“Exclusive” mobile social financial “friend fei” finished 10 million angel financing

Today, focus on anonymous lending between friends mobile social financial platform “friend fei” founder hua-wei wang told cloud network exclusive hunting, has completed 10 million yuan angel financing earlier this year. For the purpose of this round of funding, hua-wei wang said it had in the team building, market promotion, new product research and development, etc. At the same time, is also considering A round of funding.

founder and CEO hua-wei wang has worked in China hewlett-packard co., LTD., standard chartered bank, proficient in Internet finance and wealth management. Founded in March 2014, micro cast HuiRong (Beijing) network technology co., LTD., founded “the world” – the first domestic [daily dividend] P2C Internet financial platform. This year, “friend fei” company’s creation, the App is launched on July 1. The team currently 40 people.

“friend fei” is a based on trust between friends mobile social financial applications, as a result of the associated mobile phone address book, user within the circle of friends, according to the working condition of circle friends, trust degree, daily behavior, personality habits, repayment ability, the judgment of the comprehensive factors such as income, according to their wishes to my friends define different credit rating (the highest line of credit to a single friend for 50000 RMB, can credit a combination of 500000), his idle funds through friends friends Fan Pingtai lend money demand, and can obtain a certain range. Committed to protect the interests of the lenders and also eliminate borrowers face problems.

users can fan App from friends friends circle, how many friends saw themselves as credit and credit amount, but does not know accreditor is which friend in the address book. When users need the money, you can ask their friends a loan offer, borrowing limit according to the level set by the platform to realize, if credit has never been friends before, the user can only borrow 200 yuan on the platform, borrowing and credit is closely relative to the number of friends. Borrowing period is half a month to six months, interest rate is 5% – 15%, according to oneself circumstance is set by the borrower. Also, the user can also in their cash-rich period, to their credit and loan anonymous trust friend. Anonymous credit, loan offer, lend invitation is “friend fan” has three major functions.

compared with the traditional P2P network model, friend van loan function innovation is a one-way anonymous and the integration of two-way anonymous mode. One-way anonymous or selected lenders to borrowers have had credit behavior, lenders can see the basic information of the borrower; Through friends and the borrower fei choose at least two lenders, which is unable to conclude that a friend lent him. Two-way anonymity is when the selected lenders to borrowers have credit behavior, lenders would not be able to see the basic information of the borrower; The borrower also don’t know who is the lenders.

in addition, yeepay friends fan using third-party payment platform to pay, borrowing money both users are in yeepay account, friend fan is not with money, for the user, which guarantee the safety of funds. When loan expire, “friend fei” will first message do remind reimbursement, if overdue for more than 72 hours, the platform will by lenders reminder, mistake on the platform website for default, credit behavior, release to the circle of friends friends “social bomb”, money in the form of legal assistance and security guarantees.

unlike previous credit mode of passive and complicated procedures, friends Fan Pingtai broke the previous banking or credit to an individual, financial benefits and costs of passive credit fixed mode. At the same time, borrowers and lenders can mutual credit on the platform, through the platform can realize the free agreed deadlines, etc. This free credit mode, enable lenders to get rid of the cumbersome process to improve profits, get rid of the high borrowing costs reduce the pressure of loan borrowers, from past two sides to turn things around “double kui” as a “win-win”.

when it comes to business model building, hua-wei wang said that when the user through the platform successfully borrow money, the platform will charge 1% – 1% service charge. In addition, also in lead user behavior at the same time as well as the income derived from social platform of value-added services, etc.


Financing evening news: YOHO! Group received nearly 100 million $D round, StyleSeat won $25 million B round of funding

(word/Zhao Zixiao) on July 15,

domestic article:

YOHO! Group for nearly $100 million D round, by the shenzhen fortune venture capital led, CMC fund of Chinese culture, capital with a telescope, and the original shareholders saif fund and investment and auspicious peak. YOHO! Nanjing is a trend category electricity.

O2O automotive electrical business car wind $500 million B round of funding. Car wind network is a Shanghai automotive electric business platform, committed to provide users with professional, transparent and efficient shopping experience. At the same time provide car after market service.

Dig goods

$80 million B + round of funding, the new horizon capital, transfer bridge investment joint capital group and the capital letter and a few rounds before the investor cicc, broadband capital, IDG, ignition and CDH with pitch. Dig wealth is a personal account hangzhou financial management platform, the main products are “dig wealth accounting financial management”, “dig money credit card housekeeper”, “dig money money housekeeper” APP. Dig in round B raised a total of $130 million.

Kitchen under the

$30 million B round of financing, capital brought by China, jingdong cast, with A round of investor zhi capital letter, lianchuang source continue to vote. Kitchen is a Beijing family food community, has gradually become the electrical contractor entry of food and kitchen utensils and appliances at home and abroad.

Fitness O2O combustion

won $15 million in financing. Combustion is a Shanghai fitness APP, can be a key to make an appointment course, sites, coaches, the user can choose to the nearest fitness place, at the same time can make an appointment for personal training.

to develop pharmaceutical won a $10 million investment, the investor is, the capital. Suzhou to develop pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a cancer drug research and development of high-tech innovation of enterprises, the company products include a new generation of inhibiting androgen receptors in development of resistance to drugs and used in the treatment of prostate cancer of breast, lung and liver cancer targeted kinase inhibitors, etc.

scenic treasure 30 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, treasure of the scenic spot is A Beijing based on map of scenic spot of tourists sharing service platform.

only repair the remit angel investment 10 million yuan, with magnetic system by Beijing investment asset management co., LTD. Wei hui is an Internet service platform in shenzhen, now from home appliances category, service projects include: installation, maintenance, maintenance, secondary processing, etc.

idareX 4 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor for IDG. IdareX dare to play sports is a cool Beijing vertical video community, combining with the online video promotion and offline coldplay activity, intended to make the Chinese version of GoPro coldplay culture.

Dr Images social product d figure millions angel investment, investors for matrix partners. Dalian medical chart is a diabetes health management as the core, committed to creating the most authoritative diabetes health platform, provides the high quality health management service.

zhongtian ka wah C round of financing, by the world’s leading private-equity firm TPG, everbright, Keytone Ventures led together, also in this series B investors kleiner perkins caufield & byers. Zhongtian ka wah is a financial technology service company, Beijing recently launched the industry financial planner professional services platform, “wealth”.

China media, the purchase agreement Raising nearly $10 m

China media with China Special Situations to sign a formal stock subscription agreement. China will be on common form of private media raise about $9.8 million. Depending on the media under the agreement, China will per ADS12.9 dollars ($0.645 per share of common stock) to China Special Situations to issue shares. After the completion of the deal, China Special Situations will hold shares in the Chinese media about 13% has become one of the major shareholder of China media.

foreign article:

StyleSeat $25 million B round, by Fosun’s Kinzon Capital led, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Cowboy Ventures with pitch. StyleSeat is America a hairdressing appointment APP, concentrate on to be a leader in beauty services market.

Zesty won A $17 million round of financing, the financing by Index Ventures led, raised Fund and existing investors Forerunner Ventures for refs. Zesty start-up companies is one of America’s health food take-away, employees of the other start-ups to San Francisco to provide a healthy diet.

MySmartPrice $10 million B round and round led by AccelPartners company, by HelionVenturePartners for refs. A comparison shopping portal MySmartPrice is India.

electric business platform Scratch won $3.6 million in angel rounds of financing, by the Bessemer Venture Partners, led, at NextView Ventures, Red Swan Ventures with shots, etc. Scratch is a connection of consumer and buyer electric business platform.

BreezoMeter won a $1.8 million investment, investors for health care organizations. Breezometer is the application of Israel a air quality detection, the use of big data provide relevant decisions.

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To take ba: airport shuttle bus can capricious, exclusive mode not only belongs to take a taxi

(/hua-guang li wen)

generally most of the airport is located in the suburb area, the traffic is not convenient, you want to get to the passengers downtown, only by taking a taxi, private cars, the subway and the airport bus to implement these vehicles; Due to the price reason, most people will choose to take the airport bus, but often can encounter were too little, time is not flexible, “to take the” trying to solve this situation, to provide users with services of high quality but low price custom bus service.

“to take the airport shuttle bus is different from general, there are the divisions of the fixed, missed will wait for the next car, it will make travel arrangements, according to the user plane arrival time people to the car to avoid the waiting time. At the same time “to take the” passengers will be sent to the specified destination, unlike traditional airport shuttle bus, everyone can only reach the location of the unified, for the passenger to reduce the unnecessary waste of time.

a huge potential market is the biggest driving force of the development of the custom bus. Hangzhou xiaoshan airport, for example, in 2014 the year xiaoshan airport market capacity up to 40 million ~ 60 million/year, huge market volume has given rise to “to take the” product. “To take the” puts forward the idea of “exclusive space” for an hour, will make full use of an hour’s drive time, cooperate with local businesses, providing information, commodities reservation and experience, etc. In this mode, the user can not only safe to arrive, also can receive information and experience to local businesses.

in addition “to take the” has struck a deal with a new energy automotive company in hangzhou, the use of new energy bus, cost only 0.2 km/yuan, models are divided into 10 and 13, full guarantee comfortable riding experience. At the same time to reach strategic cooperation with airlines, form the mutually beneficial and win-win situation. Step and “drops bus”, “best” and the airport bus, such as “to take the” low price, not only its additional services more ground, also can close to the user base, allows users to get their own experience.

team strength as well as the guarantee for project benefit. The founder of “to take the” package elegance graduated from zhejiang university, has 18 years of IT experience. The CTO jia and co-founder zhen-hua Chen also graduated from Beijing university and Shanghai jiaotong university and other famous universities, has rich experience in the IT industry. So “his” team to ensure the technical ability “to take the” platform. Tell hunting cloud network package elegance, “to take the” in order to avoid the risk of custom bus empty or operating at a loss, the team will by big data sampling and analysis for many times, make the bus dispatch system, select the optimal route and models are tie-in, also will integrate user mobile terminal, the real-time update, the optimal scheduling plan, on the premise of guarantee the user experience, the greatest degree of cost savings. And hangzhou airport transportation potential market share how the traditional at the same time take a taxi to customize how high is the acceptance and exclusive coach can seize the opportunity to share all eventually need market to tell us. Products for “to take the” word of mouth set, user acceptance, market promotion and speed of financing will be the next challenge.

“to take the” will be on August test in hangzhou, September, October, formal operation; BaoFengHua to hunt cloud network, said the company has yet to get financing, also has the intention of financing, capital obtained will be used for business development, technical perfect.


Startups should be announced when the seed round? Look at the arguments of VC


hunting cloud network (note: the author Jay Acunzo, vice President and director of platform of the current at NextView Ventures, worked at HubSpot, Dailybreak Media, Google, Inc.

we often ask: vc, market sales and public relations has anything to do with startup founder? Between the founder? But due to my marketing background (Google, Dailybreak Media, HubSpot), I usually very direct expression of this problem, the company should be announced when the seed money.

we are talking about recently about one has not yet announced the seed investment plan to market, so this problem again at NextView HQ internal caused a heated discussion. As a B2B software services company, the company will shift from will flow to investors benefit from the process of the important contacts and emails. But you want to get the purpose of the relevant traffic and drive the contact, when you make products should make these important mail contact, it is an effective strategy to create demand.

so, the public relations and should be considered when to start a startup financing for its campaign?

there are a few points below are need to know:

1. Remember that can’t eliminate your class D form.

because you have to fill out the form, you can look for those who often the media of information announcement of seed money to get advice, let them come the scoop on your message. Some lawyers to fill out a form in time also have different opinions, these also into consideration in your plan. Make sure you and your honest lawyer, because lawyer is indispensable partner when you want to financing.

from the Angle of partnership, if there is delay, founder of the financing intention, should take the initiative to ask them to delay. (or the case can also be used to delay.

2. Understand the different concept of capital announced.

Some general methods of measures:

(1) immediately announced and pass the enterprise recruitment and development information, timely understand other vc financing rounds of investment for the future trend, etc.

(2) and some other news (such as: product release, ace executives hired, brand design and market expansion, etc.) to announce. Finance information announced can further help release some other important news. For example, there is only product release may not get attention, but announced financing can attract people’s attention.

(3) if you want to keep a low profile on financing has sides (usually in secret financing model), the company had better to have some news or record of the public. This can help those who are interested in your partners, customers and talent to a better understanding of what you do, and for the future development strategy. However, this is usually not something you can control, in the field of start-up companies, there are a lot of about important partners to find the X company and never change their development track of the story, these are simply determined by coincidence.

3. Realize that the internal trade has much more than the external trade. (and, more importantly, you have to realize what will that mean for your company strategy.)

in NextView portfolio, we found widely in further discussing this topic announced funding is not a good customer channel. Mass media coverage that other marketing channels to try to work harder (as NatureBox co-founder said in an interview), financing pr hate direct response. Many start-ups to see other companies use print media feel very useful, willy-nilly, completely without considering the status quo want to follow suit.

remember to use science and technology media technology start-up financing, it is also questionable. Why is that? Because there are many similar start-up companies, is not always browse to your target customer base of science and technology news.

but if you have found the above phenomenon, believe me, that you’ve had a walk in the forefront. Before I did seven years in the field of digital marketing, to this kind of small facts so I have not been aware of you feel very strange. In Boston, for example, the local media like criticism of science and technology start-ups, marketing is very poor, but in fact, these start-ups just didn’t pay attention to the national science and technology media, they through other some feasible channels to create demand for the product.

4. When you announced financing, investors must take into account the

I’m not saying that you must mention they announced. I mean the financing is declared as a chance to let investors see you is how management works. These can surprise showing the founder of the operation mode. There is some system, considerate, but think too much also makes people worry. While others are relatively loose, they tend to be announced immediately. Vc can cooperate with entrepreneurs immediately after receiving the large data. For example, if we look at NextView, we can provide better support, determine method and the relationship, at the same time can also help foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, founder.

and I share the declared aim is not to write complete financing USES. They will be able to create your company for the website like Crunchbase ranges and investor consortium of public record. As a founder or employers, who gave you a pride for enterprise, it should not be ignored. But, as I listed above, I realized that the right financing declaring the framework and founder of the reasonable expectations can help at the right time for the right item.

the financing execution is strong media is closely linked with the success of start-ups. But the media is not early to drive the enterprise development. They are not produce huge demand channels. Unless you are smart enough to capture the mail and will make full use of the email, otherwise they will not help you generate the email contact list, will not promote or destroy the development orbit of a company.

in the end, it is about the relationship between the lesson, a lesson not causality. Good, the founder of even small things will finish very well.


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Paid consulting PGC Saihu platform, turning to the mainland market

(text/ dong also)

in the ant gold online help community platform “in place”, hunting cloud network also go to subsequent reports the online quiz program. sharing knowledge economy coming, knowledge in the human brain can “sell”.

hunting cloud network reported today Saihu is Taiwan’s entrepreneurial projects, products launched in November last year for the xiamen early investors invest hundreds of thousands of seeds. The next plans to raise 3 million angels to support project operation and promotion.

the mainland now with the new App has a lot of, and the different emphasis of each product. Saihu early on in Taiwan, the product has started in China. Although a lot of similar product idea with the mainland, the but Saihu with different route is the product positioning in the early internationalization, had been prefer to meet the requirements of knowledge flow.

founder, Carlos, Wang itself, and technology is from Taiwan, IBM team founding team members mostly serial entrepreneur, respectively from IBM Taiwan, Dr Jiaotong university (Taiwan), as well as the well-known advertising agency. Carlos told cloud network, hunting is Saihu prefer to solve the user’s daily needs. Now platform belongs to the PGC mode. early in order to ensure the quality of service, the platform of the master review and packaging. For users, the master is a sale of goods, in order to guarantee the quality of the goods, and will to the master control platform.

Saihu is PGC mode at present, and future platform can increase the UGC content. And on the state of charge, Saihu platform rate is determined by the platform master, Saihu do not interfere. “Master” existing Saihu diversion flow and the user and the current Saihu users more than 1000, and a high percentage of paying customers.

Saihu decided to mainland area expansion, mainly considering the mainland payment system perfect, fast, and the knowledge economy development team background advantage in international market entry point, etc., can let this advisory services through the line on knowledge sharing behavior, and make the platform of the both sides will make a profit.

to profit, now Saihu profit comes from the smoke, each order will be perfect more value-added services, users pay charge must be the master of process, in addition to the fixed operating costs, also contains later after-sale service, this also is Saihu present a bright spot. virtual product to ensure after-sales service. The teacher has no real solution to the problem of the user, so the cost will be provided by the platform to refund services.

in summary, the present stage of Saihu is an online paid consulting platform, or a more abstract said, is a knowledge of the electric business platform. Carlos plans to establish a similar future human brain search platform of taobao. About the future market, founder told cloud network: hunting Saihu go is the international platform, in mainland China now development to attract more users. It is also a Saihu with other paid q&a platform of the mark.


Exclusive: maintenance services platform “” only take 10 million angels

(text/Liu Sijing)

recently, only repair the remit co-founder Zhou Qiao exclusively to hunt cloud network, according to repair the transfer has been completed in June 10 million yuan only angel round, invested by Beijing with magnetic department asset management co., LTD., valuations are nearly hundred million.

Not Vipshop, this is “wei hui”. Although the pronunciation on there but the industry is very different, wei hui is an Internet service platform, currently from home appliances category, service projects include: installation, maintenance, maintenance, secondary processing, etc.

when a user in the wei hui’s website or user WeChat aboard the public after the repair, the system will according to the geographical location, the repair type, the user to select automatically optimize the assigned technician door-to-door service, and can monitor and track all after-sales service process, and the final validation completed evaluation of services by the user. Only the link set up after-sales service of nearly 100000 SKU data standards, to ensure service and accessories price is transparent to the user.

only collect online in May this year, at the end of June, nearly 200 technician to join. Only repair technician team into cooperation technicians and part-time technician, technician should be filtered and professional training to mount guard. Cooperation technician has the stable work order number, part-time technician can use their spare time order, when it comes to part-time technician may appear problem, co-founder Zhou Qiao said: “for part-time technician, we will set up reasonable and sufficient reserves, in case of order no one accepts the case.”

in the traditional service industry, electrical home appliances after-sales existing pattern has two kinds: “users, distributors, manufacturers, network – technician” and “user, maintenance network telephone, and technicians. This two patterns will cause problems: service chain is too long, intermediate service disconnect, interest intercept; Chaos to offer to the customer, maintenance process problems; Technicians work order is not stable, lack of service consciousness.

Zhou Qiao think, compared with the traditional industry competitors, only collect more emphasis on user experience and services, services more; At the same time, the decrease of the intermediate links, not only reduce the user cost of after-sale also increase the income of technicians. For the Internet service industry, fix the hui do not only simple work order information docking, more emphasis is the user experience is given priority to, home service for the user.

co-founder Zhou Qiao is a serial entrepreneur, who founded the 52 pk (vertical network media), shows a time machine, pipi elf (the largest since the media service provider). According to hunt cloud network understanding, wei hui team existing 30 people, is still under expansion.

at this stage, only collect will not charge any additional fees to users, users only need to pay the cost of technician repairs and accessories. Future wei hui plan in value-added service and a lot of cash flow and other business profit targets.

it is understood that wei hui is expected in August in Beijing, professional client App will launch and put into use, and will be in the original services on the basis of strengthening investment in maintenance, cleaning and other value-added services and construction.


Bali charm is travel not only, still hatching technology start-ups

note: hunting cloud Indonesian resort of Bali island has become a destination for many Chinese tourists, but as an “incubator” label is also being known, become a technology business hub. At Bali has established several business incubators, and beautiful natural environment and lower cost of living has become important factors of Bali to attract entrepreneurs. For CNBC reported under the full text, the tencent technology translation:

tropical paradise in Bali, and entrepreneurs have not easily on holiday, but devoted himself to the dynamic technology industry. In Bali, entrepreneurial ecosystem is booming, and lower the cost of living and beautiful natural environment has become an important element to attract entrepreneurs.

located in Bali a E-mail client startup Mailbird CEO andreas, bill lu (Andrea Loubier) said: “with the development of the remote office, as well as the entrepreneurship center blossom everywhere, Bali island has become the ideal location for business.”

to finish college and work in the United States a few years later, bill lu to Asia looking for opportunities. In Bali, lu bill met Michael Boyd Carl (Michael Bodekaer), who was the founder of the Indonesian business incubator Livit. Under his invitation, bill established Mailbird in Bali, and it is also the first time lu bill from scratch to create a technology company.

office infrastructure, sharing, and ecological system

in the past three years, Bali IT infrastructure development is very fast, IT has attracted a growing number of Internet service provider (ISP), and built a bigger optical fiber network. Bill lu said: “there are many Shared office and entrepreneurial projects, to encourage the development of science and technology start-ups.” For example, Livit cooperated with many many entrepreneurs and startups, give them guidance and professional resources, and in the southeast of Bali 6 villas provide office space.

another startup is Labster for success. This education of science and technology company is located in Bali in 3 d animation to demonstrate the life science, help the students to complete the lab hands-on operation.

Livit ecosystem is very unique, this is actually a incubator projects to work together, live together. Entrepreneurs all requirements can be satisfied, and they only need to focus on their own projects. It can be seen as a job while entertainment projects, and the entrepreneurial teams will receive expert guidance.

in Bali, and many other Shared office space also hope to build the environmental friendly to technology start-ups. They will promote the entrepreneurial spirit, to help people build business network, and through the weekly activities and meetings to promote discussion. One of the Shared office space Hubud holds a startup weekend “Bali” activity. This activity for 54 hours, and its goal is to find a powerful business philosophy, and through business development plan to promote.

office space, or a place for a vacation?

Hubud culture art center in Bali, ubud, has more than 250 members, is one of the largest share in local office community. If see Hubud office building, so are likely to think it is a resort. “Office” is capacious, the original ecological villa, overlooking the paddy fields. Here provides a conference room, organic coffee, swimming pool, and stable Internet connection.

Hubud claims that perfect work/life balance methods can help entrepreneurs to improve efficiency. Official website announced that Hubud held some activities to help people improve the focus and innovation ability, and other activities to help people in deep relaxation.

Hubud founder Peter theo (Peter Wall), said: “in other places, I am unable to achieve such a high efficiency. Here has an incredible innovative energy. What seems to be all in the development of some, creating some what. This infectious.”

he thinks, to improve efficiency in Bali is very easy, whether or household issues may start to build a company, you can get the help of others. Wall riding a scooter, usually through a have many monkeys in the woods came to the company, and only two minutes to walk. So the traffic is very convenient, and full of fun.

lower entrepreneurship and the cost of living

in Bali, low start-up and the cost of living is another important factor to promote science and technology entrepreneurship.

according to the global data aggregation service Nomadllist.com provides information, cost of living in ubud Shared office space, the cost of living is about $1060 a month. And if you want to in the resort town of west palm beach, Florida, get the same quality of life, so the cost will reach $2533 a month.

Livit managing director Christine weddle (Kristina Vider) said: “in Bali, you can own company on its own development, at the same time, living like a king.”

due to tourism is a pillar industry to Bali, so very mature infrastructure related to tourism. Here has a world-class hotel, restaurant and SPA, and organic cafe, volcanic activities and yoga on foot. All this makes the Bali is not only an attractive vacation destination, is also an ideal place for foreigners live, work and entrepreneurship.

Strategic positions


as an island province, Indonesia’s Bali has a very advantageous strategic position, to draw from Jakarta and bandung IT talents, entrepreneurs and investment. These areas at present, already has a mature IT infrastructure and investment. Moreover, Indonesia’s vast potential market and promotes the development of Bali startups, and here can also be a springboard to start-up companies to develop the Asian market.

for the birth of innovation, the Bali may be an ideal paradise, but if startups hope to grow, there are some limitations.

Gartner research director yana darma, sheila (Yanna Dharmasthira) said: “the need to retain and attract more of IT resources, Bali and other Indonesian city and the city to establish good business relationship, provide competitive customer service, and give them support.”

she said: “from the point of physical geography, Bali, relative to other cities in some remote, travel expenses from Bali, also need to consider.”

if you want to become a “silicon valley” of Asia, Bali, there is still a long way to go. For technology entrepreneurs, however, in a picturesque environment, work, and also can enjoy the convenience of modern and small luxury, this is definitely a good thing.


Technology and capital strength fascinating, but the learning efficiency is the most valuable business


cloud network hunting note: so-called places all over the world, all for profit, all for , in the information age, science and technology, capital and market power of fascinating. But in the face of their own career choices, the truly successful person should understand that our most precious for our own learning efficiency, learning to create value.

today’s bubble economy in silicon valley it is easy to people involved in a distorted reality: shares, capital is low, house prices soaring, restricted stock units.

people refused to talk about another kind of “bubble” phenomenon, those who are 2000 years of the dotcom bubble economy hurt not to mention the was black and blue all over. In the new millennium, the power of technology the physical into the Carlota Perez said “stage of development of science and technology. At this stage, the enterprise from the construction of infrastructure, such as the interstate) into development of the application of the control system (e.g., Teslas).

there is no doubt that the past 15 years by leaps and bounds of science and technology are striking. Company will be the cost of new products to market down, at the same time, as long as it is suitable for the market products, the company can be rapid and efficient construction of its market value, make the product from the worthless to the market value of billions, seem only overnight. This unprecedented opportunity to close to the capital lead to science and technology talent competition, the top technology companies like hoarding missile “hoarding” software engineers, to meet the future of science and technology war.

according to naval:

in 1999, the release of new products cost: $5000000; In fact the computer users: 30000000.

in 2014, the release of new products cost: $5000; In fact the computer users: 300000000. The utilization rate of the dollar increased by 100000 times.

in the gilded age of science and technology, if we are out of the financial scene, look like a rapidly growing company, look at their own career, one thing is extremely dangerous.

company should put long 5 to 10 years, the field of vision so closely feast-or-famine financing environment and the amazing global economic news is the survival of the company must be. But from dimension of financial evaluation of their compensation and growth is problematic, because is too short-sighted.

because of man’s career for a long, all you get the most valuable business pay is not a competitive salary, a shares or Yoga – laiden welfare. If you only look at these short-term yields, this and you work in a big company work is not in the traditional would be any different. In fact, may be worse than that in addition to a special case:

is different from “normal”, working in a startup, you get the most valuable reward is greatly increased the efficiency of learning (ROL).

compared with your current salary or stock returns, your learning efficiency will make you more successful, because it let you learn to lead rather than backward. Give up office work “ordinary” commitment, catalyst, is you grow at the same time, by greatly improve the efficiency of study, your career path will be changed. To explain the reasons, we first define the ROL:

definition: the learning efficiency is that you gather the speed of the new ideas and ways to realize their value.

in physics, the speed of image is the relationship between the speed and direction. In this case, you find that speed (speed) of a new idea with you how to develop these new ideas have a direct relationship (direction). Discovery and development thinking of process seems to be in the form of code or drive growth, increase the learning curve slope is shaping the process, is in the process, you will be shaped by a comprehensive development of the “bad guys” marketers or market value is not high, rather than a meeting all day can get paid.

why, in my opinion, learning efficiency is the most precious of personal property, the human has the following three reasons:
Learning experience will produce compound interest.
in the diagram above, you may have noticed, on behalf of entrepreneurial learning efficiency curve are exponentially, and normal work and study efficiency curve is linear. Although it is very abstract, but it shows the important point: if you study efficiency is high enough, your learning experience began to produce compound interest. (translator note: financial, compound interest refers to the each after a pre-determined period, had the interest to join at the end of every principal, to calculate the interest on the next. So, on each interest-bearing period, the interest will be of a pre-determined period of interest-bearing principal, namely in the arm, commonly known as “compound interest”).

let’s a real-life example. Suppose you are a startup company marketing personnel, you find that by actively target company blog visitors, will greatly drive the registration of the company’s web site. You deploy your solution and produced a good effect. Then, you will be to develop a new way, you will by publishing high quality experts, to attract more people’s attention.

after you successfully expand your market crowd, you begin to shift method, the personalized registration page and publish images to attract visitors to increase traffic. This has caused a series of new ideas, you can simplify the registration form, add new employee training to reduce the conflict between with customers. The result of the cumulative effect is the registration of your company increased by 20%.

during startup, you may be in a few days will be experienced a lot of things. While you work in a normal company, want to get a new budget or let the manager to pass a budget, you might want to wait for a week. So you early otherwise very valuable ideas, just as the time gone. If you keep this learning efficiency for a long time, you miss the opportunity cost is huge.

learning is capital. some people think that money is the capital, but in fact, the learning efficiency will bring you more than money. In the face of the following two options, give you a check for $10000, or give you a find a lot of new ideas and a chance to work in reality or Dropbox, which one would you choose?

there is another way to think about the benefits of learning efficiency: the present value of the money is low, especially when the interest rate is 0%, you get from the money never compound interest income more than you learned.

so, when you face a choice, a salary of $5000 start-up, the other a salary of $100000 on the brink of destruction of the company, do you want to believe that you will thank you later choice at that time, at the expense of his half of the salary for you 3 to 5 times the learning efficiency. Learning efficiency is in a startup you get the most valuable asset, because whether it is for your personal or for company, it is a desire to create their own long-term value of carriage.

study has no end. the fun is about successful people, they work under after the success will not wait for basic steps. After they made a lot of money, still continue to climb, to study hard. Why is this? In the process of many years of study, they found that to learn.

although the smell of money seemed to overflow in the streets of in silicon valley, but be careful not to indulge in the shine of money. Want to play to play games for a long time. To find a job to maximize their learning efficiency, even if it might give you a little bit tired. Learning is a difficult task for a long time, but at the same time is also fruitful, because you will consciousness you have infinite strength constantly climbing on the life path.


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Scott map “seduce” 58 home O2O innovation open technical support

on June 11, Scott map with 58 home to achieve all-round cooperation, support covered with 58 home cleaning, moving, nail art, such as door-to-door service category, and Scott will open position data and technology related to the travel services support O2O vertical application innovation.

Scott LBS Wei Kaiming open platform general manager, said: “O2O is a typical mobile Internet increment business, is currently the largest concentration of technology innovation in the field, and a large number of products and services are related to the ‘position’, ‘LBS. Scott would never own O2O business, and will support in the form of open druids LBS technology, the data in the field of O2O partners in service, product innovation, better service to users.”

in the all-round cooperation, Scott LBS open platform will provide free maps for 58 all the business in the home, location based services, such as and can also provide senior LBS functions such as “multi-point path planning”. , for example, if a nail salon workers received multiple scattered locations in a day of service demand, in the embedded gold 58 LBS + solutions to the home can realize intelligent route planning, optimizing travel route significantly, improve service efficiency. At present, 58 home workers end APP has switch to gold with open platform solutions, in the next few months are switching to complete all products.

in April this year, Scott issued a new “LBS +” open platform strategy, introduced for O2O, intelligent hardware industry integration “tool + data + service” integration of LBS solutions. And the cooperation with 58 home behind the LBS technology input, are provided by the program completely free support.

it is understood that in view of the O2O industry, Scott LBS open platform can provide such as maps, surrounding the search maps and location-based services. Wei Kaiming also promised again, Scott LBS open platform will focus on the future of LBS technology research and development, focusing on the vertical support developers application service innovation, not directly involved in application service, also won’t with developers and partners.

according to introducing, Scott “LBS +” can provide cover a full range of “tool + data + service” LBS. In terms of mapping tools, Scott can provide Internet map service and mobile LBS development tools; In terms of position of cloud services, de-yun gao data platform, cloud to user has its own data storage, management and analysis show that merchants, developers do not need to code development, only need to import their own store address data to the cloud, can be a key to “release” to generate their own “national”, “near” stores online website, quickly and efficiently to the user’s online promotion.