The nine startups will further change our lives

editor’s note: successful startups should not only benefit the investors, should adhere to improve people’s life and work more entrepreneurial idea, so the startup has a remarkable influence. This article take you have a thorough understanding of the recent 9 big influential startups, look how they benefit the human society.

today, “startup” influence in the start-up world more and more attention. Whether investors and incubator or large companies, and they hope to bring in “high power” and “high potential” start-up, but few rational analysis type influence the definition of entrepreneurial firms.

in fact, many people do not know this concept, or a type with the easy success of potential startups. Even some people may think that the potential type of startup in three years the average annual growth will be 20% higher than a year of growth.

, I type is defined as influential startups than benefit its shareholders, as well as employees, customers, suppliers, the public and the environment factors, etc. These startups, provide more employment opportunities, promote innovation, to create wealth, to bring unprecedented products and markets, to generate a new network, the most important is to bring the world to the talents and knowledge. At the macro level, countries and cities to realize innovation can promote economic development.

usually, most of the company focus on how to get a slice of pie (interest), rather than the whole piece of pie (overall value), which is the key to influence, entrepreneurial company stand out.” More than 250 entrepreneurs involved in Boston for a period of four months enterprise incubation program. During this time they can free access to resources and opportunities, including tutor, office space, and the use of the global network of opportunities. These entrepreneurs from different industries, including retail, high-tech, low technology, clean technology, life sciences, social impact, and nongovernmental organizations (ngos).

we hatch from participation in all areas of project startup type influence the startup is selected. We work to improve, learning, communication and life as a standard, are very difficult to screen.


Railpod – track inspection robot

use of the software and hardware combination form, not only effectively reduce the cost of traditional railway testing, more to improve the efficiency of detection. It access to data and analysis can help track engineers quickly detect the rail failure, and will be returned to the maintenance work at first. RailPod economic section, not only for company and more effectively to ensure the safety of the train passengers or cargo. RailPod also provides many billions of dollars of track detection industry they need big data.

2. MedAware – health care

feelings in for a child to avoid mistake and life events, medical prescription Gidi Stein, jointly created the Israeli company in 2012. Each year in the United States today, only because the incidence of prescription errors caused by waste, mortality, and medical expenses, have to endanger the safety of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. MedAware combined with large data analysis and machine learning algorithms, it not only analyses the prescription, and even remind prescription of the inaccuracies, thus effectively avoid the prescription errors.

since MassChallenge won $1.8 million, GE Ventures and OurCrowd are its investors. In addition, it is in Fast Company “in 2015, the world’s top ten most innovative Israeli Company” up in the rankings.

3. Altaeros – clean energy technology

is currently in development by air wind turbine manufacturing rich and cheap renewable energy. The company’s space technology will be the use of safe and reliable wind turbines to wind strong high (more than 600 meters above sea level), greatly improving the efficiency. With the diesel generator and other renewable technology, Altaeros is designed to reduce the energy consumption of up to 65% of the wind generator.

so far, the company has from the United States department of agriculture, the national science foundation, the California energy commission, Maine, Massachusetts institute of technology, clean energy center, energy innovation of New England, conocophillips energy prize, Alaska energy administration organization so as to obtain financing. Recently, it has obtained the softbank’s $7 million investment.

4. ArtLifting – social impact

Liz and Spencer, co-founder of Powers and other launched in late 2013, and to the capital injection of $4000. ArtLifting is to the homeless, the disabled, and poor artists and buyers of the Bridges. In the past, many talented artists to participate in a hospital or a shelter arts groups, so as to continue to create outstanding works, but their work is not stable and sustainable market. Fortunately, the emergence of ArtLifting solved this problem.

the company through two channels selling these artists: network marketing and cooperation with commercial property. ArtLifting hatch in the Harvard Innovation Lab, as well as MassChallenge, it recently aid 20 artists, mostly from Boston. The Powers has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, received $20000 in financing to The ArtLifting generalized five major cities — New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, d.c., and added 65 artists as aid.

5. Dimples – software

once a young to communicate with the government, improve the government printing fonts, for they save the printing costs nearly $500 million a year. His idea is to keep the original font size at the same time, reduce the height and width of each word. Then the idea of change is very limited, ordinary users can completely through the narrow size in order to achieve a similar effect.

however, a start-up company provided by the patent technology broke the limit, it makes the institutions in the case of using existing fonts can be reduced by 30% – 40% of the cost. The company improve the ink and toner saving software, so that the newspapers, magazines and other printed products costs down. Dimples, in short, the patent method is using the unique perforation for printing, printing technology to effectively reduce the use of expensive printer ink and toner, but only from the naked eye can not see print holes.

6. RallyPoint – network and social influence

founded by two American veterans, two people in Baghdad’s first met in the battlefield. The company went public in 2012, aims to make veterans success into the private sector, has received $6.5 million in venture financing, and a member of the site has more than 300000. RallyPoint also appointed in the near future LinkedIn, co-founder of Konstantin Guericke into its own board of directors.

7. Handy – the Internet

by two harvard business school students founded in 2010, initially called Handybook. Changed household cleaning and maintenance of the company, the industry can individual users on its network platform due to household cleaning services, or make a reservation for free handyman door-to-door service. Handy has received $4.5 million in financing, Forbes magazine called “the most popular startup” in 2014. The company recently acquired Mopp used as the development of its UK business.

8. Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, health care

is a biotechnology company, main development blindness treatment. It is the most advanced treatment project is using a new kind of compound to treat with age type dry macular degeneration and Stargardt disease, these two diseases are leading to blindness and teenagers over 50 patients blindness of the culprit. For Stargardt (hereditary), there is no approved drugs, and the prevalence of up to one over ten thousand. Alkeus has to find effective ways to resist this kind of blindness disease. In 2011 it won the MassChallenge diamond champion, bonus of $100000.

9. RelayRides – intelligent transportation

is the world’s first and largest P2P sharing a market. With reality and shoulder to shoulder, Uber RelayRides is one of leaders of P2P on loan, is also the P2P car rental market pioneer. RelayRides angel financing and wind nearly more than $50 million total investment in gold, and preparing for further utilizing the rapidly developing field of P2P.



High on: how to gracefully close the distance and golf?

(text/Wang Dongguo)

according to the statistics, the current domestic golf about LiangSanBaiWan crowd. More and more people begin to understand come into contact with the past will be as elegant and expensive exercise. So, anyone want to by a product, closer to the public and the distance of golf.

high vertical social App is a golf, in addition to the social attribute, both golf motion video analysis capabilities. Swing to make use of mobile phone users ultra-fast capture, frame by frame action, and freely change the playback speed, label field place, learning free ball video sharing, golf swing is a creative sharing community.

high shoot target population is golf enthusiasts, especially golf beginners. With motion capture, contrast improvement, analysis and online learning guidance services. App1.0 version was launched in June iOS, Android platform, thirty thousand monthly active people.

high He Yan founder is a master of computer to stay in the United States and served as the United States? Flow media site Project Leader, is also a huge fan of golf. Taken He Yan tell hunting cloud network, set up high because before this, not a really good level of civil action analysis tool. And a golfer will blithely repeated his action video hundreds of times and find the details for the can be improved. Golf is born to social movement, the ball friend of willingness to share strong communication between any other sport is unparalleled.

high App interaction design is one bright spot. Article He Yan said, on the interface design, cache and playback speed selection green into the hole, and small animal elements, users open the application, can through the visual perception of golf and natural, and self a concept of the communication.

with the advent of the era of Internet +, the intelligence of fitness sports products have mushroomed emerged. From monitoring the physical condition of an App, or hardware equipment of all kinds of auxiliary movement, is a huge boost for sports. He Yan convective cloud network said, golf in a popular in another one or two years, younger, the universalization trend changes, high will continue to optimize the product and improve the user experience and loyalty, let users is well-established, solid foundation. Also in richer, more planning promotion way to contact with potential customers. Down to the ground the product experience, for example, hold some competitions selection, etc.

competing goods aspects to motion analysis of many products, such as move, splash, etc., this kind of product more focused on individual fitness and leisure sports, there is no strong professional guidance. Due to the difference between product attributes, high focus on golf motion analysis, for the moment or exclusive.

high racquet is just a platform, an entry, the ultimate goal is a product of golf industry and the broader point is in the sports and health more market. He Yan convective cloud network said, every year there are tens of billions of golf market, is a huge market space, there are many ways to do it. Like golf itself, DingChan, electric business, tourism, disguised ability is very strong, demand rapid development year by year, but first of all, to stand on the user’s point of view, to help users first, put profit relatively on the location.

it is reported, high finished angel round.

Bullies don’t duck: I heard that, the university dormitory, roast duck and beer worthy of oh

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

a six two roast duck a kg + two bottles of beer, so a RMB 38 roast duck small meal, feed a 4 to 6 person’s bedroom, cuisine and late into the night in the platform of bullies don’t duck seemed to be the best cp.

since last may on-line WeChat platform, only by selling roast duck at night this single category of takeout, overlord don’t duck average daily sheet is over 2000, the average monthly turnover in 2 million. The author thinks that, bullies don’t duck high single quantity is not an accident, and is seeking a single point of breakthrough from niche, and cultivates the user experience.

bullies don’t duck the ordering process is relatively simple, the user can order by WeChat or telephone, central kitchen will according to the purchase order quantity control duck populations, ensure the user to eat roast duck were baked in the day.

using the self-built logistics distribution, and set in each school 10-20 park manager. Late at night in unified time distribution to the universities, by the manager of the park and distribution there from, and sent to the dormitory door. At present, the overlord don’t duck distribution team of 600 people.

in addition to the chengdu area distribution on the outside, the overlord don’t duck also exported to Singapore and Thailand, and 45 cities across the country, in order to guarantee the freshness of the roast duck, the inner layer adopts vacuum + foil paper, shelf life for 4-5 days.

He Ruiqi to hunt, founder of the cloud network, said the overlord don’t duck the dormitory as the core, for whole roast duck, don’t want to do a single package, is expected to bring an atmosphere of unity and friendship among the user, to enjoy the feeling of together, more hasten is Shared with the economy.

in-depth users also let bullies don’t duck has a great chance to understand the user, the park manager and distribution there of user information and preferences are collected, formation of user data. Finally, formed the bullies don’t duck the warmth of the details of the service, for example, in the important dates for the user to hand draw CARDS, in the girl’s aunt period when aunt send tea towels and brown sugar and ginger, for couples to send gifts on valentine’s day and so on.

about competition, He Ruiqi thinks, at present in the food market to shine “hungry?” was not late at night in proprietary products and distribution, not form a positive competition. At present, bullies don’t duck cash flow is relatively abundant, intentionally will roll out the size of the market, the main will be more than 2200 colleges and universities across the country.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting as bullies don’t duck, the founder of the as He Ruiqi after 90 is already a jingle industry veteran, when jingle ascendant, has established independent ‘chengdu search food web (a peer to hundreds of millions of yuan wholly owned by Beijing after purchase). In addition, He Ruiqi ERCI went to Singapore management, enterprise development of yiwu industrial and commercial college professional e-commerce, but his entrepreneurship from the second day started, in his own words, stop reading, but it never stopped business.

the bullies don’t duck in the last year is complete 1 million angel round, now plans to enter A wheel.

Induction before startup, understand the six questions first

note: you can from the following aspects to judge whether the company is worth to join: first team, and see if there are any similar habits, whether in character can be mutual tolerance and encouragement; The second is the project, be enthusiastic; Then there are leaders to see if he have fortitude character and focused, he should open up to you not hide; Finally the money, be sure to make project funding.

if you don’t trust this company, so don’t waste time in the company.

before you join a start-up companies, must put himself as a vc to consider the problem. You want to make sure your return on investment can have. There may be several kinds of forms: the learning valuable skills, create a good relationship network, fast career and money by stock option.

if you join the company has the potential to from small scale to large scale, and the above results are likely to occur. Their time on you, your limited resources investment to the company before, you have to ask yourself these questions.

if you trust the CEO?

some characteristics of the company is closely related to the company’s CEO. If you don’t trust a CEO, then why are you still working for the company?

do you may do some more Twitter survey. If he has more than 15000 followers, you can assume people attaches great importance to his thoughts and ideas. To listen to some of his conversation, if he is personally involved in? His views are targeted? He looks like a flatterer or a bad boss?

another, trust your intuition. If he has some qualities you admire, that is a fortune for company, but if he will look is dragging, you still find another job!

the power of the team have how old?

confirmation from outside, this is one of the biggest characteristics. But, try it!

search Google to get to know every senior executive. Your goal is to become the world’s best marketers? You should have in your management team to create marketing team experience.

if you want to create a strong network of relationship? If someone in the management team to YCombinator or other start-ups have connections, then you should pay more attention to him. You have to be able to go beyond those senior people. If they can’t recruit high quality talents, the company from collapse is not far away. Look at the company’s profile page and then with the team members to carry on the brief telephone communication.

if you don’t have any deep impression, you can look at again from the following aspects.

has a monopoly is that possible?

if the company’s business is irreplaceable by other companies can not provide or, it could grow into a monopoly.

if it is a food delivery App, exercise App or a photo sharing service, the company may not give the job you want.

you will use the company’s products?

if you don’t trust the company’s products, you also don’t work for it.

if you don’t like it, then how others outside the company will also be like? Waste products of the company to rapid development opportunity is very slim. But if the people in the company is willing to work 70 hours a week, then the chances of success. If you don’t even care about their products, and who CARES?

to be honest with yourself. If you don’t like the product or service, you still find another job!

what other people think?

it’s time to look at the news.

read TechCrunch about company. Also search the name of the company on Twitter. Search for Hacker News and company name to hear the startup community is how to think. Take a look at reddit others think about the company’s real.

if the wind on the network, it is a good sign. TechCrunch write an article author also feel bliss? You must be aware of these little things!

investment is a wise man ?

it’s like to recruit a good team.

if the founders can’t persuade the high quality of the investors, the company will be a lack of money and further unfortunate fail before a bigger success.

if they can persuade those big investors, that means one thing: they are rapid development.

if like-minded, that was well worth the join the start-up companies.


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Booz’s E3: smartmovie put in my pocket

(text/land full of red)

according to MPR relevant data, including mobile phones projection, partners, and other forms of micro projection equipment sales in 2014 show explosive growth, increased 2.3 times. 25 times more than five years ago, the personage inside course of study is to predict, smart mini projector sales this year will exceed 6 million mark. Hunting cloud network reported today booz of E3 is a member of the smart mini projector.

booz, E3 is an android intelligent projector can put in my pocket, the main function of entertainment. E3 size is 140 * 75 * 20 mm, weight of 175 grams, almost is almost the same and the mobile phone, can take at any time put in my pocket. Abandoned the traditional old handheld projection keystrokes, E3 use touch screen control, in addition, E3 also used the double USB interface design, can let you only need to connect mobile hard disk or USB flash drive, you can play photos, movies and other video. E3 adopted, for example, in the aspect of sound AUDIO + sound processing, sound cavity + side out sound BOX integration design, let the exposed outside sound, the sound quality is better.

the projection on the traditional concepts, to produce more than 60 inches of big screen, beyond the ordinary effect of the television, but the time has come to an end. As the user to improve the content and experience requirements, clear smooth picture becomes more important. Based on this, booz, E3 adopted American Texas instruments DLP digital light processing projection technique, to ensure that no distortion, no partial color, don’t run. At the same time, the use of 6 + 2 nuclear GTS960 graphics processor, 1 gb of memory, high-speed 4 gb flash memory, make E3 in high-definition video and games more fluent. Cooperate with the turbine design DFB501283H mute fan, make E3 heat dissipation effect is better when high speed processing data. The following for booz’s E3 specific parameters:

for intelligent hardware, if the hardware is the foundation, the software is the sublimation. On the basis of the hardware, booz E3 attached android system, using the modular UI, it makes operation more simple, the user is more easy to use. In addition, using the E3 exclusive with screen function, can browse content on mobile devices directly through the E3 projected on the screen. E3 also supports the latest hard decoding h. 265 video coding technology, can let the video under the same video quality of smaller volume, can save up to 50% of the bandwidth, this also means that under the lower than 1.5 Mbps transmission bandwidth, which can realize the online video of hd broadcast.

booz’s E3 projects established in July 2014, March 2015 to achieve the small batch trial-produce, June on taobao, the online, raise launch in July. At present can directly buy on the day the cat flagship store, sells for 1699 yuan.

founder told hunting for cloud network, at present, booz E3 use crowd mainly urban rent gens, family film fans and outdoor enthusiasts. E3 is one of booz, series products of science and technology, the company has domestic intelligent without screen cinemas, pocket type intelligent without screen cinemas, portable intelligent screen cinemas, head-mounted smartmovie etc series products.

it is reported, booz, science and technology was established in April 2013, has three founders, respectively, a former galanz electrical general manager for life, there are two founders revealed no convenient. The team a total of 21 people, covering technology, sales, promotion, after-sales, management and so on the whole chain. On the financing situation, is currently the shareholders for said its own investment, has not yet started foreign financing.

Morning: Microsoft two-thirds will be minus volume, qualcomm compromise to activist shareholders after the earnings release

on July 23 (word/land full of red)

Microsoft two-thirds will be minus dimension

Microsoft announced a major restructuring was carried out on the mobile phone business, staff nearly eight thousand people, in addition to buy assets in the nokia mobile phone business. From Microsoft executives said, according to Microsoft’s mobile phone business scale, will be only a third of the original.

qualcomm to activist shareholders after the earnings release compromise

qualcomm has released as of June 30, a wealth of earnings, according to the report, qualcomm in the third quarter revenue fell 14%, net profit fell 47%. And, qualcomm also announced 4500 job cuts. More importantly, qualcomm introduced radical on the board of directors of the shareholders and said it would start to evaluate business spin-off plan.

qualcomm is a PayPal?

SONY’s entry into the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market

SONY announced that next month will ZMP and Tokyo robot company SONY co-founder Aerosense unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) company. The joint venture will be independent development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) products, in 2016, Aerosense will provide unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for enterprise customers service, service types include measurement, investigation, observation and inspection.

starbucks members next year can be free to read the New York times news

after the announced earlier this year after the company reached a cooperation agreement with music streaming media platform, starbucks has announced with free with the New York times article reading service, and the service only for star enjoy card member.

when can really free?

won’t release women casual games into hand tour

the beautiful company and Forgame jointly issued the women casual games “meimei shop”, the official mobile phone game. In addition, the beautiful also released autodyne app new product take “boom” and “the beautiful M4” special edition smartphone duo la A dream.

In addition to take after

it seems, still can do something else!

established public comments on beauty group

the public comments on announced the formation of a formal beauty business, expand including different subdivision category, such as hairdressing, beauty, nail beauty O2O market, beavers, doodle nail, etc., all have reached a cooperation.

ctrip 100 million yuan to buy train ticket booking software garlic sprouts technology

ctrip announced that buy train ticket successfully automatic query reservation software company guangzhou garlic sprouts information technology co., LTD. Ctrip, says bookings based on good reputation, stable and excellent team, the company will provide 100 million yuan to buy garlic shoots, science and technology, and become the controlling shareholder of the company.

China hi-tech holding 45 million “survivor”

China hi-tech announcement said the desire and its view of Shanghai by fitting to a maximum of 45 million yuan price controlling domestic MOOC integrated operators “survivor”. A n experienced person owns tent of your school, Peking University Chinese language lesson two MOOC platform.

in stock analysts job-hopping cheetah responsibility for merger and acquisition strategy

is responsible for the Internet company plate, an analyst at jpmorgan chase, Alex Yao, move to the cheetah company, responsible for the mergers and acquisitions. The analyst has confirmed the news, said it would work for the cheetah move in September, location is Beijing.

“fortune” the world 500 strong out

“fortune” issued in 2015 the world top 500 ranking. This year, according to the operating income ranking the top three companies in the order: wal-mart, sinopec, shell oil. And according to the profit ranking, the most profitable in the first three companies respectively, the industrial and commercial bank of China, apple, China construction bank.

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Drug terminal network exclusive 】 【 A + wheel will regain GGV led tens of millions of yuan investment

(text/Yang Sihui)

today, drug terminal founder He Side (called “csi”) to the cloud network exclusive hunting, according to the tens of millions of yuan A + round has been completed. This round of funding (GGV) led by GGV capital, investors partners China and A round, grain capital letter to continue to serve as consultants company exclusive financing.

the recapture GGV GGV capital led the new round of financing, GGV director, said Chinese medicine electricity industry has developed rapidly in recent years, GGV more bullish on the medical team has a deep understanding in the field of traditional medical treatment and industry experience of entrepreneurial teams, and drug terminal network under the lead of csi is precisely such a team.

csi, says this round of financing is used to increase the platform of the core product research and development and investment, gathered more upstream and downstream resources, creating the largest pharmaceutical circulation field of third-party e-commerce platform. According to csi, other companies are making more influential capital operation, in order to complete the company’s strategic layout as soon as possible.

medicine terminal network was established in May 2010, in April 2014 to obtain Internet issued by the administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of pharmaceutical trade license A20140002 (countries), is a professional engaged in third-party B2B e-commerce transactions in the field of pharmaceutical circulation service platform. Services include providing medicine merchants and buyers goods and price management, promotion and brand operation, order payment and after-sales service, logistics, etc. Platform is designed to contribute to pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical agents/wholesale company with terminal pharmacies, clinics and other merchants wholesale trading.

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“Her baby tree age” announced $300 million in financing

as a mother, the most like to do is bring your child to go for a walk, encounter other mother, talk about their own baby, talking about how to raise her baby. About how to raise the baby, the maternal and infant platform shows different characteristics of the answer. today, maternal and infant industry in China the baby tree in Shanghai CBME: child during the exhibition officially complete equal RMB $300 million (1.86 billion yuan) financing, by the optimal product led, many domestic joint venture investment institutions.

the current cross-border electricity industry in China is like a war of no gunpowder smoke, in trust, traffic, the back-end, warehousing, logistics, distribution, and these aspects is warlord infighting, both practitioners and investors see in the eye, painful in mind. The good and bad are intermingled of maternal and infant products in the domestic market, in the face of the product when the choice, many mother looks worried, and “tao” was the maternal and infant population another option.

baby tree CEO wang said that mothers choose overseas online shopping, is the most important factors for the trust of the electric business platform, and this kind of trust from the supply of goods, also comes from the accumulation of the brand. The baby tree is China’s Internet maternal and infant industry veteran enterprises, and gather beauty is superior is vertical cross-border electrical business of China. On both counts, the combination of the baby tree and gather beauty is superior, is a guaranteed overseas online shopping goods plus the mother-to-child by a Chinese mother trusted platform.

baby tree, launched in March 2007, its contains beauty said, according to the mother, the baby time, mika creative box and a series of products. Announced in June, the baby tree for thousands of joint ventures established by ya-wei wang the hundreds of millions of yuan D rounds of strategic investment, and will plan on the agenda in domestic market.

CEO wang graduated from tsinghua university, Columbia University master of sociology, Washington’s Georgetown university MBA, has spelled by big multinational companies, such as Google, McKinsey, etc. At the end of 2006, Mr Wang and one of the founders of ebay Mr Bo shao together to create the baby tree.

at the end of last year gather beauty is superior made a “addition and subtraction” : cut to a third party platform do subtraction, assist overseas purchase business to do addition. beauty after years of development, in poly beauty buy cosmetics of little girls love the United States, now began to have a baby. April this year, gather beauty is superior is no longer focus only on the cosmetics business, and began to choose into maternal and infant industry. for gather beauty is superior, the maternal and infant products has developed into and cosmetics category as the scale of the potential, the increment is significant. This is the baby tree, gather beauty is superior listed after the first strategic investment, found in previous hunting cloud network gather beauty is superior advertising information in the baby tree.

this year, from mother to child vertical electric dealer market also bloom all over the world, the United States and e-commerce sites Zulily9 % of the shares acquired by alibaba for $56 million, at the same time honey buds baby beibei net and respectively won a $60 million and $100 million in financing. baby tree also in maternal and infant market has a place, but is still a way for further development of the resistance and long, do not slack off.

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For $300 million, financing, financing evening news: the baby tree by Medallia won a $150 million financing

July 22 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

baby tree won $300 million in financing, and by vertical cross-border electric business platform for the optimal product led, with many domestic famous investment institutions joint investment. The baby tree is a vertical mother-to-child website, users can be valuable experience to share here, get good parenting growth experience.

free WiFi operators together playing online $120 million B round of funding. Led by 360 company, haitong securities, zhongguancun industrial capital to vote.

tutor O2O crazy teacher $24 million B + round of financing, the investor as Kun feathered capital and share capital.

more beautiful APP for tens of millions of dollars to B round, d the capital led by the United States, sequoia capital and investment. More beautiful APP is a social and medical hairdressing services platform.

cloud print for 50 million yuan A round of funding. Cloud printing technology was founded in August 2013, take root in the commercial printing industry, construct the severe vertical O2O platform.

good won 46.8 million yuan in A foreign land, the pre – A round of funding, led by Leo shares. Good in a foreign land is a study in industrial services company.

Internet legal platform won net for tens of millions of RMB financing strategy, led by tecent, with capital and compound and investment. Won the network based on Internet and information technology, makes the business model of the vertical search + lawyer community, to provide users with online legal advice and other services.

Zero wallet

grade do A round of funding, venture investors are blue. Zero wallet focus to build a home automation services for financial small white wealth management platform.

seed gold dress grade must financing, investors and potential for the plum blossom angel capital. Seeds gold suit has geared to the needs of farmers “farmers staging” mall and Internet banking platform “seed money” two independent brands.

A few degrees Simplr won nearly ten million yuan, the Pre – A round of financing, the investor for the pine funds. Simplr is a hyper local campus social App based on identity authentication.

our brand small dolphin the hundreds of millions of yuan angel rounds of investment, investors for sky music stores. Little dolphin was set up four months the door early education brand, independent research and development of a series of contains music, language, movement, diverse education to special education classes.

51 offers two years to raise $50 million m

51 letter released within the offer: $50 million for two years. Respectively: in September 2013, chung king group ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of investment; In April 2014, silicon valley venture capital funds NEA millions of dollars in A round of investment; In February 2015, starr group led, NEA and B round of investment. Three times total financing amount of $50 million.
Was established in August 2013, 51 offer affiliated with Shanghai hui purple business consulting co., LTD., is a free application intelligence platform. It is reported, financing is mainly used to improve employees’ treatment, strengthen students’ welfare, expansion of the Internet and student talent, development and cooperation, strategic investment and expansion of study in the upstream and downstream of peripheral industry, etc.

the news aggregation is a unique application at $50 million in financing

a unique social reading application is for a new round of $50 million in financing. Sources said earlier this month, a unique financing is in progress. At present, a unique place in the file of Delaware revealed more information. On June 29, a unique authorization D round of funding for $50 million, sold for $2.2057 per share in 22668540 shares. Although this is just a stake sale authorization, but it seems a unique has made financing.

foreign article:

Medallia won $150 million in financing, the investor is sequoia capital. Medallia is a provide customer experience management software as a service (SaaS) start-ups, founded in 2001, headquartered in Palo Alto, the existing staff of 700 people.

3 d printing company Modern Meadow won $10 million in A round of investment, the investor for an investment. Modern Meadow is a start-up companies in the United States, the company can develop in the laboratory animal meat and leather.

WireX for $9.3 million, a new round of financing by the Vertex Venture Capital led, Magma Venture Capital and more individual investors to vote. WireX is network forensics company in Israel, for enterprise customers to provide faster and more effective network security solution.

Besomebody won $1 million in a new round of financing, Fred Tillman, led by Texas famous commercial construction enterprises, the base and other early and undisclosed angels. Besomebody is a platform to provide skills training in the United States.

Allstay for 500 million won ($432680) in the first round of financing, investors for Venture Republic, Japan Travel website Travel. The jp and South Korea TideSquare online Travel agencies. Allstay is a south Korean tourist service start-ups.

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Beijing no. 4 “entrepreneurship roadshow” recruit

cloud network hunting on July 25th (Saturday) to be held in Beijing station hunting cloud network stage iv “start-ups roadshow” , hunting cloud network will invite well-known investors to come to attend the meeting. The meeting will be hunting cloud network carefully screening 10 high quality project to attend the roadshow, each project about speech time , each project end of the road, investors will ask entrepreneurs, insight into the project. End of the road, entrepreneurs can be one-on-one communication with investors.

the national-level “investment and financing of investment institutions include:

hunting cloud network science and technology, new media is the industry authority, focusing on the field of TMT, focus on entrepreneurial innovation, focus on new products, new company, new model, with original scoop, analysis, and first-hand accounts from silicon valley is famous in the industry, many entrepreneurs called the grounding gas business media. Hunting cloud network station in Beijing, substation has been opened in chengdu, Shanghai, hangzhou, shenzhen and other RACES are under preparation. In addition to the media service, hunting cloud network has been set up investment and financing and docking services platform, incubator () is located in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, hangzhou, forming media + + offline activities, investment and financing product matrix, the incubator for entrepreneurs to provide a comprehensive range of services. Important: completely free!

so far, hunting cloud network reported thousands of entrepreneurial projects, there are dozens of investment in hunting cloud network docking platform for startups get investment, the total volume has exceeded 200 million yuan. Such as rice science and technology, curtilage meters, ten thousand d interconnection, blue cross culture, lala park, known as blended and so on. And and has more than 100 active investment and financing institutions reached cooperation, including sequoia, warp/weft, lenovo, bertelsmann, shanda, ali, tencent, etc., docking for entrepreneurs to provide investment and financing services. (the above investment institutions is also the roadshow will invite some investors.)

the event is open online recruiting investors, welcome interested investors to sign up for; Please indicate in the remarks, areas and stages of concern. (if it is the establishment of new investment funds, please note fund introduction, Jane has cast or partners once investment projects;)

entrepreneurial teams

road project registration instructions:
a. this roadshow for need angel, a, a + open entrepreneurial team, products have been launched operation;
b. entrepreneurial teams submit registration information, please send project introduction, BP to , project audit results we will inform you in two days before the start of the roadshow.
c. such as entrepreneurial teams not in Beijing, please remark when signing up, we will communicate with you in time, project audit results we will inform you in three days prior to the start of the roadshow.
d. attend roadshow registration deadline: July 23, 2015

roadshow consultation, cooperation: xiao-miao li 18910769416

organizers: hunting cloud network

co-organiser: a guest global

time: July 25 (Saturday)

address: Beijing zhongguancun business of creating a guest global angel street building 4 layer

roadshow process:
13:00-13:30 entrepreneurs and investors to sign in
13:30-16:00 project roadshow, investors question
After 16:00-17:00 communication

properties: the ccpit, roadshow

this activity roadshow, which has been open the audience registration channel (fill in the following table) , 100 audience, completely free, first come first served basis.

Mr Outfit: men fashion collocation have craigslist

(article/zhao heart source)

“why want to do wear a Sir, I saw the market opportunity, myself is very interested in, to the clothing has self-study courses related to clothing, photo studio, the accumulation of this project is for a long time, and are willing to pour a lot.” Chen’s founder told hunting cloud network. Chen’s, once the network shopping platform of optimal set of goods editor, is also a level twenty million users of electricity APP core members of the project. He loves fashion and trend, therefore had “wear” Mr. Other team members is a senior editor liu wei clothing, to be responsible for guiding Ryan, SHE and other big-name artists of fashion photography, as well as from huawei, Siemens senior clothing platform technical architect Deng Xuelai, team at present is mainly composed of 10 people.

why do now trend of men’s match? In Chen’s point of view, now is a good time to do men’s clothing. With the advent of the era of post – 90, more and more people like online shopping. Gay community to detonate “pink” economy, men’s wear brand, New York fashion returning just at a men’s conference, marked the ripe for men’s wear industry. And starting from the trend of men’s, on the one hand, because of their own familiar with, on the other hand is because the trend of men’s as high-frequency consumption, in the era of online shopping popular better prospects for development. Mr Outfit the positioning of the first high consumption frequency for 18 to 30 at the heart of the people, and gradually to the other direction.

Chen’s users, through research do question-and-answer community this conclusion. , he said, “men and women of thinking is different, women like to shop, for men, it is to ask questions, to solve the problem. So electricity business model into is not appropriate.” On zhihu now concern about clothing collocation, is much larger than the men’s wear women’s clothing, undoubtedly confirms this view. The mushroom, street platform won’t go for men to solve what you should buy; The be fond of of people is too complex, fashion design is much more special, artificial combination of big data electricity recommended mode, more difficult to understand the trend of male demand, also is not a good solution. So the men should wear what answer community, is more clever.

after the trend of clothing to solve community online, users for men’s clothing collocation, answer will get a number of people at the same time, in which a user to select the most satisfactory solution. So that you can avoid mechanical single answer style, also can avoid a trendsetter and brand personal cooperation and lead to answer respectively. In this way, the brand is no longer dominated, trend of people will use professional eye undertake collocation according to the different style of each user. Because the clothing is the needs of high frequency, so users don’t have to worry about the questions left. When a website have enough visitors and these users to get into the habit of asking questions, then began to introduce electricity companies.

, introducing a mode of electricity is men’s first editor to recommend different clothing, then consider a sale and so on. At the same time, the introduction of electrical business will also to cooperation shop shop via the status of the free form of drainage, the status of the part of the user is likely to be after in the entity shop to buy. Clothing, according to founder after 90 users online and offline purchase way a ratio of 3:7, due to the large crowd, thirty percent of earnings has enough market. In line to act according to actual circumstances, get the user’s data, so as to integrate. Founder said about the development of the future, first is electric business introduction, in the future have their own brand integration. Beijing is the founder of Chen’s work place for many years, is also suitable for the trend of development of city, said Chen’s channels and media resources, gradually through offline from Beijing.

Chen’s hope that the future development model, is to increase traffic trend community for stores, brands and community to cooperate and get more orders, the trend will be introduced to match to obtain economic benefits, users are more likely to choose to your satisfactory products. Trend community in the future will be involved in the male skin care products, razor, fashion gift box, become one of the entry of the male fashion consumption.

the current team need financing, mainly used to do personnel cost, office cost and promotion.

The family security + smart reminder, “Stark intelligent family” want to protect you and your family

(text/Yang Sihui)

in 2014, Google announced to $3.2 billion in cash for the intelligent household Nest Labs, blowing the horns of lead in to the field of smart home. At present, the market there is no lack of wearable devices, smart TV, intelligent product and so on intelligent box. But, before the focus on intelligent household, maybe we should be more concerned about the issues of family security. Hunting cloud network recently learned that the “Satrk (stark) intelligent family” smart devices, from family is a group of security to the series of the smart home products.

Stark intelligent family by “family smart host R1”, “lost guards”, “smart window”, “air purification device of intelligent control board”, “intelligent magnetic door”, “EC LaoRenShou ring” series of products. Among them, the intelligent window, intelligent host R1 already on sale, other products will be listed in the near future.

smart host family R1 is a collection of a variety of communication technology, with a number of practical function of the host itself. Starting from the family security, R1 with real-time monitoring, anti-theft alarm function. When a user is not at home, can be App binding equipment real-time pay close attention to the room, special circumstances occur, R1 can automatically alarm. In addition, R1 or a smart “life tips”, can record family life habits, motion trajectory analysis, data storage, and issued a schedule according to family life work and rest, weather situation, rest, carry an umbrella, sunscreen, etc.

“stark intelligent window”, is a window based on the Internet and modern communication technology of intelligent switch device, the device can automatically by the weather or the App window switch remote control for operation, suitable for serious sandstorm area. Xiao-long gao told hunting cloud network, which is also the best-selling products, have been sold to xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, gansu, the Middle East and other places.

upcoming “smart door magnetic” low cost, small size, can stick on the door with R1 together complete security tasks; “EC LaoRenShou ring” besides the normal bracelet measure body temperature, heart rate, and automatic alarm “falls” and “cursor” function, fell and recognition rate of 92%, also can be adjusted according to the complex environment conditions anti lost alarm distance; Still in polishing “air purification device of intelligent control board” can monitoring PM2.5, formaldehyde in indoor air, dust and other harmful substances, and send a remind to users.

R1 as a hub of communication and control center of the family of stark, can be connected with other products and implementation of control, but the product can be used independently. “Buy a family installed the stark a few products, these products are automatically networking and controlled by the host R1. Air purifying device, for example, intelligent control panel monitor to sound an alarm when that could ignite leaking gas, R1 can control window, open the window and remind the user.” The founder xiao-long gao told cloud network.

now on the market security equipment is given priority to with industrial use, commonly used in shopping malls, factories, government agencies more security. These devices are generally large size, installation procedure complex, expensive, and the host cannot be combined with other products. “Home security devices, and the difference between privacy and convenient family requirements. Stark light and small size, each product outward appearance and decoration are similar, to integrate into the family style.” Xiao-long gao said. “Users via text message or App set can be used for simple, operation is convenient. And we will always profit control within 20%, the price is far lower than the similar products on the market.” Xiao-long gao said.

xiao-long gao told cloud network hunting, Stark flagship to quickly occupy the market at a lower price, so rely on hardware sales profit is not the ultimate goal. “Our default 20 message service free of charge, outside the charges. Linkage with community service organizations, establish a ‘safe’ call centers, cooperate with the community, property, when security alarm we can solve the problem of security. Create a similar Macao ‘flat on home security system, through a service profit, this is the ultimate goal.”

Stark (Stark) technology was established in July 2014, the registered capital of 1 million yuan. Team currently 10 people, 7 people development, market and administrative 3 people. After three founders of 70, founder xiao-long gao in intelligent household product research and development in 2011; Starting from 97, co-founder of Xu Long ISP and ICP business, and has many years of experience in software development; Co-founder Zhou Liangwei successively to rui league POMIS system, ISP integrated billing system such as multiple sets of large systems research and development, in 2012 in smart home products research and development.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, Stark angel round is in preparing.

Lean 1000 SKU + 1 hour home delivery, “the shop downstairs” save the house small public election

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

cat supermarket around early from heaven, “invasion” hey guest motion throughout the country, to the home of jingdong strategic layout, it is obvious that are bullish on Internet giant community distribution just need consumer scenarios, and quickly complete O2O layout, after all hand resources, through to the last kilometer seems to have created a new world full of business opportunities.

giant airborne, grass-roots entrepreneurs how to fix the community distribution of fan? Current operation good community 001 fresh bees still holdout, love, in addition, hunting cloud network also attention to the chengdu local O2O project – “shop downstairs.

such as topic, shop downstairs is a target curtilage home scene community O2O convenience store, the target audience can be summed up as “big city, the main, young man”, at this stage the main function is focused on the mobile terminal, WeChat service platform has launched operations, App is still in development.

every morning at 10:00, founder WuYueChuan will receive a copy of the operational data analysis report, the content involves the day before the SKU, used to adjust the marketing strategy and constantly optimize the product category. Based on the continuous data analysis, the shop downstairs to SKU in snacks, four categories of daily optimization, fresh and cooked food, and to control the number of 1000 or so, in addition to the daily necessities such as necessities, what they sell also contains imported food, overseas act as purchasing agency, classical Chinese, etc. shop downstairs team expects can provide users with better than commodity convenience store around the community, and compared with the mainstream business super and electricity of mass goods category, commodity should be more fit curtilage home scenario, avoid bring users choose difficult.

shop downstairs into the community to push strategy, the team for every hundred flier, can obtain 30 registered users, user crawl rate was 30%, and the promotion of a month, has 3000 registered users and subscribers (15%), the average purchase price from a few yuan to several hundred yuan, and the complex purchase frequency is higher. WuYueChuan believes that this SKU of self-built warehousing and precision have a direct relationship.

says the key link in last 1 km to the community service, warehousing and logistics, and nothing but the WuYueChuan tell hunting cloud network, based on the natural advantages of team in the supply chain resources that we choose the self-built warehousing , plans to gradually multiple points within the scope of construction in chengdu warehouse, construction total warehouse and at the right time, in the form of “total – points”, form a rapid circulation. In addition, in order to form a quick response life scenes of shopping channels, shop downstairs in the delivery time is shorter than 1 hour, self-built + crowdsourcing logistics mode, user can check in order to check.

shop downstairs is still in its infancy, self-built warehousing is offline risk assets overweight, WuYueChuan thinks otherwise: at present, most of the community are doing O2O platform integration, the simplest way is to cooperate with the community convenience store, provide training. The practice of this kind of light assets run fast, actually aimed at the giant early, such as jingdong has arrived chengdu home, provide 2 hours home “, “ten thousand commodity services, for local integration class community O2O companies can be deadly.

so, even if, as a kind of high frequency, just need to, the whole population of consumption, community distribution is a good starting point, but the chances of integration platform does not belong to start-ups, start-ups should avoid the giant frontal attack. As a result, the shop downstairs self-built warehousing assets might seem excessive, but it is cut to a sufficient living space and differentiated market.

WuYueChuan continued, in the domestic e-commerce started to 15 years of development, from the perspective of total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted, electricity share increasing at an annual rate of single digits, is now above 10%. In fact, only taobao wireless was occupied 86.3% of the market, if according to the analysis of principle of 28 start-ups just did a shunt, therefore, should be the target user lock the value of the offer to you the most sensitive people.

as the founder and CEO, WuYueChuan I have enough accumulation of entrepreneurship, in traditional retail, media, television, advertising, and many fields, such as the Internet, in a big team of management and resource configuration also has a wealth of experience, it is understood that he had as a young entrepreneurs landing “citizen” glory of chengdu.

in addition, the shop downstairs the core team has 6 people, most of them serial entrepreneurs, both the deep traditional business and trade veteran, integration of supply chain resources, there is also a great experience in logistics industry, to the control of logistics links, as well as understand the operation of the electricity traders.

the shop downstairs has spent one million yuan of start-up capital, is now actively promote angel round the financing plan, plan the financing amount is 3 million, is mainly used in the construction of offline circulation. WuYueChuan said, reasonable valuation represents the maturity of the team, also represents our sincerity, hope and rational, and attaches great importance to the team of the value of the capital to achieve cooperation.