editor’s note: 3 d printing technology as an emerging technology, the strength of the limelight is obvious to all. It can be used in many industries and fields, the novel is that it also plays an important role in medicine. Some companies are now using this technology to produce sustainable products to improve and save people’s lives around the world. If you want to know more details, just follow Sustainly, founder of Matthew Yeomans together to explore the mysteries of this door technology!

we are now living in an era of rapid development in science and technology, and sometimes, we are difficult to predict the latest platform or digital business trends will become important.

when it comes to 3 d printing, people no longer hold any doubt attitude. After all, 3 d printing technology has been widely used over a long period of time is a technology, from the professional scale, in just the past few decades, 3 d printing technology has been widely used in industry. However, just as a modern personal computer industry to grow until the collapse mode, host computer industry, the emergence of private portable 3 d printers are fundamentally changed the manufacturing, fashion, and even the medical profession.

combination device connected to the network, mobile network and electricity business enterprise culture development experience, 3 d printing soon will become an important tool in modern life.

so far, though we have not complete the task, but the view from the Sustainly latest Trend Briefing, in the 10 groups and we have decided to study the company’s operation mode, they want to through the use of 3 d printing technology to improve itself, to produce more sustainable development of products, and hope to their production experience to help other companies in the world. Through these studies, we hope that we can discern to 3 d printing and can develop more potential factors.

in IBM, for example, the company has now developed a 3 d micro printer, need to make a standard prototype a third of the charge, the printer can produce chip board prototype. In addition, there is a manufacturing and engineering business giants, called Arup. The special use of 3 d printing company Yu Gangban printing, and it only market aimed at where they need it, not like other companies have a center of production equipment and the products are exported to all over the world. Some other similar to Google and Autodesk company is currently in development can make the 3 d design and printing scale collaboration platform and software. However, there are some similar to the Reef matter organization is the concern of 3 d printing technology’s impact on the environment, they are now considering to solve environmental problems, thus weakening the impact of climate change.

3 d printing will affect and change the development of many industries, is one of the most interesting industry medicine. We already know in Haiti, how many organizations such as iLab production is similar to a one-time neonatal umbilical cord clamp such 3 d printing of pharmaceutical products. For a haven’t recovered from the disastrous hurricane, these pharmaceutical products are hard to find. In the United States and Britain, on the other hand, some of the hospital, 3 d printing custom can be hip replacement and other matching patients of artificial joints. Then we have to mention is the so-called biological printing technology, this technology is Orgonovo such as applied to the gen enterprise, by typing human cells and tissues, the body parts of regeneration.

when the first “3 d printing gun” produced by a success, media reports caused uproar, indeed, of course, not all 3 d printing as encouraging as they promote and save money. In addition, the current 3 d printing a lot of deficiencies, it waste slag’s impact on the environment is very bad, the problem to be solved.

however, even if 3 d printing gun controversial, but does not affect its display products personalized power. Like the birth of networked computers, herald the arrival of the electronic age: a music industry, publishing industry, as well as film industry is a new lease on life. At the same time, 3 d printing for all industries to look brand-new, compared with our mode of production in the past, these industries need to timely change in the better direction. Hope in the future, the industry can be more efficient, energy-saving and sustainable.


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