Commercial real estate management platform VTS, get a $21 million investment to use big data into the commercial real estate

commercial real estate management platform (View The Space) has just received $21 million in The new round of financing, to help real estate owners, brokers and investors use data to make a decision.

B round by OpenView Venture Partners, led, Trinity Partners involved, also its value for VTS at about $100 million.

“real estate is a huge market, it is one of the world’s largest asset classes.” Responsible for OpenView Marcus said the investment of Adam. “But the way people manage assets is very old, they still use Excel, information is passed on the paper.”

by VTS, brokers, owners, investors can use any equipment instant cooperation to manage their assets. All news about for sale, real estate and potential customers will enter this platform, analysis table will bring about a particular building, tenants and market trend of the data integration in together.

considering the commercial real estate is a $12 trillion industry, if we can data oriented to make a decision, then the related everyone can save a lot of time and money.

if a property owner found that looking for the office of science and technology company increased by 25%, and that he can knock off a few wall, built several conference rooms, set the space to fit the size of the startup, and then he can and on behalf of science and technology company, agent cooperation, to ensure that the trade fair.

before the establishment of VTS, its co-founder Ryan Masiello and Nick Romito real estate broker in New York for nine years, so they know what is the problem to be solved.

VTS platform now has about 1.5 billion square feet of real estate (compare, Manhattan in 2013, 520 million square feet of office space), there has been a lot of real estate bosses and real estate brokerage company in the use of VTS, including Blackstone and JLL.

the proceeds will be used to promote the development of the company in the United States and worldwide expansion, including office was set up in London, Sydney and at the end of this year.

“we don’t want to limit in this business, but to real estate transactions in all places with us.” Romito said. “It may take two years or five years, but the speed of our development is now ten times as much as we expected.”


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Activity: network CEO guo wei share financing 70 million assembling entrepreneurial experience

the hunting cloud network substation successfully held in hangzhou on Saturday will enjoy private investors said series, about 100 entrepreneurs to participate in the event. The new issue of hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses will continue to hold in hangzhou station , the 28 entrepreneurship courses , will be 70 million assembling network CEO guo wei for entrepreneurs to share business experience.

100% assembling net is the first online human resources service platform, based on a deep understanding of industry and industry leading cloud + SaaS model, provide enterprises with social security and accumulation fund account set up online, online payment, tracking, query, online transfer and comprehensive social security services such as consulting, more personnel management platform of “assembling small honey” and “assembling tao tao” elastic welfare mall, from recruitment, induction, birthdays, holidays, SiLing, training, diversified welfare procurement and distribution and other one-stop online management of human resources services.

not only can effectively improve the HR management efficiency, to reduce the personnel cost, more can let the HR liberated from tedious transactional work, realize standardized and humanized management, enterprise can be fundamentally solved the problem such as hiring and employment, education, retention.

now assembling network service scope of social security has 400 + cities network covering the whole country, there are more than 2000 mses reached cooperation, such as China merchants bank, China and South Korea life, car every bits of bit and icahn ambassador, etc. On June 10, 2015, assembling net announced by chunghwa picture tubes, sequoia capital 70 million yuan A round financing.

the guest profile:
guo wei, assembling founder, CEO . The central university of finance and economics specialty, served as datang telecom, utstarcom. guo wei also is a continuous entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurial experience:
Founded in 2009, zhejiang ding cluster technology limited technology co., LTD. (Taiwan Dlink)
Founded in 2011, hangzhou yi to capgemini technology co., LTD.
Founded in March 2014, hangzhou today yuan investment management co., LTD., hangzhou today yuan standard torque technology co., LTD.
Founded in May 2014, hangzhou today yuan jia and human resources co., LTD.
Founded in December 2014 yuan today network technology co., LTD.

host: hunting cloud network co-host: louer will

this guests: assembling founder, CEO of guo wei

this topic: entrepreneurship, we find the people to solve the problem together, do less “do more solution, prove the topic”


7 month 18 (Saturday)

location: hangzhou lake the Huang Gu mountain road 29 h high venture building, 4 f floor friend will be


friendship will meet line circle housekeeper tao activities bench media dreamworks idlers interconnected pushed the actor Internet activity tree salon has Internet participant guide solo music club penguin m, micro chain

limit number: 200 people (completely free)

attendees communication group of 90844125 QQ (please indicate the hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses add)

activity agenda:
13:30-14 point sign in
14-15 points Guest lecture
15-16 point audience questions, answer guest
16 points – 16 PM free exchange

completely free, hunting cloud network public class USES the registration system.

preferred registration way: in the following form to fill out the registration information, thank you ( note: don’t print the ticket, receive registration message on OK ) or send the registration information (including name, phone, email, company, position) to the 15686045193 (please send at least 3 hours before the beginning of the next activity)

The ant HR: aims to “kill” entrepreneurial company HR position under 20 people

(text/Chen Tianqi)

when traditional HR still use excel spreadsheets to calculate wages, social security, staring at the computer the decimal point for fear that is a wrong number, founder of ants HR sincerely has begun to small business owners to provide concise and efficient human resources SaaS services. In short, complete the traditional HR work, with the way of the Internet is sincerely are doing now.

pay service SaaS software is the core of the ants, HR, it replaces the traditional manual TAB and cumbersome check monthly bills, pay by electronic way, using WeChat, mail notify the customer to confirm the bill, the system will improve the work efficiency of HR.

ant HR Zenpayroll is similar to the United States, a salary management based on the cloud service provider, automatically help enterprises to pay the employee’s personal income tax and transfer the salary to the employee’s account, and HR is ants salary income, social security and service as the breakthrough point, because for China’s enterprises, the proportion of social security, and around the base of the calculation is more complicated.

“ant HR services is the first-tier cities, owner of a small business customers is about 10 people start-up, the user is the boss.” Sincerely tell hunting cloud network. “That if there is a big business for you? To accept or not?” Hunting cloud network asked with a smile sincerely, “we will direct ‘play’ out!” Sincerely believe that if on the one hand want to service well small business owners want to reach out to big business again on the other hand, makes the product definition and marketing strategy, affect the company’s strategy.

is now more mature polymerization recruitment ants recruitment is sincerely before doing a project, is now classified as ant HR module. Recruitment and ants completely through HR background data, and the customers are small micro enterprises, resources are Shared, which makes competing goods with ants, HR, for instance has completed A round of 70 million RMB financing assembling network and complete A round in March this year, compared to $4 million in financing of 51 social security in the competition for small micro enterprise will have more advantages, products layout will be more perfect. Recruitment layout, in addition to pay a service, and the subsequent will perfect the training, performance appraisal, the relatively complete hr module provides to the customer.

team, after three founders are for 70. CEO sincerely is a serial entrepreneur, former spreadtrum communications, after setting up headhunting company, college students part-time recruitment website. COO Yao Lan is senior HR information system architect, former IBM, alibaba, yum, have been engaged in large human resources consulting and implementation of software, create the HR information system for dozens of large companies. CTO dollars one, led by development and operations of MySpace products, millions of UV, PV. Conversation, sincerely smiled and said, “we are three is one of the boiler trio haha, university I studied the boiler system, and Seoul and Yao Lan husband and boiler system.”

sincerely HR have a sharper focus to the ant, “kill” entrepreneurial company HR position under 20 people. “What do you think will lr 3?” Sincerely asked. “No, how can there be the entrepreneurs share the forward the matter?” .

Enchanting meizu 5 good and inexpensive, the fog of millet 5 no secrets?


2014 meizu phone four series, each one straight inserted millet hinterland, accurately. Start this year, the meizu incarnate blue note2, released on June 30, and annual flagship phone MX5, go “5” millet? If it is really the end of the rumored to launch, day lily is cool, so settle for second best to launch on August 5, “standard”. Some things is to contrast the look interesting, please first degrees a few times more title this tongue twister, remember the key word “charm”, “cheap”, “mist”, “secret”, hunting cloud network take you down one by one.

meizu MX5

charm: meizu MX5 with all metal body, a three-stage T slot coating and special injection molding process, make full metal back the antenna bumps, 12 3 d sandblasting gun with up to 5 times of anodic oxidation and all hand polished. Design changes to the biggest part is the “home button” with fingerprint identification, from the spirit’s blue note2 began “waist circular design, also for consumers has used the circle design.

cheap: meizu MX5 with 64 is a new generation of eight core processor Helio X10 Turbo. Equipped with a 5.5 -inch 1080 p screen; The main camera 20.7 million pixels; Adopt the new upgrade mTouch 2.0, upgrade the fingerprint sensor, and reconstruct the whole module structure and improved appearance design; Using mCharge fast charging technology, in particular the charger, mCharge quick charge technology can make the meizu MX5 in 10 minutes can be full of 25% of the battery, 40 minutes with 60%; The price of 1799 yuan.



fog: in earlier rumors of the first “millet 5 May be deferred until the end of the year to meet with us. As for the reason of delay, may be associated with qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprinting scheme. In addition, millet is said to have an emergency use other options instead of qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint identification.” Qualcomm Xiao dragon handle him mad about production time in November 820, so, on August 5 will be released first millet millet 5 standard.

No secret:

allegedly millet 5 will carry a 5.2 -inch touch screen, support 2 k resolution, front cameras carry 13 million pixels and 16 million pixel camera, add in fingerprint recognition, have quick charge function (5 minutes, are said to be full of 30% of its electricity), price 2399 yuan.

above all, more enchanting MX5 is cheaper, in contrast, millet 5, although in the fog was exposure there is no secret. By contrast, fingerprint identification, fast charge function of both, but look at price, the gap between 600 yuan and no advantage in wow.

in addition, 3 will be released millet millet today TV, no accident that hit to kick pavilion meizu, meizu offerings from nokia’s classic 1110 aircraft, and as the charm of blue 2 invitations, real machine with SIM card, only without the charger. As the best selling mobile phones, nokia has sold 250 million units, has 300 hours of life. This might reflect the meizu will with the charm of blue 2 super long life always “carried annals” determination, specific performance, let’s July 29 became more and more.

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More hard than hard, the world’s first liquid metal handset Turing Phone on sale next month, the United States

Syl Chao opened his briefcase, silver on the desk. He skillfully wearing white gloves, gently opened the front three rectangular white sand paper of the equipment. Like a diffuse wei company production of a film scene: a villain, the evil smile, revealed his ambition of world domination. Chao dress is perfect fit scene: tailored blue suit, thick glasses and taken care of brown hair, science and the atmosphere of a madman. Syl Chao (Syl is the abbreviation of Chao name), Turing Robotic Industries, chief executive, the company name sounded like iron man, Tony Stark imprisoned. And Chao opened three mobile phone, color, size large, square, angular, and traditional concepts of the mobile phone is very different. It looks like at any time can grow arms and antenna, then kill. With three veil fall to the ground, Chao began to speak: “not everyone would like to open a Volkswagen, some people like Aston Martins, some people like lamborghini, while others like a ferrari. Now, most of the mobile phone is Volkswagen.” But Chao hands is a super sports car.

Turing Phone use 5.5 screen, Android 5.1 system, sound and there is nothing special, but it is absolutely and have you ever seen any Phone is different. It has a sharp curve, color back shell, the back with a decorative design, this is borrowed from the design of spacecraft, and after thousands of times, that’s right, is the result of thousands of times repeatedly modified sketch. The spacecraft in the science fiction film star through Endurance, but also to Turing Phone design provides numerous inspiration. Turing Phone has three models: Pharaoh (Pharaoh), Cardinal (Cardinal), as well as Beowulf (Beowulf). Each kind of color and material learnt the elements from the name of the story. Such as national epic Beowulf is the 8th century Britain, the poem is called a monster Grendel’s half-human, while Beowulf scales grain on mobile phone shell, is derived from the prototype Grendel’s mother. This kind of speculation, indeed even if it has 13 million pixels main camera, still lead a 8000000 megapixel camera, but slightly outdated Xiao dragon processor on collocation, just a little is not enough. Memory although there are 32 gb and 128 gb, but entry-level only 16 g memory space. The phone also has no USB, no headphone jack, it is only a special interface, a bit like apple MacBook MagSafe interface, and a little bit like bluetooth interface.

Turing Phone software is completely custom. Chao before launch new it just out of a few main screen, but he is confident the phone can shock the world. He promised that the Android system has carried on the comprehensive system maintenance, hundred Google version a few streets. In his imagination, the phone must be the good partner of stylist, Chao is a designer. Those who want to or unusual way, tired of the whole universe are black rectangle phone, also will like this kind of mobile phone.

liquid metal alloy (Liquidmorphium) more than aluminum and steel hardness, seconds kill existing mainstream material, lead the new trend of the mobile phone industry

although not ready to take this as the stunt, but Turing do all the time in the process of the design of the Phone not to consider safety factor. Almost every a core application for end-to-end encryption. Mobile phone even built-in Turing of coin, the meaning of this new word is the currency of the digital encryption, Chao hope it can be popular, he laughed, once the Turing “true fire, so literally, the mobile phone you will be waiting for your appreciation, buy is to earn. All these features, via cell phone on the side of the fingerprint recognizer to activate, as far as possible save server and third-party software, Turing company is also trying to develop a application interface, want the other mobile phone users can also use these functions. In short, Turing Phone is absolutely safe, refuse to be black.

of course, this phone has a characteristic is indestructible. It is made of liquid metal alloy (liquidmorphium), which is Turing Phone is the most cool place, like diffuse wei’s “iron man” in reality. Liquid metal is harder than steel and aluminum alloy, in seconds to kill all the mainstream material manufacturing industry, is to lead the new trend of the mobile phone industry. Apple is also extensive use of the material, but only on the iPhone SIM card slot, however, he also said the iPhone 7 should be more use of this material. Turing Phone waterproof function also is very good, thanks to its internal components on the nano coating, but the use of rubber seal, the whole can be open. SYL Chao said that if you put the Turing Phone fell in the water, because the Phone is not sealed, so will fill. But don’t worry, get out, then slammed a left, then go do anything she likes.

“remember the three features: privacy key, liquid metal and nano coating”, Chao said: “these features like GPS, wi-fi, and early smartphone’s camera. People began to always ask: ‘I want these functions have Mao Yong? ‘but then, these functions have become the standard. In the future, if you don’t have a liquid metal, nano coating and a secret key, and perhaps will be eliminated. Some people may not believe what he said these words, it would be quoted him another sentence: “I can assure you that I talk about these three things, the company is also considering.”

Turing Phone on July 31, open purchase in advance, for the first time open purchase in advance is a 16 gb version, $610 (RMB 3787). Pre phones are unlocked version, use quite free, Chao also said it was and the operators, try to make this kind of mobile phone use more freedom.

whether right or wrong, both for their own Turing Phone, or on the earth all other mobile phones, Chao never express my views are outspoken. Turing Phone upcoming, but this is not a Turing Robotics Industries in the end, everything is just beginning. At present, Chao and his team are working on battery technology, he said need eight months time to prepare, the day of success, the world will be one of the same. Chao said: “our ultimate plan is to develop a robot housekeeper, service People’s Daily life. To this end, we are studying machine with human consciousness, yes, not artificial intelligence, but artificial consciousness.”

iron man will be proud of.


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Find a nest, bid farewell to the traditional stores intermediary new play room can also be chosen

(text/Wang Dongguo)

since and eighties last century, from Hong Kong into the mainland’s ZuShouFang store mode has existed for more than 40 years. There is no denying the fact that this pattern in the past quite a long time has its rationality, also appeared a chain of home, the real estate industry leader. With the advent of the era of “Internet +”, however, the Internet real estate market competition has entered the white-hot, Internet real estate enterprise activity, go to the store rental housing is no longer the only choice.

found a litter of authenticity is a main housing information ZuShouFang platform, it abandoned the offline shop model, by building O2O online platform, connected to the tenant and the landlord. Its target audience is young white-collar workers and the undergraduate of strong finish school. PC and App has been launched on June 1, number of housing more than 1500 sets, and provide book to see house online, one-on-one service agent, commissioned by the landlord online, etc.

tenant before we rent the house, on the layout of the houses, the configuration, location, price, decorate a style, a comprehensive understanding, most of the information from the Internet to find, and housing information authenticity and the commission has been plagued by high users looking for a room. Founder Yao Zuxun tell hunting cloud network, found a litter of pain points to solve the industry has 3:

1) traditional intermediary housing information untrue and high cost of store.

2) agent to pick the customer, the customer experience.

3) high commission, regional restriction, information asymmetry.

business model, to find a nest around the “real estate + + financial service” project framework for development. Now through the rent and the second-hand house business into local life service market, the rigid demand to solve the everyone home. Future development to the local life service, such as signing service, housekeeping, renovating, and members of the financial services such as rent installment or second-hand house down payment in installment, and build a closed loop type local comprehensive service platform of life.

the current domestic similar patterns of sites like tintin rent, love house to house. Tintin rent now only opened two cities of Beijing and Shanghai service, love house, house is opened north of guangzhou, and tianjin five cities service, is take the route of first-tier cities. , by contrast, found a litter of xi ‘an, the development of second-tier cities, after the second line the main markets, layout first-tier cities gradually.

found a litter of the core team currently has four people. Founder Yao Zuxun, serial entrepreneur, has created “superior tesco” women’s fashion products group, “poly snacks” white-collar snacks procurement mall. Co-founder MiaoWenJing, director of Marketing Department. Co-founder Wu Guangxiu, project partner, the competent Commerce Department. Han Guangyun marketing director, 5 years working experience in real estate industry.

it is understood that found a nest is seeking angel round.

Business incubator is the business school of the future

editor’s note: in this paper, the author Vitaly m. Golomb for cccstartups founding partner, books Accelerated Startup the author.

most start-ups have failed, it is not surprising, but didn’t think of letting a person is most of the business incubator is also ended in failure. Getting a favorable conditions when a few advantages to occupy the future market, other project also for hatch and attract investment in the go to great lengths to the team of the company, so that the project is implemented.

as a future real business school, most of the business incubator can provide very valuable for the novice entrepreneurs education and guidance, make them success in the future one day to start my own company. However, under normal circumstances, business incubator investment and participate in important project, and can’t help novice entrepreneurs to success. Because successful incubator, constant need to business model innovation.

some lessons from history

in the mid – 1990 – s, post-google will into the field of science and technology business incubator mode. By an independent, strong executive and experienced team operation will their ideas on to the independent business people. Rocket Internet companies to promote this model, using it in a few short years e-commerce systems and business models copy covers many hot areas.

at the beginning of the 21st century, Y Combinator companies with satellites at the same time advocate and use the hatch pattern. Outstanding entrepreneurs and technical personnel began to get rid of the isolated state. They began to accept guidance, mutual encouragement between peers, with only a little money to make ends meet, just a small amount of product into the market. Early Dropbox, reality and SendGrid case began to circulate in the success of the company, at the same time around the world an incubator of enterprise also began to look for ways to copy the successful experience.

copy + paste: failure

quantity is not equal to qualitative change, usually for a plethora of business incubator. Hatching some promising project, to a specific team to operation and management, but these teams have no experience in creating and managing science and technology company, also does not have to find the optimal project investment experience.

they raised enough money to support it, at the same time also received the government development fund to increase local employment issue cheque, and hopes to improve their street cred, let those unsophisticated people thought that they will soon be able to launch a valuable portfolio diversification.

some advantage projects will receive thousands of applications, each round is even better than harvard, Stanford MBA program option to larger, but the rest of the project be returned due to no takers. Every project, hope to get investment to become the next batch of start the project, but because of the different teams and different project products market potential of high and low makes these projects in terms of quality is divided into a number of levels.

start and management in the operation cost of the project is also an important factor. A cheque for $50000 in San Francisco for a team of three people at the lowest cost lasted only for a few months, and in other parts of eastern Europe that can support more than one year, and the quality of life is also very good.

it also makes some inexperienced entrepreneurs experienced a so-called “entrepreneurs” way of life, these “entrepreneurs” does not need to ramen and red bull, day and night planning market to strive for success the research and development products, the startup, but spent a happy time without pressure. Perhaps one day they can improve their ability, the development of very valuable product, but only at that time they may also ready to business advantage.

the next generation of entrepreneurs to college

when Adeo Ressi unexpectedly founded the institute of entrepreneurs, many people laughed at it’s tuition and asset model. After few years, the institute of entrepreneurs deeply affected thousands of entrepreneurs in cities all over the world. They will even some company to cash.

the UN general assembly, TechHub, Galvanize and many other companies have developed a value, profit and return business model, and combined with entrepreneurial training and work space. Enterprises and companies began to use a variety of funding and capital increase plan in their areas of interest and promising project early to establish relations of cooperation.

now changing of institutions of higher learning are beginning to realize that education and their own shortcomings. In addition to the traditional theory of education, they also provide similar Stanford StartX such a project let the students to learn in practice and exercise.

select, select

if you want to run an incubator company, then you should personally to investigate and review to ensure to provide help and the result can meet your needs and expectations. Because you are one of the biggest harvest in the incubation program is valuable experience and project tutor feedback, you should go to understand the operation of the project company founder and personally involved in the project, to do their due diligence.

at the same time, you to this kind of help and guidance provided by the incubator should have a clear understanding of and understand it with your other projects differ choice and opportunity cost.

merge is possible, in this era of business incubators we seem to be in the position of a forefront. The collapse of the network company gave us a second Internet startup the basic train of thought. Business incubators may be the next generation entrepreneurs laboratory education way. We should cheer for this, but also to be treated with caution.


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Interactive push: based on the micro activity of SaaS platform


unconsciously we have in the “micro age” : chat with WeChat, micro store shopping, check in with microscopic check-in, micro site has a website… WeChat become bigger and stronger in this platform, driving the rise of all kinds of “service”.

the interactive push is a help businesses on WeChat one-stop platform of brand promotion, to lease the activity template agent using SaaS model, support agents to generate an interactive advertising platform, provide micro activities for the business agent, micro game template. Interactive push charge according to the using time, at the same time, for a fee on each transaction. The agent for the first time use to pay the deposit and agency fee.

activities belong to product of lightweight, strong timeliness, high frequency low price, but lower development costs, barriers to market is not high, industry concentration is not high. Big to the well-known brands, small to a variety of stores belong to target customer groups. Website is now services customers include bank of China, bank of communications, China’s ping an, jiangsu satellite TV, etc.

as wal-mart to gain market share in the form of low permeability, more fans and more attention means a bigger market. So “powder,” it was not a bit low, it is the key to gain market share. Traditional mode, the businessman to do need to find advertising company planning a micro activity, and then advertising company looking for outsourcing company. High time cost, communication cost is high, and the uncontrollable risks.

in the interactive, merchants can free to experience all kinds of activities after registration template, online payment can be put into use. Various holidays is a micro activity consumption peak, interactive push besides case set, template library, also have holiday project classification, such as the Chinese valentine’s day, the Mid-Autumn festival, such as teachers’ day, businesses can choose according to their own preferences about running, fingerprints, eating moon cakes and other activities.

interactive push CEO Kim told cloud network hunting, the team was doing little game prop, is inserted into the various virtual prize in the game, players can get prize after customs clearance, but need to players for the game prepaid phone. But later found the profit model cycle is long, liquidity pressure. Then “nerve cat” hot makes the micro activity of cost-effective, micro game into people’s horizons, and gold only thought of will be sold by the hours used single micro events.

“, originally is also going to do self to sell directly to the end customer. Then considering the agent system is relatively mature, most of the agents have their own fixed customer base, have the demand of marketing, then adopted the pattern now.” Jin wei said.

planning, interactive push plans to introduce template development team, to provide the template content. Plow interactive platform is mainly responsible for data analysis and resource integration. Platform will introduce virtual prize suppliers at the same time, directly to provide clients with prizes.

team, CEO of gold from product manager, who play in golden hill network, voice (YY); Activity template development lead, also from more play; Development and marketing director, head of the working experience of many years and is rich in resources.

financing, interactive push has obtained seed round of investment, investors for individual investors. Currently in preparation for the angel round, expected to amount to 5 million.

“Unicorn” fierce, join need to be careful

cloud network hunting July 16

hunting cloud network (note: the so-called “unicorn company” refers to the latest round of financing more than $1 billion valuation of start-ups, among the “unicorn club”, is the dream of all entrepreneurs. But not of entrepreneurs do you want to go to work “unicorn”? Before making a decision must want to know your first pursuit of what is. Before the enterprise decided to enter the “unicorn”, you should know these things.

now reading tech news or around Twitter is difficult to have not to mention the “unicorn” class technology start-ups, and at present the “group” has more than 100 enterprises.

a large part of these enterprises are in legal cases grow rapidly, with Slack, Zenefits and Uber, for example, they are in an unprecedented development speed, the founder, employees and investors are the proud of the achievements obtained.

but if you simply decided to join any of an enterprise, is not necessarily wise.

choose working in start-ups rather than a more comfortable and better paid jobs is the main reason for the company’s shares and development potential. The right in the enterprise can succeed in a piece of the feeling grew rapidly career trajectory, gain scale expansion and business development experience, and these experiences can be used on their own business in the future.

but if the chosen the wrong will fall into another.

if you urgently want to work in a start-up that joined the unicorn, enterprises must pay attention to the two main problems.

problem a: future development potential

when it comes to valuation, history is very useful. To see is a bubble economy or not, but now a lot of start-ups are too high valuation, if you think the valuation will answer “down-to-earth”, that these are exaggerated estimates of the “unicorn” companies will need many years of operation to conform to the state of the valuation, which means you have to wait for several years to see their stock appreciation.

problem two: liquidation preference

Heidi Roizen, wrote an article about a fictional founder, his “unicorn” enterprise feedback himself or his staff hardly any one dollar, it is a perfect example of lifo method (a type of inventory valuation method). This suggests that if the unicorn company has raised more than $500 million, no less than $500 million in sales in addition to outside investors, no one can get the money. This is only one times of liquidation preference, if your “unicorn” enterprise worse agreed to double the liquidation preference, that your situation will be worse.

if you value is a basic wages or reputation, stability, and the “unicorn” enterprise may is the power of an ideal place for you (with Facebook, Google, for example).

but if you value the growth and development, more so under the valuation of moderate the development of the start-up will be your best choice (these sparse, however, they are the real “unicorn”).

so don’t be shy, ask your potential employer in a recent financing valuations for how much, how fast they are development and MAU, ARR, and so on related issues, if they don’t want to be also represents some bad things.

in the end, remember to do some arithmetic, if a company now valued at $75 million, do you think he can grow up to the estimated to be 150 million or 750 million? Even more than ten times? What kind of enterprise has been sold out so much money?

valuations for those who have reached $4 billion, is still ten times the rise of the space, by the way the world is only a dozen public Internet company valuation of more than $4 billion (excluding apple’s words is 11).

so, if you want to working in the “unicorn” enterprises is very good, just want to know what you want. .


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+ collaborative Pushsale: sharing, social CRM tools to market

(text/yan-mei wu)

the classification of the customer relationship management or CRM has multifarious, embodies the large capacity of CRM tools in the field of enterprise collaboration has been big enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprise market belongs to a piece of blue ocean; Secondly the concept of social CRM future character belongs to the field of CRM. Social CRM has two main aspects: Social media marketing and Social enterprise collaboration.

user management based on this direction, the serial entrepreneur utek cisco has created a social collaboration tools Pushsale for small and medium-sized enterprises (smes).

Pushsale adoption of H5 mode has created a precipitation in view of the small and medium-sized enterprise customer information and customer mining social CRM applications. Through WeChat public number directly into the application, application for specific tasks and organizational relationship built within the group and members convened, complete the collaboration capabilities. Self-built group, USES the level 3 management system, group manager, group leader and team members, everyone can see the task information group, but only the team leader can release information, to protect the customer information to team members at all levels at the same time the access layer.

Pushsale group is the biggest bright spot of maintenance is not only based on the organizational structure, but you can join this group task to help members of the organization. By Posting recruiting for this project will help to recruit professional talent, at present still need further communication before joining to ensure information security.

for a CRM product, Pushsale extensibility and flexibility are relatively good, but the integration to be extended. Future products will continue to keep the iteration, increase the statistical analysis function, through this month group activity, including speech, discussion and new customers to join us for integrated rating of the team. By the score ranking to make guidance for the next step work.


the fee is free within five, five by five cents per person per day, outside groups relative freedom, can keep information for a project to form a group of precipitation, can complete the project group after dissolution.

Pushsale is utek cisco’s research and development of new projects. Utek platform have rain all over the world, cisco SATonline, etc. The founder, said utek cisco hope in product grinding basically completed capital help products faster operation.

despite the current market there have been many such as enterprise collaboration across pin guest, eight hundred guests, the judgment this, sales to competitors. But the judgment of this tend to be based on the corporate organizational structure in service, eight hundred guest deep ploughing in the field of CRM for many years, has its own system, but rather complicated to operate. As the foundation of CRM products in the direction of social transformation, to small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation sharing pushsale still have a chance to break through in the lightweight market success.

financing, Pushale currently need an angel round investment 2 million yuan, is expected to sell a 10% stake. Mainly used for expanding operations and marketing channels, expand operations team.

The audience can also guide the plot: see make SOP short video platform

(text/Zhao Zixiao)

enjoy a view is based on the movement of the UGC + PGC short video platform, USES the jokes the crowdsourcing model, continuous production of high quality content to attract audiences, and through exceptional, task, grade, guilds and other game mechanics, promote mutual inductance audience.

reward depending on the biggest characteristic is created the new SOP model, namely the Separation of Originality and Production, separate the creation and Production of short video – written by jokes hand copy, produced by red video again.

entrepreneurship is in continuous trial and error and optimize

if you open the App Store now search to admire the view, can be found depending on the App. “This is a project before us,” to admire the view, founder and CEO early-morning in an interview with hunting cloud network is introduced, to admire the view before the business model is to set up the sales team to get the order, in accordance with the advertisers demand production of implantable advertising. This mode has certain video communication effect, but the traditional early-morning think this pattern, there is no Internet project scale and growth speed of space. “Entrepreneurship is in continuous trial and error and optimization,” Chen xiao said, so they want to launch a new platform.

new product name is called the reward, still slogan is “appreciate creative, change the horizon,” project as the starting point of “mobile video version of Chinese”. Enjoy cooperation with red or atelier, within five minutes to make a short video on the platform, users can watch for free. Its function has three characteristics:

1. Cooperate with studio, is signed to the series of video, do some continuity, guarantee the frequency, so that the audience can continue to get involved, strengthen interaction.

2. Users think that a good show or like a red man, but to show support. In addition to watch as a market-oriented jokes all the package, if you are on a section of a fan, or do you have any funny jokes hope to add to the show, so you can submit written story idea or jokes, to influence the development of the plot.

3. App main interface is different from general short video platform, to admire the view in a way that is gaming App module function. Main interface is divided into video, creativity, guild, charts and other section, users can and like to chat, sometimes can do tasks for points, can submit ideas and so on.


the graph is the founder of visual & amp; CEO: early-morning

don’t do social, winning by content

throughout short video field, second, beauty shoot short video platform takes the UGC course, such as the threshold is very low, but with significant traffic to expand social properties, making it a good short video social platform, profit model is given priority to with advertising. The route of the video content is in the home of a pet or child, more are homemade, content is very limited. Watch as the is a platform for the reds and studio services, early-morning think valuable video production threshold is relatively high, can only go PGC route; And PGC is easy to become a traditional video production company, so join the UGC part, let the user to participate in the form of production of creative, guide the drama.

according to data shows, in November 2014, online video mobile end users to scale up to 310 million people, including variety show on TV, movies, etc to the traditional video web site to see, and admire the view for twenty to thirty years old between college students and white-collar workers, a relaxed and humorous, fragmentation skits, or talk show to impress them, in line with the market demand for video.

see Beijing micro view belongs to the young vines technology co., LTD., founded in 2013 at the end of the year. Team, the existing more than 30 people, Chen xiao, CEO of worked at tudou and in the love, is mainly responsible for the needs of the resources and strategic. The rest of the team members in terms of technology, product and operation respectively.

at present, the appreciation has small media company with more than one hundred home or studio to achieve cooperation, will expand the reds and film and television studios, and dig the high quality video content, more multi-channel output, get attention.

to admire the view was awarded the seed round of financing, the investor for horizon consulting research group chairman. Yuan yue asked New to admire the view will be in early September, will start the Pre – A round of funding.

Nearly $400 million of financing, entrepreneurs to share successful 5 points

cloud network hunting note: no matter how good your business idea can only be an armchair strategist, is you need to put these ideas into reality, so the successful vc content is very important to the development of enterprises. So, what need to do to make my own business by vc firms selected? Here are consumer credit and financial service, Gredit Karma founder Kenneth Lin branch for you recruit, Gredit KarmaDlun currently valued at $3.5 billion, $175 million D wheel, raised $368.5 million.

eight years ago, I had started Gredit the idea of Karma, I want to make Credit Karma for the customer provide free Credit score; But I know it is not a let a person look good idea (estimated to let a person took out 50 dollars to support also impossible). I need a team together to help me put the dream into reality. In the beginning, our team is only three people, and we clearly know suddenly could not find any income channel to develop the company’s business. Therefore, we have to like other start-ups, continue to survive by vc.

financing can be very scary. People always focus on the development of early stage in the company to raise capital enterprises; In the eyes of peers, these companies can be said to be the “alternative”; They are easy to make others feel left behind from the start. For many company leaders, in order to get a vc firm’s favor is not simple, it needs the skill not everyone is born with. I still vividly remember the experience their first successful investment, the other is top-notch vc firms; The result is really surprised me.

over the years, I also learned more financing experience. Here’s what I want to talk to share the successful financing of the key five :

the first point: to meet your weaknesses will give you the real feedback

before all your ideas into practice, make sure you can get the most honest feedback from reliable person. Usually in this case, your best friend will play the role of “devil”, give you pertinent advice. Do you want to stay with those who are not afraid to offend you, so you can get the best advice. From the point of my own, I have a bunch of the most intimate friends and colleagues, they have any comment about my thoughts will be outspoken; When I founded the Credit Karma this idea to tell them, they were all very interested; Is their support, let me always believe establishing Credit Karma is a good idea, I should put into practice.

the second point: your social circle is the best secret weapon

no matter you are in a stage of initiation ideas just still in the phase of financing for the enterprise, you should constantly expand their social circle, make more people. Every time go out to play, to attend the meeting every time or every time after the meeting to eat snack, all offers you the opportunity to make new friends. Establish your own social circle, after your first investors will and your social circle slowly close distance, he can know more about your customers, partners, and other investors. Frankly, everywhere, all the money, you need to do is find someone to give you the investment, and through them to constantly expand your social circle, developing their own enterprises.

the third point: marketing ability is key

if you want to own enterprise will stand out in the first round of financing, you’ll have to (sell) has a strong marketing ability, and this kind of ability is not innate. You must be a good at expression, to describe the company’s vision, to give expression to your passion. Do you want to venture firms showed why they should choose your company, how is your company unique. I financing stage in the early years of the company made a mistake, I can’t let the exact understanding of vc company Credit Karma’s business scope. VCS can be said to be the high level of pattern matching program, they focus on the development trend of the industry, understand the company is expected to be successful in the market, but their understanding of your company is not so thoroughly as you. You take each speech as an opportunity to develop your ability to sell, you want to prove to others that your business idea is one of the most successful. The sales pitch seems to be very difficult, and who is likely to start; But remember: nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it.

fourth: practice “iron wall”

when I first to Credit, financing a Karma I is sensitive to all aspects of things. I to the company or to others my every evaluation and criticism of the speech is quite seriously. Entrepreneurs never impulse. I put their every negative feedback on the heart, these are very education significance for me, as soon as they let me learn to don’t hear criticism can not stand, points minutes felt like it was going to collapse. Do you want to have confidence in yourself and your own ideas, because not everyone like your idea, agree your point of view. When you’re in finance, you will hear a countless times the word “No”, you can’t let these negative word defeat you; Instead, you will fell more and more yong, turn grief into strength, take “No” as you move forward.

# 5: having good investors than the pursuit of the company’s high valuation

there is a say of good, the pursuit of the success of a business is like a marathon, not a sprint. In view of this, financing and valuations are like sign in each time. Fill up a lot of companies in the first place, runs at full speed; Hope that enterprises can in the shortest possible time to achieve a high valuation. However, they forgot their ultimate goal is to reach the end of the game. Do you want to find a can understand you company are faced with the problem of investor, he should have keen insight can help you find the next field to promote the development of the company. If you are in pursuit of the company’s high valuation, while ignoring the management, the implementation of the company you are driven to the brink of risk themselves. If you don’t seek company need support, will only make the company on a not mature development road, finally got nothing.


to learn more knowledge, entrepreneurial innovation quickly add hunting cloud network micro letter public account:

Noon Hou: recommend a good place for city, social platform sharing way of life

(/li-mei zhou wen)

in a city life long, and lose the curiosity, a person for a long time, like curtilage in the home, the city is a lack of attention, as time passes, life attitude began to grow on. Noon Hou, it is an App for life will not through exploration, discovery, for users to recommend the city a good place for social platform, build sharing communication way of life.

with the improvement of consumption level, after 80, 80 after spending habits, consumption patterns are changed, the user is paid more attention to the pursuit of quality. Noon Hou want to do is focus found life quality, recommended “high pretend bility” place to build local life circle, building the youth’s survival guide, lead consumer depth experience leading fashion lifestyle in the city, and in this way of life.

afternoon Hou android version of the App launch in mid-june, the iOS version will be launched in the near future. User login, after lunch Hou can search to a good place for local beer and skittles, can consult, according to the interest in food, coffee, bar, shopping, etc; Choose disorder, do not know where, only according to the popular recommended choice, there is good; For the lazy carcinoma, click around nearby, you can check the nearest place to visit. In addition, users can also take photos to share the quality of life, checkins footprint of consumption, meet the life around. The

it is worth mentioning that “life is not on” is lunch Hou way of life, so the afternoon Hou recommended stores are “high pretend bility” good shop. Platform will only responsible for everyone together, and specific offline activities, is a professional team, businesses and community organizations. Noon Hou merchants, introduced a “consumer I pay you” program, the user can according to the sixth Hou recommended shop, apply to the life experience in the team, free experience after collecting material writing experience report upload after checking by the platform. Of course, the user can also recommend to platform choose feel the quality of the shop. All in all, from online to offline to some extent to ensure the user’s experience and participation.

founder old ha tell hunting cloud network: “this project has produced more than a year in my heart, because the nanchang belongs to three cities, people’s thinking, capital, resources and other Internet is hard to compare with 3, the team’s form also experienced many twists and turns.” At present, the sixth Hou team a total of nine people, three co-founder in the field of local life, nearly 8 years of work experience.

the old said: “the noon Hou team to focus on two things: one is to find a good shop, the second is to build the platform let everybody experience and in this way.” The next stage, noon Hou can focus on the social development. Join subject interactive section, for example, users can around a common topic to discuss, strengthen the interaction between the user; Female users can release wish list, by male users or merchants to help its implementation. In addition, the sixth Hou team also plans to App user feedback content, data sorting, edit a lifestyle magazine, let the user see the magazine, can find the city “high force” store. Team focus on product and content optimization, the first year in nanchang for test, then the service will be available to other cities.

competing goods, hunting before cloud network focus on the “marriage”, is also a focus on the recommended the life of the App, including beer and skittles, painting and calligraphy, the tea ceremony, flower art, hand made custom all sorts of life fun, such as through recommendation allows users to find a more comfortable and comfortable place to literature and art. Lives, by contrast, focus on the recommendation of literature and art venues, light social; And noon Hou can two-way recommended, and has a social function.

overall, noon Hou is to want to build a bridge, a consumption habits and build user model, together with consumer cashability group, the high quality of the user guide to high quality businesses, its core is to give businesses the diversion, revenue model similar to general comments, where to go.

it is understood that the current sixth Hou angel round is underway.