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the classification of the customer relationship management or CRM has multifarious, embodies the large capacity of CRM tools in the field of enterprise collaboration has been big enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprise market belongs to a piece of blue ocean; Secondly the concept of social CRM future character belongs to the field of CRM. Social CRM has two main aspects: Social media marketing and Social enterprise collaboration.

user management based on this direction, the serial entrepreneur utek cisco has created a social collaboration tools Pushsale for small and medium-sized enterprises (smes).

Pushsale adoption of H5 mode has created a precipitation in view of the small and medium-sized enterprise customer information and customer mining social CRM applications. Through WeChat public number directly into the application, application for specific tasks and organizational relationship built within the group and members convened, complete the collaboration capabilities. Self-built group, USES the level 3 management system, group manager, group leader and team members, everyone can see the task information group, but only the team leader can release information, to protect the customer information to team members at all levels at the same time the access layer.

Pushsale group is the biggest bright spot of maintenance is not only based on the organizational structure, but you can join this group task to help members of the organization. By Posting recruiting for this project will help to recruit professional talent, at present still need further communication before joining to ensure information security.

for a CRM product, Pushsale extensibility and flexibility are relatively good, but the integration to be extended. Future products will continue to keep the iteration, increase the statistical analysis function, through this month group activity, including speech, discussion and new customers to join us for integrated rating of the team. By the score ranking to make guidance for the next step work.


the fee is free within five, five by five cents per person per day, outside groups relative freedom, can keep information for a project to form a group of precipitation, can complete the project group after dissolution.

Pushsale is utek cisco’s research and development of new projects. Utek platform have rain all over the world, cisco SATonline, etc. The founder, said utek cisco hope in product grinding basically completed capital help products faster operation.

despite the current market there have been many such as enterprise collaboration across pin guest, eight hundred guests, the judgment this, sales to competitors. But the judgment of this tend to be based on the corporate organizational structure in service, eight hundred guest deep ploughing in the field of CRM for many years, has its own system, but rather complicated to operate. As the foundation of CRM products in the direction of social transformation, to small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation sharing pushsale still have a chance to break through in the lightweight market success.

financing, Pushale currently need an angel round investment 2 million yuan, is expected to sell a 10% stake. Mainly used for expanding operations and marketing channels, expand operations team.