25 July (word/Yin Zixuan)

in the 1880 s, Charles Hull invented the world’s first 3 d printer, must not think of today’s 3 d printing technology has been applied so widely. Both medical and health care, aerospace, military and construction industries, we can see 3 d printing in which active posture.

“cloud factory” is a 3 d printing is deeply influence, will be offline resources integration to the cloud small batch products online ordering platform. While their business content including 3 d printing, hand processing and mechanical processing.

the cloud of 3 d printing factory more than user base for colleges and universities, research institutes and various types of the development of the company. Three service content is aimed at different points in a company for research and development manufacturing: the development and manufacture in the front end of the link, with 3 d printing model to help clients better development and display; Hand processing, is developed in early to one or two samples; Machining is determining the production of the product, the company cloud factory contact factory, provide them with the batch manufacturing services. And users both in research and development stage, or is later batch production period, all could be done on the cloud factory production.

why did you choose this pattern? Li Qin tell hunting cloud network founder, “university when she was exposed to the 3 d printing project, have some knowledge of it, in the choice of the 3 d printing and Internet startup mode of combining. Processing and manufacturing resources are scattered at the same time, this will let the customer in 3 d printing, hand processing and to later when machining difficulty to find manufacturers, we decided to do such a one-stop service.”

Li Qin is a serial entrepreneur, is a former trade and the project of 3 d printing equipment, this is his third start a business. COO zhang bin with rich working experience in manufacturing enterprises, and several techniques are not only have rich development experience, and is familiar with processing and manufacturing industries and 3 d printing.

why mention user choose cloud factory, rather than his scattered to contact manufacturers, Li Qin said, “and small factory cost above, we can achieve long-term cooperation, so the platform to get the production is lower than the customers to contact. Secondly, in terms of waiting for the cycle, normal production is need to row of single, we cooperate with many manufacturers, well arrange production time for the user.”

in terms of competing goods, many entrepreneurs to look into 3 d printing field, makes every effort to seize this full of potential technology. Whether 3 d printing equipment agents, 3 d or personalized design platform is a simple 3 d printing platform, more and more frequently appeared in our field of vision. The future Internet supplier factory is focus on supply chain, 3 d printing skills has been very adept; Beijing billiton launched three di network in the form of a third party platform for the designers and consumers to provide personalized custom trading and docking, and through the offline efficiently realize the personalized intelligent 3 d printing factory customized processing services.

compared with them, to hunt Li Qin cloud network when it comes to his own advantage, “these are very good company, our differences is not just focus on 3 d printing, cloud factory include hand machining and mechanical machining, in the late we can connect customer care of the chain. As far as we know, there is no other platforms and cloud factory covers so many services.”

cloud factory in June, there are 400 + users and hundreds of cooperation manufacturers. Now factory does not charge any fee of cloud, but pay attention to the platform extension, the future they will like other electric business platform, the price difference to make a profit.

the cloud factory in September last year has got 2 million angel rounds of financing, a new round of financing is in preparing.