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with the emergence of demand type company, express delivery of food, clothing, clean has become very convenient and quick. Now, however, and there is a company, it can help you save cost each month in pharmacy to line up for 45 minutes.

just like New York City recently released, Zipdrug provide on-demand delivery service, as long as the move finger, it can put the medicine to the eyes.

when a user to use this App for the first time, the doctor will advance the prescription, prices, and instructions are sent to the specified pharmacy, users will be according to the received tip into the pharmacy.

and then, the company will send Courier to pick up your medicine, this a series of processes are in the background check, drug review and under the protection of HIPAA security.

the pharmacy internal wages are paid by Zipdrug, so users only need to pay after the insurance premium of expenses for medicine, plus the express fee of $10.

because some cooperation with Zipdrug pharmacy is not known, users have the right to continue to choose their current pharmacy and pharmacist.

of course, Zipdrug won’t send some controlled drugs, including painkillers, epilepsy drugs as well as add stimulant drug. Other drugs are conform to the specifications, such as syringe is valid for one month.

however, there are some companies like Zigdrug operation, such as PillPace, it was the first company to provide medical prescription demand mode service company.

Zipdrug Notation is Capital, the first investment company, Notation Capital is a foundation, is located in brooklyn, this new foundation is by Nicholas Chirls created. Zipdrug other investors include Collaborative Fund and Red Sea Ventures.

at present, users can download the iOS software stores to the software, and, before long, the software can be used other than in New York City.


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