July 24 (word/yan-mei wu)

it is well known that integrate O2O short most of the industry segment, but was deeply worried you send water sector has no big deal. Industry is the depth of the water? Industry is the education level is not high? Black guy, CEO of guangxi chun said that problems can be solved, now has to industry tuyere can integrated renovation. He and his “black guy” to 10% of normal water brand assault 90% less known and inferior brand market.

guangxi chunchun to hunt cloud network share a set of data, can achieve a roller coaster of stimulation: about a water station, Beijing are chain water stand less than 500, the water stations at the end of specific flow is less than 5%, false water and quality closes nevertheless stands at 40%, annual sales of three hundred million Beijing pail, brand only 50 million barrels of water. Guangxi Chris said: “with the continuous education of drops and with beauty group, traditional water stations are also looking for the road of the transformation in the Internet, the timing is now entering the industry.”

to introduce black guy, black guy to position itself is based on the drinking water industry Internet community O2O. Through integration of online + offline promotion mode to meet safety standards credible integrating water stations, and the cooperation with water station USES the “direct shipment sales” mode, namely water stations directly sent to the user, the current online has integrated more than 200 high-quality water stations, four kilometers around as delivery range of cooperation, and e-town area have been expanded to the 4th ring road. Users can operate in black guy water site free switch between brands, don’t worry about the brand not exchanged between bucket. After buying water vote even move, as long as within the scope of services can also be used. The future will consider joining insurance claims service. The capital safety is of important significance for neat industry.

O2O another mode is the subsidy for the users, but guangxi Chris said “through the water stations and coupons for users of small subsidies, compression part water profit, for the key is to help their drainage water stations without subsidies”. Water stations operating water for proprietary water and water joint venture, proprietary self-built water station, water for brand agent and joint venture is water station operation, price is in line with industry.

when it comes to integrate water stations this problem, Chris said guangxi on the integration of water stations while there are some difficulties, but also have surprises, some water station boss is far than he had expected, about the meaning of the O2O water station, about the future of the water station transformation. All the O2O actually not just a business model, but also a thinking mode, a kind of exploratory thinking about the future business model. So guangxi chunchun betting said: “we will integrate water stations team willing to participate in the Internet war against those non-standard water stations. Because I believe that the environment is an unstoppable trend.”

when it comes to the model of the future, guangxi Chris said: “this industry is only a small polymerization mode, do actually aim is to create the future fresh water electricity tickets, this is the last kilometer community e-commerce ideal carrier, the current though the fresh market players, but the rise of fresh accumulation of electricity is first hit the market users do marketing, or do first break-even distribution supply chain. Both are difficult to achieve. High-end fresh accounted for less than 20% of the market, and this data is the key. Accumulated over the threshold, the black guy platform of real user service and brand accumulation, we have got the tickets for the fresh, this is also the transformation of water stations in the future.”

guangxi Chris has been on the road of electrical business, founded in 2006 to participate in kubah net (in 2013 changed its name to “gome” mall), fresh set do after hk, he want to do fresh supply chain, and finally found that basic cannot get cost, but also determine the fresh of the future development. He said: “in fact after graduation from college basic is walking on the road of entrepreneurship, is now not as only as the original idea was plunged into the business circle, now will think more clearly, walk the first step before they think how a few steps behind Michael foot, although the future may change but will be more guaranteed”.

black guy currently planning to Pre – A round of funding. Give them a advertisement, you can experience, new users first single cheap and fast.