editor’s note: the Hollywood film the commercialisation has become a trend, they use the established model of Hollywood, Hollywood star lineup, and Hollywood values for the audience to create a another classic lens and the plot. Now, the established mode of box office was quite can be predicted by artificial intelligence in advance!

there are a lot of people think that a successful Hollywood script can be broken down into a formula.

by the famous writer Blake Snyder the screenwriter treasure of the creation of the Save the Cat!” , using it to every minute amazing skills across the audience the film industry.

now, an Israeli development company Vault of artificial intelligence is trying from the Angle of machine learning, launch a screenwriting formula. It compiles program is said to be based on the simple browsing script can judge whether this film will star.

but this is a specific how to do it?

Vault’s co-founder and chief executive David Stiff, said the software is about 300000 to 400000 similar theme or story characteristics such as violence levels focus analysis. And these stories feature collection is completely dependent on the program itself, does not require any human expenditure.

Vault with their own artificial intelligence software testing the Hollywood film since 1980, because of the Stiff think starting in 1980, Hollywood movies gradually turned to the business model. The main steps of the script will be scanned into system, then the program will automatically analysis data comparing with box office success, the final results.

Stiff said the program for box office performance prediction accuracy can reach 65% to 70%, but according to this data shows that as a result, only 20% of the film to the back.

when I asked Stiff to make what is critical to the success of the film, he mentioned the theme of this element. He said: “if we put the subject factors from our forecast of words, I want to predict the proportion will be greatly decreased.” This is very reasonable. Otherwise wouldn’t have so many topics from ancient Greece to the repeated use of now, still can make us moved.

but Stiff think Hollywood movies too much emphasis on the influence of the super star in a movie. Their company’s ai program can also be suitable for a screenplay advice actor, but its focus is on how to save money. Star power can contribute to the box office, but still many high-profile film even have the box office like Johnny Depp artifact are hard to ignore bad plot. The idea run counter to the Hollywood prevailing wisdom: Hollywood seems to be ranked the importance of the writers movie success of the secondary factors.

Stiff said, if he has a chance to according to what he make a movie, then he will choose a by some unknown actors, and only a $30 million budget action comedy.

Vault to the whole team think film analysis is a difficult task, so they deserve more. In addition to play in a film still has many important elements, as long as they can analyze thoroughly, so the work of the problem is solved. Finally, Stiff also said the company plans for the future is to enter the broadcasting and publishing.

don’t Vault prediction is missing?

of course not. Stiff said according to the results of prediction program, “the terminator: gen ZhanJi will fire, but its box office success proved disappointing. Perhaps the machine analyst, programs more inclined to robot series high marks!


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