Black box office or poison, Vault

editor’s note: the Hollywood film the commercialisation has become a trend, they use the established model of Hollywood, Hollywood star lineup, and Hollywood values for the audience to create a another classic lens and the plot. Now, the established mode of box office was quite can be predicted by artificial intelligence in advance!

there are a lot of people think that a successful Hollywood script can be broken down into a formula.

by the famous writer Blake Snyder the screenwriter treasure of the creation of the Save the Cat!” , using it to every minute amazing skills across the audience the film industry.

now, an Israeli development company Vault of artificial intelligence is trying from the Angle of machine learning, launch a screenwriting formula. It compiles program is said to be based on the simple browsing script can judge whether this film will star.

but this is a specific how to do it?

Vault’s co-founder and chief executive David Stiff, said the software is about 300000 to 400000 similar theme or story characteristics such as violence levels focus analysis. And these stories feature collection is completely dependent on the program itself, does not require any human expenditure.

Vault with their own artificial intelligence software testing the Hollywood film since 1980, because of the Stiff think starting in 1980, Hollywood movies gradually turned to the business model. The main steps of the script will be scanned into system, then the program will automatically analysis data comparing with box office success, the final results.

Stiff said the program for box office performance prediction accuracy can reach 65% to 70%, but according to this data shows that as a result, only 20% of the film to the back.

when I asked Stiff to make what is critical to the success of the film, he mentioned the theme of this element. He said: “if we put the subject factors from our forecast of words, I want to predict the proportion will be greatly decreased.” This is very reasonable. Otherwise wouldn’t have so many topics from ancient Greece to the repeated use of now, still can make us moved.

but Stiff think Hollywood movies too much emphasis on the influence of the super star in a movie. Their company’s ai program can also be suitable for a screenplay advice actor, but its focus is on how to save money. Star power can contribute to the box office, but still many high-profile film even have the box office like Johnny Depp artifact are hard to ignore bad plot. The idea run counter to the Hollywood prevailing wisdom: Hollywood seems to be ranked the importance of the writers movie success of the secondary factors.

Stiff said, if he has a chance to according to what he make a movie, then he will choose a by some unknown actors, and only a $30 million budget action comedy.

Vault to the whole team think film analysis is a difficult task, so they deserve more. In addition to play in a film still has many important elements, as long as they can analyze thoroughly, so the work of the problem is solved. Finally, Stiff also said the company plans for the future is to enter the broadcasting and publishing.

don’t Vault prediction is missing?

of course not. Stiff said according to the results of prediction program, “the terminator: gen ZhanJi will fire, but its box office success proved disappointing. Perhaps the machine analyst, programs more inclined to robot series high marks!


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Give children a “mirror”, take them into the microscopic world

(text/land full of red)

the world is full of curiosity is the nature of children, everything is touch, see is their way of learning about the world. Believe that we’ve all seen or felt before children “hundred thousand whys” mad bombardment. In fact, in the face of all this, we do not need to explain too much, just to give them guidance and tools, they will get in practice their own answers. Today, cloud network introduction mirror, hunting is the tool that helps children to observe the microscopic world. The raise is jingdong. After the raise of price is in 259 yuan to 259 yuan between.

is the microscope, but pay more attention to the microscopic world

mirror is a can take a picture of a portable microscope. The core function is convenient to observe the microscopic world. For this emphasis, mirror team did a portable, high accuracy of microscope. In addition, they also do the common things in daily life in the form of microscopic slides, can see through glass the microscopic world of daily life.

glass is a key part of the microscopic world. To this end, the magic mirror team selected the insect wings, legs, insects, insect mouth of nine kinds of a total of 45 pieces of glass are part of the microscopic world. Selected standard is common, interesting, special and representative. In order to make slides more delicate, team also on each piece of glass on the edge of the eight sides chamfering processing, even for glass glue inside how much were conducted. In addition, in order to make the lens of more clear, the team is customized design and processing to label, use transparent label paper reverse printing, stick on the opposite side of the glass, at the same time, in order to make tags more children, the label paper of different categories of slides with obvious distinguish colors.

of the lens, set strict requirements, do small and exquisite

mirror the magnification of around 200 times, 90 times thinner than a human hair can be found objects. Such precision every detail of the lens have very high demand, optical lens, fixed lens fixed steel and the distance between the fixed glass sheet steel, the error must be ensure the plus or minus 10 microns, within the scope of the error is not more than one over ten of a human hair. Mirror of the production process requirement is very high, therefore, in order to ensure the quality, the core component of the mirror is produced by partners in Taiwan.

in addition, the design of the microscope stage is very exquisite, put on the slides, using magnetic steel clamp fixed slides, the microscope stage lighting Lantern Festival lights up automatically, provide the light microscope. Thus saving the power, let 2 button battery can use half a year to a year.

is simple, easy to carry, let the children play outdoors overweight no longer afraid of bag

people have some curiosity, the microscopic world, however, for glass table, objective and eyepiece fine adjustment to the use of the microscope slightly trouble. For the convenience of use, the magic mirror to the above steps to do a lot of simplified. Use mirror, just put the camera on the mobile phone lens, then put the glass in on the carrier glass table, used with magnetic clamp holder, can use the phone’s camera to observe slides. It is worth mentioning that the mirror also can like enlarge images, zoom in to any part of the glass, and can record the contents of the observed.

the mirror of their positioning are gifts for children, so more on detail design consider the feelings of the children. For example, children can hold in one hand and lenses clip; To facilitate the children to play outside, the team also designed a beautiful and strong and box, receive the microscope and 45 piece of glass inside, let the children can watch anytime and anywhere interesting small world.

plans for the future development of

reference to the future development, the founder of the magic mirror Peng Rencheng said, will be around the core of the microscopic world, one is the need to make microscopic world more enrichment, making different kinds of glass, let the children can see a new microscopic world constantly. Second, when the magic mirror to sell a certain amount, will gradually operating online microscopic world community, but form, may be a knowledge platform, may also be a children toy electric business platform.

team introduction

mirror group was founded in 2013, including the zhuhai team and the team in Taiwan, at present a total of 10 people. Founding team including Peng Rencheng founder and book SAN Lin, and the other three strengths, co-founder of in different fields. Peng Rencheng worked in cheetah move as technical director.

T: best service to entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs

(word/ginger JiXue)

there is a kind of clothes, and in the workplace, it may not be formally; In the dating world, it may not be elegant; In life, it may be common, but it is essential for everyone in the closet that one, that’s right, it is a T-shirt. Rarely has a clothes like T-shirt is accepted by the public, it has formed a personality culture. A blank T-shirt, you can be powerful and unconstrained style of above use your imagination, it is not only the carrier of your ideas, and will let you have a sense of TuTengShi. At the same time, the T-shirt also represents a kind of the elite culture, there is a crowd, filled with the identity of the culture, that is entrepreneurs. Most of them are doing extremely disruptive, it coincides with a T-shirt of elite culture. if you saw a scene of entrepreneurial teams do activity, so you won’t feel strange about all kinds of t-shirts. As a member of numerous entrepreneurs liu chao to starting a T-shirt, become entrepreneurs in the service of entrepreneurs, hence the optimal T.

liu chao, the first contact with him, he’ll tell hunting cloud network call him “Lao liu”. Lao liu is optimal T CEO, mainly responsible for BD, after hanging out in the two domestic well-known foreign trade B2B platform for seven years, ever visited more than 1000 small businesses in the home. “In addition to BD this matter, I also do something else,” liu said of himself. When it comes to do the cause of the optimal T, liu told hunting cloud network, before making a optimal T is a technology outsourcing company in your team, but with the technological process, feel yourself every products like children of their own, once the mature product, basic can leave, so the product has nothing to do with himself, hard to avoid can feel lost in the heart, then there was the idea of doing a product itself. Just when the company want to do your own t-shirts, choose to do in a shopping website, the T-shirt quality has a problem, however, t-shirts are part of the custom to return process is very cumbersome, liu found this mode, the T-shirt quality is difficult to guarantee. Based on these two aspects of reasons, liu thought about doing T. Because the company itself is the technical team, so I decided to use “Internet +” to enter the T-shirt customization industry.

best T is an online DIY T-shirt customization platform, liu’s team had the last September and optimize T idea, October do T. About entrepreneurship, liu is actually a small white, in addition to the field of technology outsourcing, to other aspects of entrepreneurship liu know nothing. Initially, the optimal T is through online the raise pattern custom t-shirts, groping to come all the way, liu found DIY threshold are still a little high for the average person, basically can be defined as small behavior. At the same time the c-terminal against doing the raise of this model, the early guest cost is quite high. The reality is that custom need T-shirt, mostly the user group. And entrepreneurs is a group of thoughtful, and are happy to express their ideas, so T find custom t-shirts for entrepreneurial team is a good direction, so liu decided to product positioning, shevchenko, from before.

in March, the optimal T team deleted all product code. Overturn the pattern again, before the move need to how much determination is unclear, the but liu said these words, let cloud network hunting was impressed: “not to create, not to rebel, not to overthrow, why are you business?” is since then, the optimal T began to focus on as entrepreneurial teams T-shirt customization service platform. Now has experienced four months, T platform UV at around 3000, monthly sales counter in thousands of development from the past to the present more than 10000 pieces.

“you don’t walk into the market, you don’t docking the needs of users, you never know what they need.” Liu said. Mention user requirements, the best T in order to optimize the user experience, developed a set of data collection system, help to custom t-shirts team to solve the problem of social sharing and data collection. in addition, with the development of the market to expand, the optimal T find another pain points, design the user. Aiming at this problem, the optimal T will be launched at the end of 8 a solution to the foundation design requirements of users pay plate.

at present, the optimal T team a total of six people, besides liu is in charge of BD, others are responsible for supply chain, product development and design. Liu told cloud network hunting, T-shirt customization is a seemingly simple but difficult industry. Design, online platform and a supply chain can’t be little. Due to the undervalued Chinese custom for T-shirt, caused the industry gross margin is low but high service cost, T want to change this situation.

“entrepreneurship is a kind of practice” , this is T a word from the homepage, hope every entrepreneur has their own spiritual totem. At present, the optimal T angel round has been completed, temporarily no financing needs.

3 d printing technology outlook: more efficient, energy-saving and sustainable

editor’s note: 3 d printing technology as an emerging technology, the strength of the limelight is obvious to all. It can be used in many industries and fields, the novel is that it also plays an important role in medicine. Some companies are now using this technology to produce sustainable products to improve and save people’s lives around the world. If you want to know more details, just follow Sustainly, founder of Matthew Yeomans together to explore the mysteries of this door technology!

we are now living in an era of rapid development in science and technology, and sometimes, we are difficult to predict the latest platform or digital business trends will become important.

when it comes to 3 d printing, people no longer hold any doubt attitude. After all, 3 d printing technology has been widely used over a long period of time is a technology, from the professional scale, in just the past few decades, 3 d printing technology has been widely used in industry. However, just as a modern personal computer industry to grow until the collapse mode, host computer industry, the emergence of private portable 3 d printers are fundamentally changed the manufacturing, fashion, and even the medical profession.

combination device connected to the network, mobile network and electricity business enterprise culture development experience, 3 d printing soon will become an important tool in modern life.

so far, though we have not complete the task, but the view from the Sustainly latest Trend Briefing, in the 10 groups and we have decided to study the company’s operation mode, they want to through the use of 3 d printing technology to improve itself, to produce more sustainable development of products, and hope to their production experience to help other companies in the world. Through these studies, we hope that we can discern to 3 d printing and can develop more potential factors.

in IBM, for example, the company has now developed a 3 d micro printer, need to make a standard prototype a third of the charge, the printer can produce chip board prototype. In addition, there is a manufacturing and engineering business giants, called Arup. The special use of 3 d printing company Yu Gangban printing, and it only market aimed at where they need it, not like other companies have a center of production equipment and the products are exported to all over the world. Some other similar to Google and Autodesk company is currently in development can make the 3 d design and printing scale collaboration platform and software. However, there are some similar to the Reef matter organization is the concern of 3 d printing technology’s impact on the environment, they are now considering to solve environmental problems, thus weakening the impact of climate change.

3 d printing will affect and change the development of many industries, is one of the most interesting industry medicine. We already know in Haiti, how many organizations such as iLab production is similar to a one-time neonatal umbilical cord clamp such 3 d printing of pharmaceutical products. For a haven’t recovered from the disastrous hurricane, these pharmaceutical products are hard to find. In the United States and Britain, on the other hand, some of the hospital, 3 d printing custom can be hip replacement and other matching patients of artificial joints. Then we have to mention is the so-called biological printing technology, this technology is Orgonovo such as applied to the gen enterprise, by typing human cells and tissues, the body parts of regeneration.

when the first “3 d printing gun” produced by a success, media reports caused uproar, indeed, of course, not all 3 d printing as encouraging as they promote and save money. In addition, the current 3 d printing a lot of deficiencies, it waste slag’s impact on the environment is very bad, the problem to be solved.

however, even if 3 d printing gun controversial, but does not affect its display products personalized power. Like the birth of networked computers, herald the arrival of the electronic age: a music industry, publishing industry, as well as film industry is a new lease on life. At the same time, 3 d printing for all industries to look brand-new, compared with our mode of production in the past, these industries need to timely change in the better direction. Hope in the future, the industry can be more efficient, energy-saving and sustainable.


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Oliver: a skip intermediary rental application

if you have tried to in San Francisco, New York, this kind of popular cities looking for a house to live, then you probably and mediation of this magic dealt. They took a line, almost didn’t do something, take a cut from the rent. It is time to get rid of them. What left? With Oliver.

Oliver is get rid of the mediation’s latest film. The application to the landlord and tenant for linear contact. The concept sounds simple, can use up is very difficult. Need to find the landlord directly, then integrating the housing information they provide. Actually, thus forming a barrier-free market tenants can contact the landlord directly, without having to mediation by a third party.

about how to think of creation of Oliver, Oliver, co-founder of Yossi Shemesh says is very simple: “one day I and real estate developers Amir Shriki ate meal. That’s all.”

Shemesh said: “I found that housing inventory and statistics are available, so we just threw the money on this project, then I with developers team churning out a machine, it can direct statistical data provided by the landlord. In August 2014, we first verification, hired a group of interns to contact the landlord and tenant, also made a simple web page version of Oliver. We can pick up a few single business every day, almost can clinch a deal. So we stopped the proof of concept, and began the seed round.”

this app will definitely meet all your expectations. You only need to choose a house, and then the landlord to make an appointment. But intermediary will tell you, they can provide the service, help you eliminate the wonky, coincided with the landlord. If under the sharing type of economic system, the landlord is not responsible, such services market. But most homeowners in the provision of housing, Oliver need to apply for and receive credit check, this greatly reduces the intermediary value of existence.

Shemesh said: “other similar applications, such as median, Trulia, StreetEasy, RentHop NakeApartments, their profit model is the intermediary fees. We are going to be in the field of house renting Uber, abandon the third party intermediary, let the tenant and the landlord seamless docking.”

Oliver is founded by Shemesh and Shriki cooperation, in the first few months they self-raised funds, but now it has gained New York real estate dealers $1 million in angel investment. Shemesh or a photo sharing application Mobli co-founder, the application in a few years ago caused a stir. A month ago, Oliver log in Manhattan, it has been about 2000 people visit the web site, a day to clinch a deal amount about 200. This week, Oliver in brooklyn, the market has become too crowded, but Oliver looks likely become an interesting in this lucrative market new players.

Shemesh said: “there is no doubt that the mediation will be no place.” I hope so.


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This is the best in silicon valley, is also the worst of the silicon valley

introduction: in the cradle of “innovation” in silicon valley, one of the best feelings in two words: of course, is optimistic, nothing happened; And the worst experience summed up three words: I’m looking forward to – self pressure is overweight, can bring adverse psychological impact. Let the author expounds his in silicon valley, it is concluded that the reason of these two points.

the writer is Facebook product design director Julie Zhuo

many times my mother asked me a question: “why don’t want to be a doctor when you grow up?” For her to the doctor’s cure, the patient, the patient recover is very noble. Her father because cancer death, that is why she will choose to be a doctor, is why she will let me choose to be a doctor.

my dad said: “you should consider achievement a career on Wall Street.” For growth in the Chinese cultural revolution great pressure, there is nothing in highly appropriate people more representative in high-rise office buildings completed capital and free.

so, when I was a child living in fear of needles in my mother. And my father tried to explain to me the stock, but in the end we both physically and mentally exhausted.

I wanted to create things.

at the end of the day, so I went to silicon valley.

oh by the way, there are a lot of people think it’s too strange, this is also a mixed reviews. I living in this land for more than a decade, and then begin to understand that a person by his name first, and then by several communication and experience to understand a famous stingy neighbors. Until you are very familiar with the story and realized that you are part of the story, too.

nowadays, the mainstream media is keen on this so called “the cradle of innovation”, always write the inspiration of the crazy here, experts and leaders of abnormal. But for me, the valley has never been a prototype or a situation, it only contains the feelings in my heart, very good and very poor.

when I was on the first day to the science and technology company work, I have been told to record the diff command before the end of the day (note: the diff command used for comparing the difference between the two files, it can be made into a patch file, use the patch commands to the corresponding patch file.

this to just spend the whole morning to solve a number of files is not practical. This is a joke? I am a newcomer, haven’t you like to introduce myself, explain product, read files or books of this kind of new task?

I looked around. Everyone wearing headphones work, immersed in the code or the world of music. Sitting opposite me thick eyebrows, with him forever angular and bushy eyebrows.

my mentor to push me. He sat in front of my computer, check the copy of the repository, roaring, fingers on the keyboard to keep quickly organized file tree to share some information. Then he stood up and said he has other things to do.

the rest of the time the blink of an eye. I don’t remember what my first diff command file — something trivial like find and replace the string. But I am more remember how nervous I was, and for me, this task to find a clear no qualification to make big changes of product’s little crazy. After finish. Someone gave my email to others of the engineering team, they reply me a congratulations to join. My partner, that is, angular bushy eyebrows, put down his work to see my one eye, and then he nodded, he USES the universal agreed symbols to meet the arrival of the I.

I returned home that day, confused and dizzy. I’m not sure what I own, but I feel like a mig fighter suddenly stopped by my side, invited me to the boarding – although I do not know anything about the aircraft, although there is no let me to recognize aircraft tradition, and although I am thinking of the aircraft in the brain may not be simple, but I work in silicon valley, to some extent on the first day of the feeling is like this, inevitably, jump jets to attempt to fly.

this is the best feeling in silicon valley.

there is nothing better than silicon valley type conceal optimistic, like a bottle of drink, bubbling, forcibly shake, the release of a bubble. You can try in a company meeting, when standing on the stage describes the CEO everyone is hard work for a bright future, the future is so attractive that you want to have a magical remote control fast forward time. In the job fairs, you will feel, as the conversation continued, when two people’s thought and they can do something together, will be alone, than they can create a kind of magnifying power is better. You can see colleagues to look in the eyes, the closer you say that sentence: “hey, I have a new idea… “

when you feel the best feeling in silicon valley, nothing seems impossible, seemingly impossible in your breaking it down into smaller and better solve the problem before suddenly be rearranged. As long as you take a step more than others, and soon you will measure the length of earth, it looks almost perfectly logical.

the best place in silicon valley can be summed up two words: of course.

the best idea, of course, can be achieved.

this problem could be solved, of course.

of course, you can do it.

the path of change our feet. In this country, we are full of curious, eager to learn, willing to debate, a thriving.

announced a person in this world is a very big change.

the best silicon valley which part is the concept – you line, you can.

but also, in the worst feeling is the same as in silicon valley, is easy to be upside down into darkness.

listen, can you hear? This is some other shows “hockey stick effect” (note: the hockey stick effect is also called the hockey stick phenomenon, is refers to in a fixed period (month, quarter or year), the early stage of the sales is very low, to the final sales there will be a sudden growth, and in a continuous cycle, this kind of phenomenon will cycle, its demand curve is similar to the shape of hockey stick, so called the hockey stick phenomenon in supply chain management) company. This is a group of diligent dreamer rags-to-riches story. This is a barrage, from creative ranking to the number of billionaires account zero ranking list of elite.

we have such culture in silicon valley, we will jump into one after another golden myth, create a legend, larger than life hero, praise all good, has the potential and worth emulating. When we tell the story, this is a what we learned, how can we become a better story. When we speak, our voice filled with success and sincere.

these things are possible, of course, we told each other, we can tell ourselves this is possible. Of course, we also can do it.

except when we can’t.

and then, at that time the feeling how? You let everyone down, more is to let yourself down, crushing the beautiful chorus. Do you think you have no value. When you feel others in front of the fire, you get stuck, some invisible wall on your head; The worst of all, you will be very very lonely, because it shouldn’t be so, you can do these things.

in silicon valley, the worst experience can be summed up three words: I’m looking forward to.

I’m looking forward to success.

I’m looking forward to solve the problem.

I’m looking forward to be very good.

these self-imposed expectations make up the pressure, and the pressure will be extended, fill the blank of our lives. This pressure is embodied in tension, anxiety and paralysis of self-doubt.

every month I will have this kind of experience. I have just been through last week. But, where is this title? Is established by one legend in silicon valley, which tend to ignore the pressure of silent failure – the other side of the story, prefer to highlight the vision and the potential of tomorrow instead of the current problems and defects.

I stay in this technology in the silvery light of the longer, the more I want to be familiar with the following contents: embrace fragile, seek support, keep curiosity.

may be the next ten years, I will know how to step out of silicon valley boundless optimism and heavy hope that fragile boundaries between secret.


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In the field of secondary yuan “imagination” is big, social + translation can open new model?

on July 31 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

secondary yuan lovers know bi li bi li, commonly known as B stand a UGC type video platform. People can upload animation, film and video, some people don’t satisfied with this, integrating the existing material into a funny video on B site to attract a large number of users, and even cause hot spots. Recently, Jackie chan eldest brother “Duang” and the thunder of the general “you OK” is a typical example. This shows the user’s imagination is very rich. Imagination, founder and CEO Liu Xinyi said in an interview with hunting cloud network, it is to see the second yuan amateur creative potential, just had to create imaginative ideas.

platform to break the barriers

imagination is a more focused on the areas of ACGN language creation platform, integrating light blogging + team + translation tools. Users can put his creative writing comic content such as imagination platform, have certain language ability can also be translated into other languages. In addition, imagination and group functions, translation tools, word practical small tools such as embedded images.

Liu Xinyi tell hunting cloud network, imagination meet the requirements of the two groups. First, mix the secondary users create potential is very large, so long as can stimulate their points, the second in the field of yuan a works like until it is full of love, they will continue to enlarge imagination, has poured into a steady stream of inspiration, constantly. Second, China’s translation industry generally pay is low, and in various places across the imagination is to put them together, using the reward model, outstanding works can be spread to the world, break language barriers lovers at home and abroad.

behind a strong game translation

the studio behind imagination is focused on the areas of the game more than language service provider, to provide game makers 19 languages translation and localization service, with many large companies such as netease and interaction between the blue port have had cooperation. Imagination studio mainly hand swim, swim page translation, produced a large number of works. Is one of the most famous works in the mobile game of Kings (Clash of Kings), the game has been translated into ten languages to global distribution, got remarkable achievements.

what imagination is put into social and translation? We can see that the imagination can post your translation or the original content, also can put the others to upload pictures of translated into other languages. Users find good choose according to their interest in the label, together to create a group discussion. Liu Xinyi tell hunting cloud network, imagination from douban, bursts, it has net form, integrated into a platform, this is no one walking in front of the road. So imagination was founded a year constantly groping forward, version updates the four or five versions of the homepage design alone in the nine.

the imagination of the user is positioned as high school students to the age of the young white-collar class, like secondary yuan and some foreign language skills. Imagination is also to our sights overseas, support original, hope to attract more and better network literature, “grassroots” mining at home and abroad.

original development in the future

the CEO Liu Xinyi secondary yuan is severe, do game localization, studied in Germany for ten years, worked at sohu swim, wisdom star companies such as general, imagination studio was founded in July last year. Five people team a total of 12 people, technology, the rest have overseas business and internal management. Game translation team are part-time workers, a total of more than 400 people, 70% were foreigners, with translation is given priority to, the rest of the staff is given priority to with game localization testing.

there is currently no official promotion, imagination seed users about one thousand people. Future, Liu Xinyi hope to drive the imagination game business this new platform, the excellent original content with their own channels to promote out, even the popular works published.

in hunting cloud network point of view, this is really a novel blend of many types of communities, the two dimensional domain user base is very big also, from B station users see out), if appropriate, encourage users to create, such as increasing reward, the number of users will expand rapidly. Imagination is understood to have received seed round of funding.

Mobile: electric business in crossing the maybe you need a “consultant”

(word/Liu Sijing)

not every electricity product team can cow X to the PC, the App, such as micro mall platform construction of complete function, operation of colorful, maybe they need a can help to solve these problems.

mobile is an e-commerce solutions provider, to provide the electric business platform operation solutions, providing customers with each big electric business platform mall in BSS, APP development, micro structures, such as mall service. Services include electricity service content and the technical service content two aspects: electricity service content provides Internet e-commerce development, operation, electric business platform, channel set up. Technical service content: WeChat marketing, WeChat account service development, public WeChat mall platform, APP client development.

mobile at present the main business is divided into three modules:

the mall: help businesses quickly on WeChat implement product display, product purchase, mobile payment, order management, logistics management group and member discount, etc.

micro interaction: targeted marketing services, such as online coupons, rotary draw, WeChat membership card, etc.

Within the micro site:

industry template contains a wide variety of styles, and expect to have each small and medium-sized businesses and individuals have their own web sites.

founder Chen Junxi said, at present mainly in the field of mobile business in micro mall module, micro interaction and micro site belongs to the micro value-added module in the mall to customize. Micro mall module is expected to solve WeChat public platform itself function insufficiency, the pertinence is not strong, the interaction is not convenient, and compared with the App, micro mall for consumers will achieve the goal of a province traffic, need not download, use more convenient. In the mobile space online won the angel rounds of up to 5 million yuan of investment.

in micro mall platform, each into businesses must have offline store, must have the id card, when applying for business license, certificate of individual enterprise’s tax and other information, can enter after trial. In prophase, the “mobile” invite merchants, the merchants localization of each category cover again after expanding to surrounding areas. And plan to shop in after charge a deposit, the aim is to ensure the quality of business services, word of mouth “buy insurance” for the brand. Online until now, has more than 3600 in shenzhen local merchants.

mobile every month in the background to businessman to do a comprehensive service score, score decide next year whether to continue the cooperation with the business, if the score can not reach the standard is to cancel the contract.

to push to remove the way, in the early online, part of the team and offline businesses done meeting type is recommended. In the future, the mobile space for some big brand merchants also plans to guest, guest businessmen can enjoy preferential and offline promotion policy priority to rent.

founder Chen Junxi said, the feature of the mobile space is the micro mall can be customized. Mobile can access, according to user needs to do micro store distribution platform access and custom marketing tool, with the user’s advice is given priority to, but before that will do a series of internal assessment to user’s requirement, if do not meet the market demand will be rejected.

at present, the mobile space by extracting the service fee to the businessman, customized value-added services to profit, the future will be on the basis of the existing profit model to increase cash flow.

Chen Junxi revealed that mobile will soon complete the alipay merchants access plan, and plan and some enterprises to do promotion, such as some installed user guide to consumption platform, mobile will provide installed column for the user to choose from. In the later will consider localization access to education, to integrate all the resources localization.

the micro letter fire, many people are in the market at a micro mall industry prospects, the good and evil people mixed up result in today’s market, and attached to the other platform is not a long-term solution. In the interview, the founder Chen Junxi has also revealed to the hunting cloud network late in the product development team want to transition to the idea of a “taobao” mobile end, self-contained platform to do rather than cut type platform, to build their own mobile terminal products.

“Exclusive” ding-dong sign in mobile office software has won 2 million angels

(word/Tan Ziling)

ding-dong check-in is a based on wifi + sign in application of mobile phones, is a subsidiary of shandong than information technology co., LTD. Recently, than general manager wang zhiqiang information disclosed to hunt cloud network, ding-dong sign in shandong purple light than in early 2015 and team a total of 2 million individual angel investors.

wang zhiqiang told cloud network hunting, ding-dong sign in senior team from the parent company of shandong purple light than. Team began to develop in 2014 November ding-dong check-in, were published in February 2015. At present, the ding-dong sign-in DAU to 20000.

ding-dong sign in with the client and staff side two ports. Enterprise managers through the management end can see the unit attendance information anytime and anywhere, unit announcement, audit staff leave information, at the same time, can be a key export attendance statistics; Employees can sign in a key, accept an unit announcement, communicate with the unit leadership.

Ding-dong sign in the purpose of the

“we do want to do is a subversion of traditional ways of check on work attendance an entirely new way of check on work attendance, can inspect back office, can inspect field again, very convenient and simple, at that time, our philosophy is to be happy work, happy work attendance record,” said wang zhiqiang. His way is pointed out that the attendance of micro, small and medium enterprises now are more traditional, can not fully reflect the attendance of the whole company, and for field that management has a lot of disadvantages. Based on these pain points, the team set up ding-dong sign in.

with the development of the mobile intelligent terminals, the enterprise demand for mobile office also increased significantly. 2015 mobile office software market competition also begin to enter a climax, focusing on the aspects of vertical mobile office application arises at the historic moment. Ding-dong sign in different from general based on the geographic location of the LBS sign in application, it is not for the employee records of the whole line, but the location of employees to the site, to sign in. At the same time, the team is developing a new router, as long as the employees to the company, even on the company’s wifi, namely can realize check-in, without having to open the App.

on the business model, ding-dong sign in pay attention to word of mouth marketing, fans economy development, its core function is free to use, “ding dong check-ins tens of millions of users, tens of millions of users to shape ding-dong sign in, we need to do dong melon (ding-dong sign in fans name) and the growth of our common witness ding-dong sign in,” said wang zhiqiang.

according to hunt cloud network understands, ding-dong sign in the team is also doing the extension of product, the user USES the ding-dong can put forward to demand after check-in, team for a specific field for the user to make personalized products of the industry.

wang zhiqiang tells hunters cloud network, the company will continue to do a good job in user experience based on the development of project considering the next round of financing.

Social entrepreneurship bar micro pie, want to near field way to create entrepreneurs “wine country”

on July 31 (word/yan-mei wu)

I believe you for impressive business coffee, coffee from the prime minister’s attraction 3 w to create a dream garage coffee, passionate entrepreneurs figure is active in wind breeze cafe, do not know if most Chinese people think that wine is kill the soul mate of the battlefield, but I think the best place to venture Rock Roll should be in a more passionate bar. Hunting cloud network recently micro pie business bar want to help entrepreneurs “three cups of avenue, a bucket in nature.”

is in the beginning the author thinks that the product is just a like entrepreneurship coffee for everybody to seduce a place, in fact sent bar made a new attempt, helping entrepreneurs to complete the “social” effectively.

the entrepreneurial field PALS are purpose is very strong, but to say “hello”, each one in the business card, test line not only courage and skill, the efficiency is low.

the pie do is business entrepreneurship bar near field social platform, based on the bar table, each table set up exclusive qr code, the user by scanning the qr code to transmit their information to the bar on the table in the TV screen, no matter you are the entrepreneurs, the media, investors, can seduce, field personnel identity and position in the clear. A wine tasting, of course, if you just want to quietly do man or woman can be beautiful, as long as they don’t scan qr code or choose under the wall.

micro sent a CMO LuZeLiang told cloud network hunting for near-field social thought is mainly from the game of changing the world “parallel reality game, (hunting cloud network note: parallel reality game, is a platform for the real world, fusion of various virtual game elements, the player can personally involved in the role play of multimedia interactive games.) The pioneering hard, bar want to be able to help you improve social efficiency, reduce the embarrassment of blindly. Also wants to help you relax at the same time, the game is to make everyone happy relaxed.

micro bar to have a combination of media properties, are held in some entrepreneurial activities such as entrepreneurial talk every week, new product releases, and entrepreneurial activity. Micro pie will be retained for new resources and project the future continue to implement the concept of the game, for entrepreneurs to connect the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurial teams within the incubator or bars have a memorable moments or milestones will be retained, but what the future will be more in-depth cooperation, micro sent says it is in the plan.

when it comes to the future business model, the bar will have the internal service is not limited to entrepreneurs, the future will create more chain bar, but the theme will be in accordance with the specific industry demand for services. Founder & amp; CEO summer night, red wine import and export trade, himself secondary taster.

micro sent business of creating a space, bar micro belongs to send all the micro sent at the same time also provide fund incubator service, is now in the stage of trial operation, the official public appearance on August 1st. Summer night told hunting cloud network: micro pie incubator will focus on the direction of the enterprise service and O2O start-ups, micro send funds focused on help transform the traditional industry of the Internet.

The next floor: finance + electricity, collision sparks of how?

(word/Yin Zixuan)

in traditional electric business platform, users play the role of consumers. Floor “in the” go to Iraq, the consumer in as well as the shoppers, is also an investor.

) floor of founding team has three people, founder zhen-dong yu is a serial entrepreneur, at school had started to focus on college students’ life and learning platform “eu fruit net”, also had to open a gift shop; A partner has experience as a electricity; Another partner who is advertising company’s shareholders, is responsible for promoting U.S. floor of propaganda and planning.

why is there such a financial nature of the electric business platform? Zhen-dong yu told cloud network hunting, “is actually very simple, every time we go to the store to buy things, then think about whether it would spend the money back, also can have some other income?” Under the idea, zhen-dong yu decided to start a can let consumer spending to finance platform at the same time.

in order to achieve the financial management function,) building from two cuts:

Floor there is a

first, go to Iraq 20 into 1 queuing up money mode, consumer spending one hundred yuan per, will get a cash right, as long as in the twentieth consumers spend 100 yuan, the first one consumer can cash back 100 yuan.

second,) floor of the user is able to obtain the integral after consumption. In consumer spending and businesses between delivery and confirm the delivery of the final, debt collection has a cycle. ) floor of the stock of money this time and financial companies, according to the financial company’s earnings to the user’s score for financial returns.

at present, the U.S. has open to businesses, in nearly hundreds of businesses, products mainly daily necessities. In September, U.S. floor will officially open to the consumer. In addition, the U.S. building’s Internet phone software “hui qian” has 500000 consumer groups, after the floor is open to the consumer, when go to Iraq for database qso, realize the docking.

competing goods, large electric business platform taobao, jingdong, let consumers have a rebate network platform, has been developing very poor. Under such attack, zhen-dong yu said, “compared with the big electric business platform, we still have a lot of shortcomings. But our greater benefits consumers and let them not to spend money to buy the same to the same products, and to participate in the financial management of joy; Second, we do not all platform of e-commerce, but for daily necessities and FMCG field, more vertical.”

talking about the future of business model, zhen-dong yu told hunting cloud network, “our profit there are four: first, the merchant’s commission fees; Second, the platform advertising costs; Third, the portion of financial services commission; Fourth, provide value-added services.”

the author thinks that as a finance class electric business platform, the next floor founding team’s financial background is a bit weak, hope in the future they will be able to find the right method to compensate for the loss of this piece; At the same time, how many Internet environment in electric business platform with your own brand, strive for more market share, also need to strive to Iraq floor.

it is reported that U.S. floor is in talks to angel round.

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“Estimated Shared:” accurately evaluate used, focus on C2C auction trading platform


according to Analysys Analysys, a think-tank, analysis of China’s second-hand electric dealer market is now in the exploration phase, predicts 2016 used car online trading account will be more than 10% of second-hand car trading, second-hand electric dealer market will enter a rapid development of the start-up stage. And how to stabilize quest, a place in the used-car market is very important.

is committed to providing a used car online assessment of C2C auction trading platform “for Shared”, to realize win-win between buyer and seller of a used car online trading patterns of exploration for a long time. As early as in 2008, the founder of the “estimated Shared” znsoft work in the United States, based on the study of local used car evaluation system, combined with its number of “high price” buy second-hand experiences, hoping to set up a platform of disintermediation, in order to circumvent the second-hand vehicle transaction information asymmetry problems in, to provide users with a professional third party online assessment.

“pure assessment one is no way to profit, secondly, the user’s demand to existing assessment after buying a car, ‘estimated Shared based on the evaluation system platform to achieve the transformation.” “Estimated Shared” marketing director Yao Weilong said. In 2014, “estimated Shared” formally transformed into building used car information, evaluation, comprehensive trading platform. Now “estimated Shared platform number of users has reached 500000, site daily assessment ten thousand times.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, “estimated Shared” used car online accurate evaluation system based on the market clinch a deal the real data, using the method of “replacement cost method and the current market price of” combination of evaluation methods and the real-time data set +/non real-time parallel combination “mode of data processing, and real-time dynamic correction coefficient correction, introduced according to the market changes, in order to realize the precise assessment of the value of used cars, at present this system has applied for a patent for invention.

by “estimated Shared,” selling cars simply login web site or telephone to make an appointment to apply for, “estimated Shared” staff will arrange vehicles real-time detection. Shared by then, appraise the joint city, the China quality inspection association launched all electronic testing services in perfect condition, and provide test report, “estimated Shared” will be set according to the evaluation results after negotiating with the seller a reasonable bid price and bidding, and release the information to estimate “Shared” platform.

and for the buyer, “everyone can be a clap guest”, users can directly transfer after auction clinchs a deal. In order to ensure that used car auction go smoothly, “the buyer must pay a certain amount of deposit before bidding to avoid accident case such as bidding up the price or auction invalid.” Yao Weilong said, “for Shared” for each auction used to do quality guarantee, and provide quality assurance services.

competing goods, every car, all car used-car C2C trading platform with the major pricing way of selling, and optimal letter such as between a big platform for auto dealers live auctions is given priority to, this kind of platform are done more mature, the market share is bigger. Yao Weilong said, “for Shared” the still focus on guangdong region of C2C auction type second-hand car trading patterns, to gain a foothold and then to other considerations.

Yao Weilong admitted that money and quality options to develop is estimate “Shared” at present the development of the two big difficult problem, at the present stage formally launched A round of funding, will be mainly used for the next step of platform of business development and promotion.

September morning post: the apple launched its new TV set-top boxes

on July 31 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

the apple released on September the new apple TV set-top boxes

it is understood that the new apple TV set-top boxes will be equipped with A8, slimmer than current models, and also to match with a new type of remote control touch panel. Software, the device’s user interface will be updated, and to support the App Store App Store.

in addition, the report says the new Apple TV set-top box will also support the Music service of Apple Apple Music. Expect apple TV set-top box will also upgrade in the summer, to support Siri voice search function.

360 tencent computer butler suspension upgrades

Windows 10 officially launched the first day, that is, poking fun at upgrade continual failure by user. Yesterday, with Microsoft 360 security guards of the cooperation is the escort Win10 upgrade and tencent computer butler are issued to suspend the service announcements.

Microsoft itself in a situation that the official response, said: “we are very glad to see the Chinese user feedback on the Windows 10 and enthusiasm. We have noticed that individual users through our partners tencent and qihoo 360 upgrade when met with delay. We are working closely with tencent and qihoo 360, ensure that our common users have qualified equipment to upgrade to the Windows 10 as soon as possible.” For optimization schedule of launch, Microsoft has not given.

Russia operators and retailers to stop buying the samsung smartphone

Russia’s two biggest mobile operator and two mobile phone retailer said on Thursday, for fear of not qualified rate, and on the maintenance guarantee problem can’t agree with samsung, they have stopped purchasing samsung’s smartphones.

including PJSC MegaFon and VimpelCom two mobile operators, as well as Euroset Holding and Svyaznoy two mobile phone retailer, has stopped purchasing samsung smartphone. VimpelCom said in a statement that in samsung electronics equipment repair rate reached 7%, far more than other brands after the repair rate of the company chose to stop purchasing samsung electronics products.

Facebook to provide Internet access service began to build the plane

technology guru Facebook has built a real plane – this is a about 140 feet long, the use of solar energy of unmanned aircraft. Facebook purport to using the plane into the “flying” Internet center, to provide global Internet connection parts of the lack of wi-fi connection services.

this plane is not only a creative or false model, but a real plane. The aircraft production in the UK, but according to Facebook, director of the engineering business vice President jay, rick said the company plans to somewhere by the end of may take the lead in the United States for testing.

huawei released tat 4: high and low configuration location two thousand

to China telecom, huawei released in qinghai lake’s young mobile phone brand new “battles”.

the release of tat 4 there are high and the standard two versions, among them, the high-end version support 4 g all netcom, priced at 2499 yuan, is configured to 3 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM; Standard of empty champagne silver and titanium gray two colors, price 2099 yuan, is configured to 2 gb of RAM + 16 gb ROM. , huawei tat 4 full version netcom will open on July 31 at 10:08 huawei Vmall mall, jingdong mall, 189. The cn synchronous appointments, August 7, the first pin listed at 10:08.

France ordered Google to implement “right to be forgotten” Google refused to

data protection regulators in France, the French national information and free commission (CNIL) “order, once the” right “is forgotten by the user, the requirements of the relevant provisions Google must be for all versions of search sites around the world for cleaning and filtering, rather than merely to filter the company each version of the site in the European market. Said Thursday, however, Google company will refuse to enforce the national information and free commission this instruction, which may make Google face penalties.

Google and Facebook rule the global mobile advertising market half

the Facebook social networking site provides the latest evidence that hold huge cash big brands, such as it and Google, have gradually formed on the rapid growth of mobile advertising market monopoly of power.

Facebook’s latest results show that the second quarter of the company’s revenue rose 39% year-on-year, with nearly three-quarters of revenue from mobile advertising business. Although Facebook spending growth at a faster rate than revenue growth in the quarter, but the company’s executives in the subsequent earnings call, said Facebook’s overall spending this year will remain lower than expected, it will also further enhance the profitability of the company.

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