note: cloud hunting for technology bosses at the top of the industry, the public always cast envious eyes, but most people start from the grass-roots work, even a little obscure. Take a look at the following 13 technology giants and see what their first job.

the following content from tech blog Business insider, translated by tencent technology:

Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer)

mayer is current, President and chief executive of yahoo. Her first job is a grocery clerk. Mayer at the age of 16, and got a Wisconsin waso county, a grocery clerk’s job. As you can imagine, this is a very leisurely, but mayer has claimed that her boss is a very tough person, will be calculated according to the quantity of the goods to every minute homework mayer’s job performance. Mayer said, the job made her learned about family economic related knowledge, and the weighing of People’s Daily life have to do. Mayer to see people need the most basic things in life to make a decision, such as what to eat.

Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos)

bezos, amazon’s founder and chief executive of a company. His first job is McDonald’s employees. To a McDonald’s work is almost bezos family tradition, in fact, bezos and his father had worked at McDonald’s. Bezos has become a McDonald’s staff as teenagers, because he need a summer job at the time, but the work is not too ideal. Bezos told started with the Golden Opportunity: from McDonald’s brilliant career “(Golden Opportunity: the Remarkable Careers That Began at McDonald ‘s), author of Cody timothy Bates (Cody Teets) said,” in the first week, I work for the kitchen of a 5 gallon wall-mounted ketchup distributor mouth opened, and a lot of tomato paste flow into the inaccessible cracks inside the kitchen. Because I’m a new employee, those older workers put the cleaning task to me, but also said, ‘get it! Bezos’ “action links to people, he has never worked at the checkout counter. He said that the most difficult thing is in a rush to keep up with the rhythm. If the amazon’s shipping record to show anything, then this may be that bezos is the champion in this respect.

Jane qom (Jan Koum)

qom was WhatsApp co-founder and chief executive, his first job was working surface cleaners. Qom is a self-made man. After qom to sign the contract will WhatsApp sold for $19 billion to Facebook. Qom was born in a small village in Ukraine, immigrants to California at the age of 16. His first job was a local grocery store in California as cleaners, in order to earn and help subsidies household.

Michael Dell (Dell)

dell was dell’s founder and chief executive, his first job was working people to wash dishes and do chores. Dell is still a child, it has a profound interest in, on stamps and was fascinated by, that he ran to the Chinese restaurant to help wash the dishes, so as to get paid, to finance their purchase more stamps. He is an impressive staff, even in very hour is so so, and eventually “promotion” office to the restaurant. However, in a similar situation as everyone in silicon valley, he was a poached, Mexican restaurant near the restaurant to pay higher compensation for him.

Tony he (Tony Fadell)

he was Nest Labs, founder and chief executive, his first job is to sell eggs. He in to market of new creative products has a unique feature. At apple, he helped create the iPod products, after he left the apple, and created his own Nest, this is a smart home networking start-up, Google in 2014 to $3.2 billion. However, when he was a child, he began to take the initiative to sell some very old products. At the age of eight he had his first job – sell eggs, perhaps it was the experience, cause he will create a company named “Nest”.

Reed Hastings (Reed Hastings)

Hastings is the co-founder and chief executive of Netflix, his first job was a vacuum cleaner salesman. Hastings know how from basic began to build a business, and create its small DVD operations into a media giant, now fear the giant has let the cable company. But, you know in Hastings before becoming entrepreneurs worked as a salesman of one of the landmark work in the United States, may feel very surprised. Hastings was a door to door sales staff of vacuum cleaner. Of course, he later became the master graduate student of computer science at Stanford.

Mark Cuban Mark Cuban)

the Dallas mavericks owner and outstanding entrepreneurs Cuban first job since a problem: he asked his father, if you can buy him a new pair of sneakers at a higher price. To this, his father replied that if you want a new pair of sports shoes, you will need to do a job. At that time, the class library is only 12 years old, he asked his father, how to find a job. Just then, a friend of his father came out and said he had some trash bags need to sell it, therefore, Cuban began to door-to-door selling garbage bags. Cuban knocking on a user home door, always asked: “hey, your home use the trash bag?” Carton bag costs $3, but the Cuban is selling for $6, in this way, Cuban carton bags can earn $3.

Susan Wojcicki (Susan Wojcicki brought up)

wojcicki is YouTube’s chief executive, her first job is the hotel waiter. Wojcicki, since the real career, has been working in Google, had to rent out their own auto repair shop to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Sergey Brin and Larry Page is famous (Larry Page). Wojcicki, with Google’s growth has been developed in career, now she already secure YouTube chief executive. However, before this, her first work is very common with paying gigs. Though she grew up in the vicinity of Stanford university, and there is a physics professor’s father, but at the age of 14, she began work as a hotel waiter.

Shirley Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg)

sandberg at Facebook’s chief operating officer, her first job is a clothing store clerk. Sandberg is not an easy work for you. Want to know, back in 2007, sandberg has rejected Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) job offer, even though she now because have become multimillionaire Facebook’s equity. Sandberg when young, however, is not very picky. She defines her worst experience clothing store clerk in the early years as a shopping mall. Sandberg has said that the store was “too bad”.

Michael Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg)

is the bloomberg news agency bloomberg’s chief executive, has served as mayor of New York City, his first job was a parking lot parking attendant. Today, Mr Bloomberg may have a designated driver to drive for him, but he was a college student, is already accustomed to the parking for others. The dry three session of the mayor of New York, in the use of summer vacation time, in the parking lot parking attendant work, to raise tuition fees for him at the Johns Hopkins university. Today, Michael bloomberg, proud of the experience, even put the experience in the front of his LinkedIn profile.

Bill Tom Watkins (Bill Watkins)

Tom Watkins is a former chief executive officer then technology company and Imergy Power Systems, the company’s chief executive, his first job was a night in a mental hospital doctor. Tom Watkins was not a away from controversial figure, said during the early work, after with the opinion of the board was dismissed serious differences, however, he has served as the Imergy Power Systems, chief executive of a company, the company mainly sells can be used to ’em energy in the battery products. So, if Tom Watkins confrontational early a job, so this might be it is not surprising. At first he worked as the night shift in a psychiatric doctor, mainly control patients with those who are always out of control.