Say goodbye to a fixed office space, a startup Doist launch a remote work plan

more than eight years ago, when Amir Salihefendic development Todoist, don’t want to set up a network for the widespread use of employees.

Salihefendic grew up in Bosnia, when he was in the development of the task management tool is still in the Danish study of college students, the main purpose is for their own use. A few years later, he decided to devote in the vehicle, he found himself need to hire a few employees, and economic conditions don’t allow him to work manner.

now, the official name is called Doist, company has been in more than 20 countries have more than 40 employees, throughout belarus, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, South Korea and Spain, and so on, in the United States and five part-time employees. The team to provide services for more than 100 users. Not rely on any venture, the company only by subscribing to the content, from the beginning maintained a stable profitability, new registered users, about 10000 people a day.

this experience Salihefendic into the preacher work remotely. He is not a person in a fight, developed a WordPress surprise and Buffer has been preached for years distributed labor benefits, but what’s interesting is Doist for its own interests do far more than other companies. It provides the tools for remote workers, and this process can be secondary to make full use of it.

away from the city of science and technology

Salihefendic is via Skype from Porto, Portugal, and I chat, he and his future wife decided to move to the city a few years ago. Doist nine employees to make their homes in Portugal, Salihefendic also fell in love with this country in a play, so they ought to build an office here. But they don’t need!

Salihefendic Doist adopts distributed labor force is mainly out of necessity. When he worked in Taiwan for social networking Plurk, he applied for a whim Chile start-up incubator, approved a pack to leave he, since 2008, he is not attach importance to Todoist to get his attention. In developing the first mobile version of the application, Salihefendic start remote employees.

the first employee from Salihefendic Doist colleague recommended in the incubator. In order to better expand team, Doist adopted “guerrilla tactics”, from the BBS of Hacker News, such as making and Reddit to recruit, at least before the company develop enough to attract candidates do.

“in San Diego is not I can hire out on a business trip to the great android developers,” said Salihefendic, “may be there are some, but I can’t find it.”

Salihefendic soon found work remotely and other benefits. Not office and management cost, employment cost and such technology in San Francisco alone is half as long as compared to the city to a third, but also do not have to worry about such as Facebook and Google technology giant dig my corner.

“it isn’t just a matter of overhead, and talent.” Salihefendic said, “if you go to San Francisco, you are competing with millions of investment of a large company.”

however, is perhaps the biggest benefit of Doist can develop at their own pace, and the little study on how to establish a remote company. Compared with those of other entrepreneurs Salihefendic investment in silicon valley and the pressure it brings to the company is very cautious.

he said: “this kind of investment will force the company develops very quickly, but not really to build an excellent team or to the development of the enterprise culture and experience necessary.”

perfect and promote the remote tool

The development of the

Doist compared to other companies that telecommuting is not very different, as well as it in attracting new employees, including one can see how job seekers in the case of independent work will show the test. Employee benefits are included in the employee’s office expenses and cost team occasionally meet. Salihefendic also emphasized the necessity of written communication, and every once in a while must achieve a particular goal. That is to say, the employer must be fully in this remote work mode, otherwise this way of working is doomed to fail.

but in the process of establishing remote company over the years, Salihefendic also found that the tools are not complete, and with the development of Doist, it can make better tools. Todoist itself had already started on this attempt, because the company must first to meet the demand of their employees.

, for example, to support different language problems, Doist just because in China there is a financial manager to make the problem simple a lot, helping to solve the complex problem of date stated. Salihefendic said: “in general, I think they may not need to spend a lot of time to improve Chinese date, testing, but for us it is very normal.”

Salihefendic believe that if a product is made by the people around the world, and it is more likely to resonate with users around the world. He said Doist in Taiwan have a designer, offer opinions and European designers. He added: “now this time, we make the product must be oriented to the whole world rather than just wealthy white.”

in addition to the to-do list software, Doist influenced by his own experience of distributed labor, is developing a new product. Salihefendic think it is a bit like Slack, companies are already using Slack, but pay more attention to the new software thread communication.

“we are developing the communication software, we also use it in, and to optimize it, make it more in line with our structure.” Salihefendic said, “on Todoist is the same, we optimize our products to make them conform to our requirements, is likely to eventually they can meet the requirements of other remote company.”

although there are some successful examples of work remotely, but the relatively small size. And don’t have enough facts to prove that large company also can use the remote work. But Salihefendic want to give it a try.

“I don’t think it is impossible to expand to the thousands of people.” Salihefendic said, “one of the things we want to do is create a support tool working remotely. You will see many innovations we on these tools, they can help us to communicate, share, and arranged in a big team.”


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Morning: millet take Uber in Singapore and Malaysia to sell mobile phone, the nikkei announced a $1.29 billion bid for the financial times,

on July 24 (word/land full of red)

millet take Uber in Singapore and Malaysia to sell mobile phone

millet and Uber reached cooperation, in Singapore and Malaysia Note smartphones, consumers will be able to reserve millet after booking, millet will jointly Uber mobile delivery to the customer.

millet the Courier fees to saved?

Google cloud challenge amazon: free gift 100 million GB space

Google launched a Cloud Storage service Cloud Storage Nearline, to attract business from amazon Web Services to Google’s Cloud Services, before Google promised to use other Cloud service enterprise provide 100 pb free Storage space.

the local tyrants, rich capricious

cisco sold for $600 million set-top box business

the paris-based Technicolor SA agreed to pay about????? $600 million acquisition of cisco’s set-top box business. ? Cisco has been spending heavily to buy the set-top box company, the deal marks the cisco will bid farewell to the set-top box market.

alibaba into business super: pushing Tmall supermarket first Beijing

alibaba group announced a full into the business field, nationwide in stages cat supermarket pushing its day, the first station selected Beijing, the first to Beijing area consumer subsidies of 1 billion yuan.

to paraphrase one of zhou: entrepreneurship is not free but had now

Microsoft two Win10 high-end flagship exposure machine configuration

is known to all, Microsoft will be launched this year a number of high-end flagship Windows 10 mobile phones, recently the science and technology media quoted Microsoft internal documents, all the configuration two flagship phone exposure.

the nikkei announced a $1.29 billion bid for the financial times

nikkei inc. for $1.29 billion for the financial times, the financial times, the owner of the Pearson group issued a statement, confirmed the deal.

YC funds through overseas investment channel

angel exchange announced, has set up branches in the United States, by the angel link management of the domestic first focus on investment opportunity to YC Y Combinator to accelerate project Chinese direct investment fund has got the Y Combinator Demo Day invite investors qualifications, and completed the first phase of the six projects investment.

36 times China Internet network development state statistic report

China Internet network information center (CNNIC) issued the 36 times China Internet network development state statistic report, according to the report, China’s 668 million Internet users, mobile Internet population accounted for 88.9%. China’s weibo use half a year fell 17.9%.

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Focus on B2B model of food and beverage management system “” Joe meters could gain a foothold in catering iteration?

(text/Liu Sijing)

pointed out: China electronic commerce research center monitoring data in 2013, China’s catering industry O2O market scale reached 62.3 billion yuan, is expected to 2015 Chinese restaurant O2O market scale will reach 120 billion yuan. Level in the face of billions of the size of the market, “Joe rice food and beverage management system” can be the excellent food industry transformation of the election?

Joe m catering management system is a set of food industry in the field of Internet solutions, vertical industry WeChat end as customers order, line entrance, through the background to help businesses realize customers, employees and the management of the industrial structure. Product features embodied in the following aspects:

member system: each end user B corresponds to the public has a unique ID number, C end customers through public consumption after upgraded to B end members.

sales system: is divided into takeaway, reservation and shopping mall and B end user can check received the order in the background.

store system: up sales units are available at each branch and each functional data, store and independent operating member management, order, delivery, queue, etc.

data system: automatic save the c-terminal behavior analysis of sales data, data, data.

the game system: C end customers waiting in line when waiting for a meal by WeChat public play all kinds of small game, the game scores can be uploaded to the data by the system to the member integral system.

queue order payment system: including the remote station to station, Pad order, a key of undelivered, micro letter to pay, etc.

li bo, said Joe m businesses catering management system with the customer, the six modules to solve the customer operation between merchants and the problems in the process of dining, forming a closed loop, expect to solve high labor costs, low efficiency in traditional food and beverage industry, customers queuing time is too long.

li bo convective cloud network, said: “the merchants do not need to worry about the problem of using, within 5 working days after the delivery company will use to store coaching related personnel, and provide businesses with products brochure with functional modules and operation guide.”

competing goods, hunting cloud network previously reported “” is a both B and C side free meal management system, for the customer, the front desk order, kitchen reaction, managers have the APP and online editions of terminal, the product is relatively simple to operate. Another product “big mouth” is a created businesses catering management system, to provide one-stop solution from order to pay, and the customer the operation must be completed on the App.

li bo, said Joe m catering management system with the membership card as the core in all types of services, real-time tracking WeChat open interface, update better experience for consumers. Since online membership points of consumption, accounting for 30% of the total save roughly a quarter of the human cost, a day long pink number 150-200.

now, Joe meters is to earn profits by selling system, and develop the advanced payment module, open advertising function, game modules paid in also in the profit pattern of the future plan.

the next stage, li said it will develop the advanced module, and participate in the offline salon catering industry, mining potential cooperation customers; In guangzhou and the surrounding areas, after radiation and other areas have a certain user groups to develop their own B2C products.

it is understood that Joe being online has won 4 million angel rounds of investment, A round of funding in the works.

Financing evening news: buy good car for one hundred million yuan A round of funding, A unique confirmation won A $50 million financing

on July 23 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

domestic article:

buy car for one hundred million yuan A round of funding, the aurora borealis venture led, angel investors innovation works with. Buy car was established in July 2014, is a parallel imports electrical contractor.

ZhuoShi logistics investment 30 million yuan, the investor for KaiShi capital etc. ZhuoShi logistics focus on technology innovation and business model innovation of science and technology, providing customers with logistics, maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MRO) industrial integration, positioning products, technologies and services of B2B logistics equipment vertical electric business platform.

hand health won A round of investment of $20 million. Handy APP is a foot massage massage O2O enterprises, in 2015 officially launched in May.

feng cast net A round of investment 20 million yuan, the investor for CPT capital, the real investment. Feng cast net is an Internet auto financing platform.

drug terminal network A + round by tens of millions of yuan, (GGV) led by GGV capital, investors partners China and A round, grain capital letter to continue to serve as consultants company exclusive financing. Drug terminal network is a professional engaged in third-party B2B e-commerce transactions in the field of pharmaceutical circulation service platform.

SaaS love of human resource management employees angel round investment ten million yuan, the investor for the anime Cai Dongqing chairman. Love is one of the employees of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide personnel management, recruitment management, social security management, training management, human resources management tools such as wages, welfare management SaaS provider.

TangScan by sequoia capital investment, and did not disclose the specific amount. TangScan (tang dynasty safe cruise) by the dark clouds team, designed to connect good hole digging, security analysis of white hat and have a security requirements of enterprise.

To stop

angel round investment. That parking is an indoor navigation and positioning technology company.

pay treasure 250 million yuan of investment, investors for Oriental wealth. Oriental wealth treasure to pay a 27% stake in the parent company. Pay treasure is a third-party payment platform, focused on electronic payment and Internet financial sector, the current products and services are widely used in such as: B2C online mall, more than 30 industry such as B2B e-commerce market.

wal-mart to buy “1 shop” all outstanding shares will be owned by the company

wal-mart announced it had bought 1 store all outstanding shares, owned by the company. Wal-mart’s global e-commerce business in Asia, President and CEO wang will lead 1 shop.
After a wholly-owned holding 1 store, wal-mart plans by investing in accelerating the development of electronic commerce, at the same time in the network, mobile and entity shop to create a seamless experience for the user.

foreign article:

unique won $50 million in a new round of financing. Unique confirm company founder have introduced by new investors investment of $50 million, the company will use the money for extended engineers and sales team, to support more DaTiLiang readers and publishers.

Continuum Analytics won $24 million in financing, by BuildGroup and General Catalyst Partners led. Continuum Analytics is a Python distributors, can customize the Python distributions for the enterprise.

Cazena $20 million B round, 8 led by Formation, Andreessen Horowitz and North Bridge Venture Partners to vote. Cazena is a new platform to help companies deal with data.

multinational currency platform BitX won $4 million in financing, led by Naspers group, digital currency group to vote. BitX headquartered in Singapore, for emerging markets such as southeast Asia and Africa wallet, exchange and merchants and docking services.

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Leada: to help students learning data science in the middle of the actual project

for those who have received higher education and graduate education, the society has become a social experience first. The students no longer wonder why they learn a certain theory, course or practice, preferring to practical application. Technology to reduce the “why” and “how to” the distance between, but this often will separate academic environment and the extracurricular practice.

there’s a company wants to fill the data science (statistics, programming, etc.) this gap. In today announced that the company is called, the supplement will act as a professor teaching and students’ practical use of medium.

by two graduates of the university of California, Berkeley, Brian Liou and Tristan Tao established Leada’s goal is to solve the problem of the two founders are encountered: school didn’t teach them too much data in the field of science of professional skills, only a theory. They tried (interactive learning to program a web site), but said Liou effect is limited. (free online course platform) didn’t help much.

the end result is the birth of the Leada hard, is now a business incubator incubator project, it lets students dealing with data in a professional analysis, practical experience. All the homework by Leada research and development, only cooperation colleges and universities. So far, from five universities – the university of Notre Dame, New York university, the university of San Francisco, the university of California, Berkeley, and six of the northern Illinois university professors are using this service. Liou hope to can Leada scored 30 universities in autumn.

“we believe that the data science is a basic skill for everyone,” he said. “I’m sure data science market potential is very big, and now the difficulty of solution can also be applied to other industries.”

Leada and enterprise cooperation, the development of curriculum for students. Professor projects specified in the syllabus, lets the student in the semester is complete, just like in the form of homework. Each project has automatic detection function, to ensure the project schedule of students. Liou said this function is not only the judgment of right and wrong, the completion of the project is more important is to let students use the knowledge. Provide on-site service process teaching assistants to help answer any questions.

although the service is free of charge for professor, but students need to pay. Liou explained, this and need to attend courses acquisition of truth is similar. Leada provides students with two options: a career program, $25 per person; Two programming training camp, begin from the beginning, $50 per person.

is a concern that students enter Leada data would use? Company procedures with the enterprise cooperation, to create these may be based on the enterprise project of the real dilemma. So, let the students to try to these problems, the enterprise whether can free from the students’ answers? Liou said, there is no “exit” option, professors and students don’t know what do they do the results could be used for. “We haven’t come this far, still not sure whether to need to tell them, will be how to use the data. This problem is not solved.

Leada help objects more than college students. Liou said the company’s goal is for business, to offer them training methods, the trainer at teach employee data scientific knowledge. Content is consistent, still but structure is different (not the details, but may include other enterprise data), the cost is also different.

(for small and medium-sized enterprises provide free one-stop cloud HR management tool) is one of the participating enterprises.

Leada from YC and Imagine the k-12 accelerators have been raised about $200000.


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How to change the beauty makeup industry science and technology, l ‘oreal tell you

science and technology and seemingly goes and beautiful, because a lot of people in the chop before hand, will want to try a makeup, but l ‘oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, world beauty industry leader, is convinced that the two can perfect fusion.

in the past few years, l ‘oreal has experienced a digital marketing changes, the company in 2014, 15.7% of the world’s media costs are up to digital media. And over the years, l ‘oreal e-commerce accounted for 3.5% of its turnover, period, it has introduced a series of digital innovation strategy, the first phase to promote sales growth, won fans for the brand.

“digital media company of the present operation mode change is very large, the impact on the trade is also considerable, it has changed the way we interact with the consumers. But to do such a big change, we must get the full support of company board and CEO.”

“this is an investment problem, is also the problem of talent, digital media is not too popular right now – it is a treasure, but there are a lot of gold. So said so you have to attract talent, and then keep them, make them full of hope for the future of the business, this is very important.”

l ‘oreal’s chief operating officer of digital Rochet ms is a French bulgarians, graduated from Lyon in higher normal College (Ecole Normale Superieure), Paris institute of political Sciences Po (Paris) and Bruges eurocollege (College of Europe in Bruges), is an outstanding economist. Chief digital officer, this position is set for her, she just gave l ‘oreal one project, but at the same time also and the digital marketing agency Valtech the position of vice President.

l ‘oreal’s chief operating officer of digital Lubomira Rochet

as a very good lady, she always wanted to be Europe’s civil servants, but moved to San Francisco, at the university of California, Berkeley, after she is attracted to silicon valley’s way of life.

she said in an interview: “I am a girl grew up in France in Bulgaria, have always dreamed of when I grew up to the European Commission (European appointed work, at the age of 18 I met these guys suddenly, for a crazy idea millions to raise money around in flip-flops and ran to the office to work. These works let me at once.”

Rochet lady’s career began in 2003, was in Capgemini consulting firm Capgemini (), director of corporate strategy and development. Five years later, in 2008, she joined Microsoft, Microsoft by Microsoft to foster the business plan (BizSpark), established relationships with a lot of startups, responsible for innovation ecosystem. For two years, before joining the l ‘oreal, she moved to Valtech digital consulting companies in France.

ms Rochet joined the l ‘oreal in 2014. In addition to digital as chief operating officer, responsible for the company’s digital revolution, she still executive committee members. She claimed that, in this period of time of l ‘oreal, let her really deeply realized the importance of digital marketing, for any brand.

“many companies have a chief digital officer, but these people haven’t been able to earn a place in the executive committee,” she said. “we think that to accelerate the digital revolution is a very good marketing means, all brands, all countries regions, as well as l ‘oreal of all functions, are digital, so that we can grasp the opportunities, change the rules of the game.”

after office, ms Rochet participation launched a series of wide range of digital transformation, involving the l ‘oreal 32 international brands, interdisciplinary content marketing, personalized data and electronic commerce.

l ‘oreal Paris has launched a called hyperreality cosmetics application, the application will be the iPhone or the front camera into an interactive mirror, use advanced facial mapping technology, allows the user to see his picture after lip gloss and eyeliner, this technology has only used in Hollywood and the game industry.

l ‘oreal Paris launched the Makeup of Genius application

the application was a brilliant success, and worldwide downloaded over 11 million times. Paris l ‘oreal company is to continue to launch new versions, let the hair color, hair and skin care products can also join try makeup.

at the same time, the professional makeup artist Lisa come also was appointed creative director lancome cosmetics. The lady on social media has many fans, for lancome innovation product, the process of cosmetics series, she on the photo sharing application sets to harvest 239000 fans, particularly in video web site YouTube has one million followers.

in 2014, l ‘oreal bought makeup brand company in the United States, with only digital media marketing, 15 years earlier, this brand will be listed in the UK. Through social networks and grassroots movement, but now it has become one of America’s fastest growing a cosmetics brand.

company held a called on them online colour makeup contest, the contestants need to overcome many technical challenges, submit a period of 15 seconds of video. The winner crowned “annual best UP master”, and can obtain 10000 pounds prize.

l ‘oreal group also has a lot of brands for sensitive muscle and problem skin. Such as the global leading professional sensitive muscle skin care brand VICHY (room), and the global NO. 1 sensitive muscle is choosing brand LRP (La Roche Posay), these brands are using online chat mode, guide users to their skin problems, choose the most suitable product. These brands also provide online skincare diagnosis, the user can obtain pertinent advice on their skin issues.

Rochet lady said: “we have been focused on the market demand and brand development, constantly testing, continuous innovation.”

“we are now very interested in anything related to video, like cell phone short video broadcast application Periscope, and take Twicer review application. All related to instant messaging applications, can let us express excitement. So we start from WhatsApp, a large number of trials. Then we take aim on almost all of the new social media networks. We also use brand pin, on a photo sharing application Pinterest, against the United States made a great test.”

l ‘oreal brand YSL use makeup visual effect on the Google glasses

Rochet ms to digital media as a l ‘oreal at the core of the change. She said that in the future, Makeup Genius technology will be applied to the bathroom mirror, let users can get at home every day beauty expert professional guidance advice.

sensor will also corresponding improvement, full access to the user the corresponding data, such as living habits, color, sleep, stress, activity, pollution, rizhao, coupled with these data, to provide customers with personalized professional advice. L ‘oreal is currently in cooperation with the United States at the university of Illinois, intention of research and development of flexible wearable device, the device will be used to collect and transmit data body. At the same time, l ‘oreal is still in print and biological startup Organovo cooperation, seek the possibility of 3 d printing skin, used for testing the toxicity and efficacy of the product.

Rochet lady said: “the beauty makeup has a big problem, is that sometimes it is hard to choose the suitable for their own skin care products, don’t know what kind of color, also don’t know what kind of lip color and hair color is more suitable for themselves. As an industry leader, this is our responsibility, we will provide you with these services.”

at the same time, l ‘oreal also analyze the data, discern beauty makeup trends in advance. Ms Rochet cited the example of dyeing hair, before the word really become a popular trend, Google trends (Google a search products of the company) is the entry.

we see the Numbers increase, so we think they are called developed a Preference Les Ombres products, in just the first two years, achieved sales of 50 million.

but, ms Rochet admits, beauty makeup is a science, but also an art. Digital beauty makeup is not a substitute for everything, from friends, beauty expert, skin doctors and stylist people’s opinion, it is equally important.

Rochet lady also said: “the most irreplaceable is digital media, it is beautiful makeup fans net together, gives everyone the opportunity to communicate. Hair figure, you see it will take a lot of beauty makeup photos, sent to them, it is a two-way street. So for me, online is not antagonistic, but united.”


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Parents and children about: about the nature of the company, make mothers with children about it after 80

(text/Yu Qian)

parenting is about a mother after 80 as the target consumers of social software. Such a notice of parent-child social software, from the user perspective, specifically for young mothers.

after the parent-child about team communicate with more than 1000 mothers found that one hundred million of the 80 girls became a mother, after they have received a good education, accustomed to spending on the Internet, and have a strong sense of participation. But after 80 children born to mothers will bring certain influence to career and life, they must be accompanied in children is also busy career. How can you juggle? Parents and children about provides a solution for them.

enter the parent-child about App, can choose user city first, then can see the other users about the message, click on the registration or comments can be involved in each other’s trip. Users can also be found in hot businesses, various types of family, including parents and children place, parent-child activities organization, parent-child education institutions, parent-child products businesses. The user can choose to participate in activities or launch. If the user of ideas, can even cooperate with merchants, participate in parent-child project promotion, planning, communication, the raising, investment, etc. Parent-child social mutual about C2C, B2C parent-child activities match, C2B parent-child project participation, one hundred million young women can accompany their children, and they like to do.

founder 陈咏佳 thought, based on Chinese culture, market potential is tremendous. Social applications about, often based on the relationship between men and women, but neglected the about the nature of the company. Parent-child covenant, have fun. Both young mothers and children, all need to accompany. “Parents and children about want to give all filial mother. Mobile Internet is a giving up control logic, must be decentralized, the user into the whole pattern design of the first consideration. I hope more and more people focus on mom this group after 80, they spent all her time doing for children, but don’t forget that they are all used to be a strong dedication to work and good life planning.”

parents about the community in the country set up more than 100, more than 7000 test users. Has now launched the beta App, the official version is expected to launch in September. Parent-child clear about business models: start the C2C about each phase (free), to push the B2C matching phase (commercial), finally the participation of developing C2B (financialization stage).

the profit pattern of parents and children about the current design includes:

1, the parent-child merchant’s house and certification fees.

2, parent-child activities, and product sales revenue.

3, parent-child merchants members sharing system technical services.

4, user participation parent-child project promotion and raise investment commission income.

rivals, mother circle mother community pay attention to the communication, to provide users with fast wheat tao and parent-child activities, such as application software is to provide users with complete new parent-child travel activity information. Niche travel to parent-child theme of the O2O platform have begun to emerge, present a tendency of increasing the whole industry. Chen Yongjia thinks, mobile Internet parent-child class applications, more is in the B2C mode, C2B model are very few, parents and children about side key differs with other applications, can even cooperate. “We are willing to try, and there have been many cases of success.”

founder of parents and children about Chen Yongjia, guangzhou le wild information technology co., LTD., CEO, parent-child area and the Internet industry has always been a concern for many years. COO sheng-chieh chang, former group director of strategic research institute research strategy, the sea the sea group company deputy general manager in anhui. The CTO Tang Tongxian, Internet technology experts. Current team 6 people, the total number of the other three people be responsible for the technical artist and spread.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, parents and children about has yet to financing, are the founder of personal investment. Now start the angel round financing plan.

Ali bacc the difficult task, connection extension ali value also illuminate Yun OS developers

(article/chapter adjacent)

“ali’s mission is to make there is no such thing as a difficult business, ali bacc the project’s mission is to let the world is not difficult.” This is alibaba group CEO zhang yong 16 this month in ali bacc the wireless open declaration of the core of the speech in the conference. Ali bacc the, the project was launched in 2014, still can say have already produced results: since its launch nine months, service APP covering more than 100 million devices, already has more than 10000 developers, overall more than 600 online applications. Now alibaba for its support is a step further: “not only announced it will invest 2 billion yuan to help entrepreneurs to reconstruct the enormous commercial opportunity, seize the Internet and will be members, commodity and trading, order, payment, maps, and more open out basic service ability, provide all kinds of basic services, basic components. “Open its inputs and efforts, in the country is second to none, but if its behind compared to the potential and strategic ambitions, such investment, it is pure profit.

1, the extension of alibaba platform value

ali bacc the gives a person the feeling is the most intuitive: ali plays, act in an opera in entrepreneurs, their mutual development. From this perspective, it is the extension of alibaba platform value. Alibaba will own accumulation take out again, making it the platform and pipeline, and flows through alibaba the pipes of water, will nourish alibaba to further growth. This platform type pipeline strategy is undoubtedly very successful: after alibaba platform and pipeline, after fifteen years of dedicated to small and medium enterprises, it not only from the shrimp meat to prise, but also control the people connected to the goods, the domestic BAT first of the big three. Ali now bacc the once again created for entrepreneurs to provide infrastructure, service platform, the most intuitive benefit nature and in each platform after the success of the users, can be pulled out a little from each person, together, add up. Alibaba again copy this article although successful business can drink soup can’t eat meat, predictably, alibaba in success to help others at the same time, oneself also can learn more a large number of levels of nutrition, can say ali bacc the alibaba in the future under a potentially huge revenue profit growth point. Maybe, still can make it become the era of mobile Internet public undertaking tide under the second alibaba.

2, create the mobile Internet era around alibaba’s big ecological

in the mobile Internet era, in vertical accuracy within the infinite niche service for many entrepreneurs entrepreneurship to start. This small but good service from the centralized lot, can create a new user experience, even to reconstruct the whole value chain of commercial service value. Vertical niche could create a batch successful entrepreneurs and small businesses. But this kind of vertical segment, BAT this giant is inaccessible, that they could do, or do is to provide a platform and monkey enclosure, to build their own turf ecosystems. Ma wuzhen in 2014 world conference on Internet speech also said: “IT time to DT times, small business into a key. And if you want to help small businesses, you must establish an ecosystem.”

create ecological system, in fact, BAT the big three have been dried, and essentially BAT “big three” is three ecological power on the domestic market. Race is surrounding ecological competition. In the race, whose ecosystem is strong, who can live more comfortable, more natural for a long time. Around three beside you and the amount of developers is the direct factors affecting the strength of ecological power. So attract more developers into our ecosystem, ecological become more powerful, is the BAT’s big three competitive priority.

absorb? First of all have to admit that my own shortcomings, let oneself have open altruism, rather than a closed self-interest. As Mr Ma said: “from IT time to DT era, to have the character of the altruism, believe in other people than you important, believe that other people are smarter than you, believe in other people than you can do, believe that only others success, can you succeed.” And judging from the present development, the domestic three giant BAT seemed to be doing so. These two years, tencent, baidu and alibaba in our business thinking of all the former delusion by oneself, single-handedly done any invulnerable to change, want to control everything enclosed development and admit that he is not all-rounder, face up to my own shortcomings, to attract partners into his ecological and form the open development situation go forward hand in hand.

after from closed to open, you need to do is how to take out the sincerity of the real platform to make others believe you, acknowledge your ecosystem. How to let a person recognition? The key lies in whether the ecosystem is strong, can give the help, help them succeed, take practical action to prove that the ecosystem is worth to enter and trust.

but ali bacc the return to the leading role of this article, we’ll see if he accords with afore-mentioned conditions. We can learn according to the data of the speech ali zhang yong: since 2014, was born at the start of nine months, its service APP covering more than 100 million devices, already has more than 10000 developers, overall more than 600 online applications. Now alibaba is to inject more further help factor, not only announced it will invest 2 billion yuan, more will be members, commodity and trading, order, payment, maps, and more open out basic service ability, provide all kinds of basic services, basic components. To help in bacc the mass under the framework of entrepreneurs in the era of the masses entrepreneurship, peoples innovation can with the fastest speed, the least successful. Its investment and openness, is second to none in China, and such ACTS, can also let the lack of money is short of technology entrepreneurs and small businesses have seen ali’s sincerity.

with the accumulation of the developers have various services and App polymerization, alibaba’s natural ecological construction will not become an armchair strategist. In the current around the whole ecological and comprehensive competition, ali bacc the also can provide ali with more troops.

3, in order to move the Yun OS’s larger ambitions

the front said ali bacc the for alibaba sales profits and construct the meaning of the mobile Internet ecosystem. Actually here I more imaginative thought of ali bacc the for alibaba for many years never abandon Yun OS operating system of great significance. Yun OS operating system is alibaba’s operating system, alibaba said Yun OS is based on the independent research and development of Linux operating system, it can support mobile phone, tablet, TV and wearable devices, etc.

a play-off but its since birth, at the beginning of the birth has encountered strong opposition from Google, so much so that acer had to already plans to launch the Yun OS given phone died of stomach. While the development of Yun OS since then, just in a corner in the domestic market, and partners in the domestic market is also some dirty small producers. So don’t mention it, it’s hard to think of him someone. But even so, alibaba has not to give up, or to create all possible for Yun OS development. At the end of its 2014 investment in a big way the meizu, rumours have Yun OS on the cause of the hardware with export, and meizu some phones have carry Yun OS system. This year, alibaba is Yun OS update to version 3.0, cooperate with Newman release button smartphone, alibaba has been in the construction of the Yun OS.

why alibaba values Yun so OS? The reason existing in the era of mobile Internet integration all their service, in order to better control, entrance to preempt the mobile end, making it the mobile Internet data collection containers. But I think from the point of the present, the greater ambition is to build Yun OS to participate in the competition of the next revolution mobile devices. The support area wide operating system, whether there is a chance to a counter attack?

actually present opinion, although difficult, but not completely. No chance. Before he at least has the following advantages: first, it recognised by the government departments, become the only government procurement of domestic operating system a joint research and development, the ministry of public security police system PMOS and access to China electronic information exposition CITE; In the present domestic high for independent operating system development and practical operation of environment, Yun OS can’t say that have no chance to become a domestic operating system provider. Second is the wave of the next generation of mobile devices, such as wearable equipment market, although speculation, but in essence, it is a wild market, although Apple, but Apple Wacth sales is not optimistic; Android intelligent wearable devices development, it is difficult to satisfactory. Ali and contributive meizu, cooperate with Newman and other small manufacturers, its shipments also surpassed 10 million units, it seems. Yun OS is not without opportunity. With these positive factors, Yun OS still lack? Yes, it is also short of building internal APP developers around.

it is well known: an operating system, a efforts alone is nothing can succeed. Its success or failure depends on the surrounding its side of the amount of developers, the developers of the operating system, so the ecological development prospects. And ali throw money now, export, provide a platform to attract developers to ali. Growth relying on ali, ali asked these entrepreneurs to Yun adapter corresponding OS operating system development application, also should not have refused to reason? Ali bacc the platform whether can from the side also help Yun OS accumulation developers?

epilogue: ali bacc the this project was launched in 2014, in this month’s wireless open meeting again for ali’s support, in my opinion, it is an extension of the value of alibaba, is also attracting developers into the alibaba ecosystem of the powerful weapon, but Yun OS the ambitions of the huge project of hope.

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Pringles gathered: you can also have a line of designer private collection


good electricity can not only satisfy the material fan just need, provide the perfect user experience, will also join the high level of spiritual pursuit. If each piece of contentment of commodity has its own story behind, art and electricity, then the Internet like life rhyme, make purchases a natural poem.

Fancy abroad is such a website, users to share pictures, pictures can buy anything, powerful 30 languages system already has millions of fans around the world. Domestic network of wild sugar is also share designer electricity, compared with taobao, jingdong, more artistic and purchase desire. Today, when it comes to pringles gathered, not only have a designer to join, it has its own unique visual experience, and broader sharing platform.

pringles gathered founder & amp; CEO Fan Qiao is a senior product manager, first create a art studio and apple online education platform, also made two good space design. After because of his private collection is Shared by many friends, and have unlimited inspiration for electricity, and Fan Qiao feel to share his vision and match capacity to people in need, than the original works to influence people to prove himself to more directly, so the pringles gathered appeared.

and product flocked to appear like the reflection of the art dealer, good design is not a distance, but to have, a good designer will also be able to separate their own brands, realize their own value, and we need a platform to let small national brand also promoted. So, designers share private collection on pringles gathered for users with the quality requirements, or the user can get what you want on the platform of collocation scheme, form a reverse customization mode. To solve the pursue high quality life style between users and the high quality goods without reliable effective media platform the pain points.

Fan Qiao tell hunting cloud network, pringles gathered for the three stages of development.

the first stage, under the ordinary electric business architecture, the official certification in the field of 108 different designers, share their private collections and designs, each commodity has stylist the stories he wrote or introduction, through the text and images to the user on the sensory cognitive, let family feel more about the right goods purchase desire.

the second stage, has the certain users and designers, B2C system will also add designer collocation, whether to match clothes, or indoor soft outfit is tie-in, can share for users with quality pursuit and taste different style, make plan form online offline full-service C2D private custom pattern. And with building, brand business cooperation.

“superior set” will appear at this stage, flocked to select the recommended goods, every product through the official evaluation group and senior designer application in design, function, material, workmanship, evaluation on the scene, will eventually be presented to the user of goods data visualization.

in particular, there will be present at this stage assistant program, the user to select a gift object occurs more than 20 cartoon portrait, to embody the characteristics of different objects, and then search out the gift property of commodity, make the gift more intimate and personal.

the third stage, the pringles gathered all the raise will be geared to the needs of designers and design team, designed to let users and designers of zero distance docking. Original product approval by the user, the manufacturer at predetermined quantity production platform alliance, respond to the fetish of individuality lifestyle.

mentioned profit, Fan Qiao said: “the beginning we won’t consider profit, in the back of the development, not only the traditional system of commission, in cooperation with real estate developers, brands, or directly to the user when the profit. Through the background and the user behavior data visualization, advertising and other invisible earnings.”

hunting cloud network learned that pringles gathered in beta, angel round has officially started.

American college students leave four mobile phone application

note: want to really do never leave home can get the delivery? Want to review the week and the teacher give you answer questions? Want to call to whip-round to organize activities? Or want to know campus activity information anytime and anywhere? Today is to introduce the application of four magic.

the following four new application will change people view of college life.

as a college students, parents and relatives over to tell you the time in the school will be the best time of your life. This four years of time will give you full freedom, let you to experience a wide variety of beliefs and practices all of your goals, to meet interesting new friends, the most important is that it will give you a valuable opportunity for you to find how to become an independent individual. Therefore, for students, can be in students to explore their career time, realize the self, such opportunities to make the university four years precious.

unfortunately, attain the top priority of all experience is time, and this is almost all college students lack. Reassuringly, however, there are four entrepreneurial companies are trying to change the way of ordinary college students’ daily life. Through their service, the company can be provided to the national college students what they need most: that is the free time to do some more fully college students should do.

1. Baby, don’t shout hungry mom, there are “hungry” in China, foreign have EnvoyNow

EnvoyNow is an on-demand supply food distribution application, specially designed for the university market. This service is not only cooperation with university of popular restaurants around, also with the help of the workforce to provide users with all the college student crazily speeding delivery service. Angel and, more importantly, these “take-away” shall have the right to enter any room in the school campus, whether the library or lecture hall on the third floor of the classroom. Before those who need you can leave the room, through the better part of a campus delivery day has gone, because the angel “take-away” won’t be stuck in the same way can’t go in at the school gate. By the way, almost forget to remind everybody, the middle of the night to buy a corn flour rolls delivery price is very cheap, only $2.99. Please note that price, no bargain!

2. When you to cram for the final exams, Studypool numerous experts and teachers to help you answer

Studypool is an online market, on the application, it can help students to contact the teacher, students can ask questions to the teacher and immediate access to academic help. Essentially, Studypool like let you have thousands of are expert teachers people to be your friend, they can help you to solve any difficult puzzle anytime and anywhere. But you need not to solve these problems under too much pressure to brooding, rake up out the answer to the question, so also wasted your precious time on reviewing. Studypool in hand, as you have a group of trusted adviser, they will help you understand your work and give it to the best of the correct answer.

3. When do you plan to road trip with a friend, Tilt the raised platform to help you to friends and family life “financing”

Tilt is a raise application, the application is designed to for charitable activities, social gatherings and other activities to raise money. Users need to first set the financing amount, if financing is successful, Tilt will charge a fee, and users will receive the money. If capital failed, Tilt will not charge any fee. For the student party, Tilt so that they don’t need to waste time to tell my friends to pay for the activities of the organization, they also need not to worry about to record who paid the money, because no additional costs, Tilt will help you complete all the written record of work.

4. When would you like to go to the party on any one night, the Toga offers you a wide variety of activities


is a university social calendar application, it will record according to the content to classify and manage all of the activities on campus, record activities including party, large academic exchange, or the school sports meeting schedule. The user can through the application in the campus network platform promotion own events and invite friends, also can quickly browse other school calendar to view the campus events held across the country. If you want to organize to visit other universities, that the app can also come in handy.


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Dance: zero basis can easily learn how to dance

(/li-mei zhou wen)

wants to learn how to dance? Dance tutorial is multifarious, online training is expensive, time-consuming long. If one can share the dance of the tutorial App, would dance become an easy thing? In recent days, the hunters cloud network focus on the “dance” is a social sharing platform of dance teaching.

qiu-sheng guo, founder of the convective cloud network said, opt for a “dance”, is to want to solve the dance training venue, teaching time restricted, groom cost expensive, such as limited teaching resources, training effect is uneven pain points. Therefore, dance dance zero base of users against offering free online share dance courses, like dancing, a temporary performance performance need users to be able to learn how to dance anytime and anywhere.

dance android version of the App launch in early April, users has exceeded 110000 +, downloads of + 50000. IOS version launched in the middle of July, now belongs to the beta. At present, the function of the dance mainly embodied in the following four aspects:

training venue: dance dance academy nearly all tutorials, including square dance, a ghost step dance, modern dance, classical dance, hip-hop, yoga, belly dance, the children’s dance and dance types, to some extent can meet different ages, different dance interest demand. The user simply classified according to dance, find oneself to like the type of learning.

the dance circle: users can browse through this section to dance friends dynamic, release dance, team practice dancing, at the invitation of the learning process. Qiu-sheng guo said: “on the basis of social dance is based on dance teaching, will overcome the limit of time and space, of course, frequent interaction between the user to a certain extent can strengthen the viscosity between the user and platform.”

performances, dance every day to update some teaching video, and then recommend to the user through the selection, of course, some users will also be released in the dance circle own demand, dance is also based on user needs targeted recommend to users.

topics: this section recommends fitness, health information to users, combined with text, images, video presentation. In addition, also included tips, remind consumer to prevent injury in the process of practice.

now focused on dance teaching platform, according to different requirements of different vertical segment, such as focus on user dance “dance”, “dance circle”, can provide users with a lot of dance teaching course. Them more, by contrast, is aimed at users have dance foundation, teaching isolations is relatively simple. Dance and dance is for zero basis of amateur, isolations in video tutorial is the combination of text and video tutorials, and on the isolations are more careful, and easy to understand.

qiu-sheng guo said, after the dance will try to on line and dance training organizations, sports fitness agencies to provide online courses, the formation of online education platform. At the same time, through the online guide, the agency with the dance connected interactive user, let the agency more easy to find students, let the dance lovers online according to their own need to choose the most appropriate field teaching dance training, fitness and/or institutions. In addition, the dance will open dance appliance electricity sector, through the dance costumes, props, fitness equipment to make a profit.

at present, qiu-sheng guo 1 individual responsible for product development, operations, dance of users increasing at a speed of 1500 + per day, he was a bit overwhelmed, is planning to establish project technology development, operation, marketing team. Qiu-sheng guo said: “the hope that through this platform let zero foundation, dance dance amateur feel learning is easy, let users form to sing sing, to dance find dance consciousness.”

according to cloud network hunting, dance have not yet received the investment, are looking for an angel round.

Mapstr: according to the geographic location of the bookmark service, record your favorite place

is an interesting application, similar to bookmark service network, but it is at the site. If you want to collect your favorite restaurants, bars, store address, choose it for it. I subscribe to this application for the first time, it is only a beta. Nowadays, it return to version 1.0, also added some interesting features, these features make it more practical.

just like before, when you open the application, or see a map of full screen. But it allows users to browse the previous bookmarks, click will see more details. Users can use the screen on the left side of the tag to filter the content, such as catering, sushi, cocktail, etc are classified. Of course, you can also add new locations. If you need to look at the business hours, restaurant phone or other information, then Mapstr is also a good choice.

Mapstr not social application, its application and sign in Foursquare checkins way is different, but also has its attractions. But before the 1.0 release, I can only reluctantly to think of it as a local application, because it does not store any data.

today, with version 1.0, the user can create an account, and your favorite site stored on the server. Users can also use multiple devices login application, change new phone, also can find the relevant data again.

but the above is not all of them. You can also add buddy, let your application have been social atmosphere. But the application is smart enough, don’t put all your friends favorite restaurant is on your map. What you pay for or you make exclusive map of hard work, became lost. But you can click on close friends, and then download the map of his/her.

you can now add private address, this means that your friends even download your map, also does not have permission to get the address. These new social function seems to be added to light, but just right, I think later when I make this app, would consider using social function, add a few friends.

Mapstr now has a view today, will automatically search your tagged recently that address. The company said it would not consider ads within the application, but by introducing advanced features, attract purchase within the user program. At present, the application only supports the iOS platform.


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Straw bag net: low-frequency just need maintenance market, how to play mobile phone vertical diversity


the Internet phone service areas, previously reported cloud, hunting, etc. Schemes to the net on April 20, the official online, in the mobile phone repair flag drum. Mobile phone repair as a low frequency just need industry, PV and user viscosity Luo Yunheng considered the founder of the guarantee is the key point. Straw bag net structures, is a professional platform for mobile vertical multimodal fusion. Platform, tends to severe vertical. Complete mobile phone repair, teaching, integration of recycling, the subsequent will increase community section.

Luo Yunheng tell hunting cloud network: “Internet players want to jointly solve problems in the field of mobile phone repair, is the guarantee and service, complete mobile phone repair. Want to change traditional market chaos, change the way to determine the enterprise can walk far.” Walk model integration, module of lines, namely, hoping to provide users with more convenient, suitable maintenance method.

straw bag net is platform + self-management model. P2P O2O + + BPC tactics.

say first O2O, O2O in recent years has been said. In Luo Yunheng view, 80% of workers in the high-end market situation of smartphones, lead to “busy no time to experience” as mobile equipment O2O can cater to the market need to consider. So for this industry practitioners O2O is just a try, whether suitable for still need time to test.

P2P is for part-time maintenance personnel, straw bag net now has more than 100 maintenance division to join us. Guarantee mechanism is a platform management, and taobao C2C similar platform. Straw bag at present stage network in shenzhen, guangzhou, Shanghai, chengdu opens the door to door service. Send sheet is according to the order address, the system automatically locate maintenance personnel distribution, maintenance personnel in stores will be less than 5 km system shows and publish them in the mobile terminal. The door time control within half an hour to an hour. Current layout is just beginning, following with the increase of house maintenance division, control will shrink to 1.5 to 2 kilometers quickly to your door.

the BPC is straw bag net. Although most people are willing to choose to store or the door asking for maintenance services, but offline people to solve the problem of mobile phones is also myself. For this group, straw bag net provides the purchasing service, repair parts and auxiliary teaching tutorial by DIY maintenance schemes to class. If he wasn’t alone, the subsequent request door-to-door service or to store all the free maintenance.

the core members of our team of 15 people, Luo Yunheng is a serial entrepreneur, at first is engaged in import and export trade, the subsequent transition to do service industry. Straw bag net late will be facing the whole country maintenance personnel recruitment. At present straw bag net secondary upgrade is in progress. The new will add more technical knowledge, new community module. For maintenance team to provide technical guidance.

this DaTiLiang phone service market, Luo Yunheng tell hunting cloud network, is he wants to get more high-quality merchants to join, purify the market together with high quality standard service. Each user from outside into the inside, advocating simple problem to solve. More and more people to know more about this industry, eventually reach a conceptual change.