the company, to form a team, members of a total of 11 people at present.

go to the App launches on July 10, 5 world capacity of nearly 1000, four hundred and fifty certified. In the early promotion in Beijing zhongguancun as point, through the user data analysis, to other parts of the radiation to Beijing, in point of attachment, gradually expand the coverage throughout Beijing.

to subsequent owners held some offline activities, such as short road trips, etc.; Launch use mileage for parking and other associated with the owner actually convenient function; Suitable to the company by the mileage for the raise, so long as has the mileage, can be suitable to the company’s shareholders, after the raise some mileage can be returned to the suitable to the company, get the cash.